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Missions are a new form of activity currently exclusive to the BC.

The Breakdown

There are three types, or "levels", of BC missions. These are:

Level 3: Raids: Raids are attacks on Cam Half-Blood itself, or on groupings or encampments of CHB demigods. The reasons for raids are various, ranging from simply causing wanton destruction and temporary confusion among CHB, to kidnapping important or powerful demigods, to even stealing or destroying items or other devices that could turn the tide of the war in favor of CHB.

Level 2: Major Item Retrieval and Assassination: This level includes two different types of missions:

1: Major Item Retrieval: This mission consists of obtaining powerful weapons or other artifacts of power. The weapons and/or artifacts could be something like a god's symbol of power, or pieces of Kronos' Scythe to reforge back to completion. The weapon or artifact is usually retrieved in one of two ways. Either it must be found in a secret or dangerous location, or stolen from a person, either a NPC or, in rarer cases, a character.

2: Assassination: The second type of mission is basically what it is named. It is achieved by killing a NPC enemy of the Broken Covenant (No characters will be targeted by these missions, as the killing of a character is expressedly forbidden without the consent of the owner), and getting away safely. The NPC could be anything from a former member that has betrayed the Broken Covenant and is actively opposing it, to simply a neutral demigod that refuses to help the Broken Covenant, but is too powerful or important to be left be, in case they turn against the Broken Covenant.

Level 1: Minor Item Retrieval and Assassination: This is basically the same as Maor Item Retrieval and Assassination, but on a much lower scale in terms of importance. The item or artifact needed to retrieve may be nothing more than a cache of weapons or a weapon of a powerful demigod that the Broken Covenant wishes to undetermine and weaken. Minor assassinations might consist of minor demigods who's only role is a key part in an attack, or other reasons that may be personal.

Mission Tests


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