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Misos -Child of Morpheus
-The Island Dreamer

 – 19:39, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

I simply wish to reclaim my spot.


Rhiannon Stark Daughter of Morpheus

07:19, January 2, 2013 (UTC)

Misos: Misos simply draws his sword ready to fight ,he attempts to start the fight by sending a small wave of energy in attempt to make her believe she is dreaming.

Rhi: She smiles a bit goofily, under the influence of the energy, and stumbles backwards.

Misos: he takes advantage of this and slashes at her legs with his sword.

Rhi: She quickly snaps out of the dreaming state and winces as Misos cuts her legs but, as he's slashing down, she attempts to kick his head with her right foot.

Misos: stumble's back after being kicked he then rolls in attempt to lunge at her with his sword.

Rhi: She parries his sword away with her bow before causing him to fall under a daydreaming state, making him lose any desires of attacking her. Rhi, who is standing only two feet away from him, notches a arrow in her bow and lets it fly towards his chest area.

Misos: barley snaps out of it ,and attempts to dunk but is shot in his arm. you b*tch! He then  pulls arrow out of arm, and starts throwing the throwing stars he keeps on his belt at her chest.

Rhi: She barely moves as the throwing stars bounce off her breastplate, some puncturing it slightly. Rhi then starts running towards the opposite direction while firing three arrows behind her as she runs

Misos: he slides to the round the avoid the arrows, he throws his last throwing start towards her neck,

Rhi: Rhi quickly ducks as her battle reflexes kick in and turns around to face Misos before inflicting a dreaming state upon Misos. She then quickly releases a wave of energy, making Misos believe that he is dreaming, while creating a shadowy creature that takes the form of his worst nightmare to fight alongside her.

Misos:  freezes in fear seeing his worst nightmare his moms death he then drops his sword completely open and froze.

Rhi: She runs up to him, kicks his sword away, notches a arrow in her bow, and points it at his face as the shadowy creature swipes at Misos with its claws.

Hades/Misos hasn't posted in 7 days, Rhi keeps the spot

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