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[[|Cassi]] -Child of Hebe

 – 19:46, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

She walks in, wearing a helmet, a chestplate, protective gloves/arm plates and turns her camera and barrette into her sword and shield. She waits for her opponent to show


Ichiro -Child of Hebe
-Japannese youth

he comes in wearing a breastplate and a pair of greaves with his sword in his left hand and a little bag which has at least 20 daggers on his right

Cassandra: She stands in a slightly defensive position, feet shoulder-length apart, her shield in front of her stomach, her sword slightly up, as if challenging Ichiro to make the first move. She slightly smiled at him

Ichiro: Sees her taunting smile telling him to attack but instead of attacking he held his sword in front of him and gave Cassandra a smile Its my possition you want so by all means you have the first strike

Cassandra: She smirks playfully and attacks him head on, swinging her sword down low, hoping to hit his legs

Ichiro: grins as he blocks the attack with his sword I thought you were taller than me...

As Unu's last post was on the 29th, and Mel just posted on the 7th, that passes the one week of not posting, Cassandra/Unu wins, please make the necessary changes. Thanks.

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