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General Tasks

  • Making sure all claims are checked; BC, pets, and quests included. Please remember to add the user and/or character to the user/char forum when you've claimed a character, as well as update their user activity and other minor details if necessary.
  • Make sure to remove any red links you run into (just simply remove the brackets) and create any red-linked categories. Don't forget to categorize the categories XD!
  • Forum upkeep (making sure they have the archive template on them, check for minor errors.)
  • Cabin counts must be up to date.
  • Make sure the counselor page's tables are up to date.
  • Keep track of the Lt. and counselor categories.
  • Categorize images, templates, pages, etc.
  • Make sure the user/char forum/lists are updated.
  • Cabin pages with broken coding must be fixed while users with char pages that have broken coding and/or other issues must be reminded to fix them.

Special Tasks (feel free to add to this)

  • Help with the model listing project.

Helpful Links

These links will direct to you to a plethora of either deleted or non-existent files, categories, pages, and templates. Getting these pages cleared is a long-term goal, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't start working towards it. At least try to do a few daily or something, helping with the uncreated name categories would be awesome too. Every little bit helps :). There's a crazy amount of stuff in these pages, so it's obviously not going to get cleared any time soon.

The links below display uncategorized material. Yes, even categories need to be categorized XD. What we're mainly working towards at the moment's images, since the rest of the pages are clear at times. So try and categorize some every now and then. Just like with the wanted files, pages, templates, and categories. Getting all the images on the wiki categorized is going to take a long while, but it's always great to take initiative :)

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