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Cheers all!

For the Hera Character Contest, I created a character named Kara Rudikoff, who had an adorable 4-month-year-old baby named Natasha/Nata (after the fabulous user known as Nata Roebot). I haven't found any guidelines yet as to if little Nata needed a claiming process, a page of her own, a character model, and so on. I also had a bunch of different ideas on how to Roleplay her and maybe add some additions to the camp. So my thought process was that I should pose a bunch of questions, and get the wiki's opinions.

I'm totally open to opinions, with the one exception of retconning Kara's backstory so that Nata never existed. She's already in several RPs, and she's adorable and pure, and I'm kind of falling in love with her even though she's a fictional character. She's a big part of Kara's development and I'd have to change Kara's entire history, which in turn would challenge the validity of Kara's existence (such as whether she'd be good enough to keep her spot as a contest winner, etc.). It would be ridiculously complicated and absolutely not fun.

Anyways, on to questions about Nata, Camp and more!

- How do you think I should show baby Nata's development? Should I show her growing into an adorable little toddler in future RPs? How soon?

- Should Nata have her own character page and model? The model might need frequent updating.

- So far I've mostly had her actions under Kara's parts of the Roleplay, seeing as she's too little to do much in terms of talking or significant actions. The one exception is in a Roleplay where she'd briefly seperated from Kara and was held by another character. Should I let her have her own sections in future, or wait until she grows up?

- Should she have her own Word Bubble?

- In future how should claiming for babies or other similar characters work? It would feel extraordinarily weird and wrong to have her under pet claiming.

- IMPORTANT: Should she retain any of her mother's powers whatsoever? When would it be revealed if so? Which ones?

- How do you think I should select her godparents? Also, how does the whole godparents thing work with Olympian Gods? Should I include it at all? (RESOLVED: selected through interactions and RPs with other various characters as relationships grow.)

- Do you think we should add a daycare or similar service at camp, or in the nearby town?

Thanks for putting up with me and my complicatedness!


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