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Alright first of this is one of the few things I've promised to do (for both myself and those I lead under me). I intend to make claims a better place where there'll be less... issue? If that is a usable word to be placed here. Anyhow, I've been told of a few complaints under claims that I wish to have people opinion on and to whether is there more issues that should be highlighted and settled. These opinions and suggestions will be put into place for the future use of other claim checkers.

Disclaimer:As of now these are the only issues that was raised to me please be free to share more if anyone finds a better solution than what I pose please do share. However, be aware if this solution you have (as beutiful as it would be on paper) couldn't be workable or hard to do like for example "revising EVERY char to make sure its up to standard". I would have to reject it as the claim department already have a limited amount of people. Which means I'm not looking forward to exhausting everyone to do this nor would I want anyone to give up their summer for this project. Ever.


  1. Gods changing their kids (that died) into nymphs would it or would it not be considered interference?
  2. Should the two weeks rule (the rule that everyone now hates I presume) be extended or reduced?
  3. Does the "part time camper" assumption (you know the "you can be in camp during the summer and it won't be metagaming" thing) really go against the metagaming rule?
  4. Should there be a better way to combat OP weapons? This is a question as per the fact the 2.0 forms expressly imply that weapons would no longer go under claims and if someone found a fault in these weapons the characters would get a lockdown.


This is merely the solution I have come up with.

  1. for the god parent changing their own kids to nymphs I pose a time limit. Then it won't be interference if the kid was dead a long time now would it?
  2. the two weeks rule was never put under scrutiny but I've heard many not liking us claim checkers putting too much stress on it. Thus I would like to suggest this rule to be relaxed rather than changed however I'm open for any other suggestions.
  3. the metagaming rule was made in order to stop chars from knowing stuff they weren't suppose without having a proper explanation. Thus I would suggest merely allowing this but placing a limit. To an extant that is
  4. The weapons solution I woud suggest is to merely give the person a two weeks limit as if we were to give them a lockdown directly that would be evil of us


(warning: this is a debate don't use this as a place to victimize claim checkers (let it be a helper or an admin) if you are by any chance looking for a place to tick someone off about a comment they made on your claim you will be getting a personal warning from me. Do I make myself clear?)

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