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So a lot of things in regards to Roman demigods and deities are restricted, so, before making a vote on it, I wanted to put my thoughts out there on the topic and get any criticism or recommendations in before hand. If no one has anything to within a week or two, however, I'll just put it up to vote as is.

According to this, which I beleive has the latest information regarding Romans in camp, Roman demigods exist but not at camp. My main issue with this is Roman gods being equated to the Norse and Egyptian ones. Based off the second series, its obvious the Roman and Greek world are two sides of the same coin, and even by the end of the series they establish a better working relationship with each other. I don't see why an originally roman demigod couldn't end up in a greek camp, or vice versa. I think by allowing roman demigods we allow for more creative ideas, as well as the bonus of another weapon metal, Imperial Gold. According to the book series, imperial gold is extremely rare for greek demigods, so I would sau (much like stygian iron) it should be restricted, in this case only demigods of roman deity decent should be allowed to have an imperial gold weapon.

What about CoO and incoming chb plans? Well, I was thinking that maybe Camp Jupiter exists and they have working relations, but because CoO plans to deal with Camp first, Camp Jupiter has no knowledge about the situation, and CoO has stopped any efforts to inform them. The camps are pretty much isolated from each other at this point.

I'm not saying we should include Camp Jupiter in activities, obviously this should purely stay CHB BC and CoO, but I think it would give histories more leeway in that maybe demigods come from Camp Jupiter, or maybe they had a roman god as a parent but ended up in CHB anyways. Either way, the greek version of their parent still corresponds to them.

I'll format it a little nicer once it comes down to the vote, but these are my thoughts.

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Just to make sure I got this right, this is simply for more creativity and freedom in history writing, correct? Also just an idea but we could even go as far as adding one or two additional character spots to the already 12 max (excluding contest wins) so then a user can have two Roman demigod characters. Just a thought but it could work out, idk exploring more of the Roman aspect of the Percy Jackson universe has always been something I've wanted to do on this wiki but its hard without straying too far away from the CHB side of things.

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That's probably a good idea, considering roman demigods would be rarer and we wouldnt necessarily want an influx of them because if it @second thing

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If done and explained correctly it could work, but it would need to be executed right. As far as just being mentioned in histories for creative purposes though I have absolutely no issues with such a thing happening. But like I said, having an extra one or two spots set for Roman demigods at CHB would be a cool expansion I think that could perhaps lead to bigger events following the closure of the CoO arch.

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I think it's a good idea not to ignore the Roman aspect of the Percy Jackson world, and incorporating that side of the story to our wiki would provide more avenue for creativity regarding character creation. I 100% support this. :)

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^^^^^^^^ I LOVE this idea, and I'd already have a few ideas ready to go!!!!

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