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Ideas/things to Do

Sometimes our talks lead to ideas that should be put into place, this is to list them and cross them out as we do them, so we don't forget....

Or note who we assign them to obviously >.< and if anyone finds this, and wants to help, message me or demi

Unassigned Stuff

Dead Projects/Events

  1. Deal with/talk about the newspaper situation

Help Projects/Pages

  1. Make a page with two parts one part for NPC's, who they are, what they do and who can rp them (Alexander, Heinrich and the 3 soon to be new assistant directors at camp, see Brock, who Rbs/Admins/Crats will choose one of them to help rp, but not all 3, so a small group will be assigned to each) and another area that has all the characters that though they are rp'd by one person, if that person leaves they remain property of the wiki and change ownership (BC Lts, faction leaders, oracles)
  2. Make a page for help with learning to check claims, a question area like the help forum but just for claim questions, a pointers area for giving advice on checking claims, an area to keep track of the helper quiz and who's taken it
  3. Update Template Guide
  4. Revamp and keep updated List:Wiki To Do List
  5. The newspaper project was a bust, but when it comes to announcements and keeping people informed, both in character and out of character, we really need to do something
  6. Make a central page for models, that will connect the model hunting page, model categories and a new page for people to reserve models

Pages that Need a Monitor/Worker

  1. Put someone in charge of Adopt a Newb keeping it up to date and getting some users to help them
  2. Assign a helper or rollback to keep the Official Wiki Helpers up to date
  3. Assign someone to monitor the List:Erotiads of the Wiki page
  4. Assign someone to monitor the List:Priests & Priestesses of the Wiki page
  5. Keep the Death List up to date/monitor it

General Upkeep Projects

  1. Go through and make sure any shared characters (that means full on shared ownership between more than one user, not just that someone has permission to help rp a character) have the Category:Shared Character category
  2. Keep an eye on Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Duplicate images
  3. Update/Revamp and Help Monitor Time zones List
  4. Revamp the The Oracle's Cave
  5. Revamp Forum:Index
  6. Revamp Portal:Lists
  7. Revamp List:Quest Counts and assign someone to keep updated

Template Creation/Updating

  1. Create templates for all the Category:Power Sets like Template:Aeolus Powers
  2. Update all the Category:God talk templates to the Template:Bach Word Bubble 2.1

AD New Projects Being Planned
  1. Skirmishes
  2. BC Mission/Camp Quest cross over events
  3. Monster Combat Training
Old Projects that need TLC or to be Revamped entirely
  1. Quests
  2. Missions
  3. Training
  1. Weapons Training

On-going stuff

  1. Word Bubble Overhaul Sign Up
  2. Claiming Test (sends the answers to a tab/page on the Wiki Google Projects Document thingie >.<)
  3. Dead is in charge of Keeping the Counsellor List up to date (22-Nov)
  4. Assigned Brockles to keeping Forum:Animal Nymphs 101 up to date regularly
  5. Some day maybe have someone update all the Category:Gods, etc. pages, coding, information, add more pages for gods/goddesses represented on the wiki, as well as adding a special category to go with the Template:God Page showing that it is an informational page only and not a roleplay page (Gruff Helping)


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2013 Messages

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2014 Archives

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June 2014 Messages

Did User:Royaldoggie let you know she's going to be gone for like 1 1/2 months sometime this summer? I've got her covered for Civitas Claiming.

~Bach 16:13, June 23, 2014 (UTC)

I talked to Royal (I hope you still check this, we haven't used it in like a month >.<) She's going to be gone for exactly 7 weeks. Where she knows when she'll be back (which most people who hit 30 days 0 edits don't know or didn't tell or already went past the time they thought), I vote we extend the usual 30 day rule for her to 8 weeks (7+1 week buffer). I already told her if she gets closer to 9/10 weeks then the auto-demotion will kick in. We don't have a full Admin Team and haven't in awhile, so I think this is an appropriate exception to make. (Really the 30 day thing was for users who just don't seem to know what's going on).

~Bach 20:43, June 23, 2014 (UTC)

o.o No, Royal didn't inform me about her upcoming inactivity but, since she knows when she'll be back, and has even informed someone of her inactivity, I completely support/agree with the vote to extend the auto-demotion deadline for Royal. Not to mention that she's been a great asset to the team and it'd be really disheartening if we lost even one member because of inactivity. :(

- Demi 13:09, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

On a different note, would you, by any chance, be able to know how to fix Tristan Carter and Bela Lugosi? I thought I'd ask you first on how to fix the pages before I go and ask wikia staff. :c

- Demi 13:20, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

I think last time I saw that error the pages had to be recreated from scratch, but ask Staff just in case. though considering how many of SoA's pages had either severe history problems or severe coding problems that's probably not a bad thing. that's sorta why I sent him to you when he wanted to just bring them all back >.< I knew we had to delete most or all of his pages cuz of so many unfixed problems and I just didn't want to deal with the headache >.< sorry *hugs*

~ Bach 15:00, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

xD *hugs back* Don't worry it's fine :) I'll just ask SoA to redo the pages, since they'll most likely need to be re-done anyway.

- Demi 10:41, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

Corey's reached Level Five, as of today. Will you be taking the prizes which the AaN offers or would you rather give the prizes to someone else? :)

- Demi 14:04, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

Yep, I fixed it on the templates, thanks. Also, while I'm thinking of it, When lele came back she mentioned she may at times hit 6 months or come close, but to not worry cuz she'd definitely be back on her holidays.

~ Bah 19:59, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

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