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Arctic Arena

Arctic Arena
  • This arena is basically a frozen arctic area, it's always cold and entirely composed of ice and snow
  • There is a lake frozen at the top, covering a lake full of incredibly cold water
  • Many animals inhabit the area, such as walruses and polar bears.
  • Many mountains and peaks are scattered across the arena.
  • There is also a large cave and pyres, full of fire and wood, at the entrance to the cave. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out..



Fabian Martell Son of Apollo • Septic Needle Prick

Fabian usually prefers arenas that have much warmer climates such as the Earth or Urban ones. Unfortunately, November has the privilege to choose their battle's venue. He has no choice but to comply. Nonetheless, he places his preparations over silly personal complaints. It may seem obvious but he chooses noontime for their battle, as the sun is at its zenith--optimal for sons of Apollo. He also makes sure that he is able to combat the freezing temperatures of the tundra. As such, he is clad in three thick layers of clothing: a parka with a furry hood, which covers two underlying layers of a wool sweater and a cotton shirt. All of these are pure white. These are then matched with skiing pants, snow boots, and leather gloves of the same color. Fabian especially picked such an attire because it blended with the ice and snow of the environs. However, the color's ability to deflect the sun's heat cannot compensate much for his slim physique, as he doesn't have much fat to insulate himself. Thus, he makes up for this by eating a bulky lunch back at the Dining Pavilion. On the other hand, his quiver of assorted arrows--ranging from Celestial bronze to silver and gold--are strapped across his back while his wooden bow is tightly clasped in his right hand. He waits impatiently by the entrance of a large cave a few hundred meters away from a frozen lake, looking for any signs of his opponent.




It's been 7 days, Xax/Nove never posted. Hyu/Fabian wins. Make the necessary changes.

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