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I mean its a main string that affects others and has a major story part23:23, February 22, 2019Mr.Suit
Claims18:28, November 27, 2017KMØ
Unlisted18:27, November 27, 2017KMØ
Not Leveling Up?08:15, October 11, 2017~The Musician~
Gender06:35, April 3, 2017Alterdevil
None of the images are working for my bedroom page...06:50, January 29, 2017Zany Knave
Are older firearms say world war 1 bolt action rifle allowed.06:49, January 29, 2017Zany Knave
Satyr Flutes06:48, January 29, 2017Zany Knave
How do i become a priest?06:45, January 29, 2017Zany Knave
Page02:40, December 26, 2015Meloney
Why doesn't this work02:40, December 26, 2015Meloney
Roleplaying?02:39, December 26, 2015Meloney
Leveling up02:38, December 26, 2015Meloney
I'm having trouble with adding an image to my character's page23:40, June 4, 2015Broken fire
SO CONFUSED02:37, May 5, 2015HiddenRealm
Why isn't my claim appearing on the claim list?08:37, April 12, 2015Meloney
How can i reply to a reply that has no reply button?12:40, March 18, 2015Meloney
Concerning "Legacies" aka Descendants of Immortals12:40, March 18, 2015Meloney
Do we have to take permission from an admin before making a character or we can make one without permission?12:40, March 18, 2015Meloney
More God(esses)?20:59, January 30, 2015KMØ
Hedone Possible?18:10, August 8, 2014KMØ
Unable to Post Claiming Application22:58, May 27, 2014KMØ
Characters in inactive quests19:59, May 20, 2014KMØ
Are you allowed to reserve images19:58, May 20, 2014KMØ
Confused!22:34, April 26, 2014Fuzziebear12
Multiple Questions12:21, April 12, 2014Broken fire
How do I make a character page?20:32, March 1, 2014BachLynn23
Delete my char?20:32, March 1, 2014BachLynn23
How to make a Template20:31, March 1, 2014BachLynn23
How do you join a quest?20:30, March 1, 2014BachLynn23
Mistaken identity20:30, March 1, 2014BachLynn23
Signature Problem23:20, January 23, 2014BachLynn23
Audition for Ella the harpy18:46, January 20, 2014KMØ
Table of Contents02:03, January 14, 2014Riri25
What do I do now?02:00, January 14, 2014Riri25
Deleting characters off claiming list14:29, January 3, 2014Riri25
Argh, HELP!08:27, January 3, 2014Riri25
How do you delete a comment?19:48, December 31, 2013KMØ
How to make a page for a word bubble?19:48, December 31, 2013KMØ
How to add your name to a cabin list19:45, December 31, 2013KMØ
My page?04:07, December 31, 2013Simply Morgan
Gah I screwed up!05:58, December 27, 2013Riri25
Seriously, what's up?05:54, December 27, 2013Riri25
I can't create a word bubble without getting a long thing of failed code. How do I fix this?13:55, December 15, 2013Riri25
Problem with Claim?02:43, December 8, 2013Broken fire
How long do Quest claims normally last?02:43, December 8, 2013Broken fire
Children of Hermaphroditus?02:42, December 8, 2013Broken fire
Athena's meeting of minds?14:48, December 7, 2013Riri25
What can I do after I get claimed?14:46, December 7, 2013Riri25
Can someone defect from the BC?14:46, December 7, 2013Riri25
Can you delete my character page?14:45, December 7, 2013Riri25
Mislabeled Claim?03:08, November 29, 2013Momo231
I can't add my Characters name to the Cabin?14:35, November 8, 2013Demi-hunter13
Hospitality14:35, November 8, 2013Demi-hunter13
Asclepius?11:06, October 12, 2013Broken fire
How do I create a chracter ?11:05, October 12, 2013Broken fire
Can a nymph come from two mortal parents?11:04, October 12, 2013Broken fire
How to delete a charecter?11:04, October 12, 2013Broken fire
My talk page has lost the leave a message button :'(21:55, September 26, 2013KMØ
Naiads?21:55, September 26, 2013KMØ
Quest Problem?21:54, September 26, 2013KMØ
Can I delete my character page?21:54, September 26, 2013KMØ
Camper and BC member interaction?01:14, August 30, 2013Redflower02
What can entry level campers do in terms of rp?13:44, August 17, 2013Broken fire
How do you use the bubble text on a character page?13:44, August 17, 2013Broken fire
Hunters of Artemis21:47, August 14, 2013RubyRose17
Empathy Link?21:47, August 14, 2013RubyRose17
How do you join the broken covenant21:46, August 14, 2013RubyRose17
Reserve a model?21:45, August 14, 2013RubyRose17
Bubble Text01:08, August 9, 2013RubyRose17
How do you claim the chracter u made06:04, August 8, 2013Riri25
I've been here for a month, and I have been past claiming but yet I haven't been levelling up09:23, August 7, 2013Riri25
Where exactly do you roleplay?11:15, August 6, 2013Riri25
Broken Covenant?20:09, August 5, 2013Rlb190
Putting your name in your cabin05:02, August 5, 2013RubyRose17
I really dont understand how to make word bubble and template.10:17, August 1, 2013Riri25
Cabin Page???03:33, July 13, 2013Riri25
How do I make a template like the other templates on the monster guide03:33, July 13, 2013Riri25
I don't understand how to make a template with my username on it for the word bubble.03:32, July 13, 2013Riri25
RP in Third or First person?15:54, June 21, 2013Demi-hunter13
Im confused15:54, June 21, 2013Demi-hunter13
It's about the history.15:50, June 21, 2013Demi-hunter13
Where do the Mortals live13:31, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
Character Page??13:30, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
Is there a chat emotes page?13:28, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
Can god parent contact demgiod13:25, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
How long does it take to get claimed?13:22, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
Levels13:19, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
Help13:18, June 18, 2013Demi-hunter13
Abbreviations16:23, June 16, 2013BachLynn23

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