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Hey guys!

TOR here from Wikia’s Community Engineering team -- stopping by with a quick request for help from you.

The Community Engineering team exists to help our leaders, admins & power users build better communities. Part of that is building new tools (look for more on that in the near future at our staff blog on Community Central) and part is fixing bugs.

I’m here for the latter, as we need your help with a particular kind of bug -- some of your pages take a very long time to render (process) which can cause a confusing experience for your users and a bit of a slow down for all of Wikia.

Here’s a list of such pages on your wikia (note: these links lead directly to the classic editor in source mode):

These pages take over 5 seconds to render (which means they’re over 10 times slower than the average page on Wikia). My team could jump in and fix this, but...

Well, first off you know your wikia better. You can probably fix the issues faster and in a cleaner way than we could, and we’d like to avoid changing things if you can fix the issue.

Also, we know some of you love to play with MediaWiki templates, and we wouldn’t want to have all the fun... ;)

The list above suggests some tactics to make the pages faster and leaner, but here’s some general performance tips on top of that:

  • try to keep the template structure relatively flat, if you can -- a template within a template within a template, etc... can get very slow indeed
  • avoid using DPL if you think a normal list or static parameter in a template will work just as well
  • don’t be afraid to break up big pages into smaller chunks
  • having several thousand images in one page is not a good idea (we’ve seen those ;))

I’ll be following this conversation, so feel free to ask questions and post comments here. Also, if you know any template specialists on your wikia, please let them know of this message.

And one more thing: we have a handy page where you can track the performance of your pages in the future -- ParserSpeed. It’s not perfect but it’ll tell you where the main problems are.

Thanks in advance for your help with this! And if you have any questions, let me know

Yours, Lucas ‘TOR’ Garczewski Community Engineering Manager


Good day, TOR! I have changed the coding of the category pages you linked by adding the template used for such pages. I hope it's better now :) Thank you so much for pointing this out. 

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Hello TOR, while I don't entirely mess with much already coded stuff, I do, by nature tend to help with the coding of some of the new stuff that comes onto/into the wiki.

  • The reason we chose DPL was so that we could easily list information for categories, it was getting tedious to find information that was being categorized by said category.
    • If there is a better way to do this, that has the same results as DPL, that would be cool.
  • Pages with millions of pictures: I personally try to limit how many pictures I put on a page; other users may not feel the same way.
  • Templates inside of templates, this is probably one of the more recent things we've been doing, especially with Moderator Checkup, some character page "codings" which have the word bubble inside of page "coding" template.
  • I realize that speed is an issue, however I haven't noticed it being an issue yet, however I'm sure people with connection speeds / tech as "good" as mine may have issues.
    • With that thought in mind, is there an easy way to make a DPL-like system that causes less load time on the server? I know running a new javascript instead of DPL would be costly on the server, so I'm slightly at loss on how to make that any better.

Hopefully this helps some, or gives some insight.   Slay ~ Avin  (talk)  15:44,2/23/2015   0  

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