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West Way

Wind Chaser


Full Name Hana Ji-yeon Cho
Nickname None
Birthday April 18th
Age 16
Nationality American
Ethnicity Korean
Home Sacramento, California
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location Camp Half-Blood
Gender Female
Titles Wind Chaser, West Way
OOC Plans None
"Flower in the spring time are as mundane as snow in the winter time."

Looking Into My Life



Hana is typically a very colorful and expressive person. She is very emotional and in some cases sensitive, as she displays her emotions physically, making her a very easy to read person. She is quite optimistic and never looks on the dark side of things, even in the worsts of times. She a very humorous person, and is always up for a good prank. She likes being on everyone's good side, and usually does whatever she can to make her target like her. Hana is a very rebellious individual and will listen to no set of rules for a long time unless it will protect her in some way. Although she is in most ways, and open book, she happens to keep many secrets and will lie to keep it that way.


There is something about the supernatural that always piqued Karl's interest. As he child he found all things strange fascinating, and set out to find reasoning for them. You'd think during his childhood his wild imagination would be subdued, but his parents' efforts were useless. As he grew, he only became more infatuated with mysterious, which ultimately drove him to become an investigator.

Late at night, Karl happened to be investigating a case when a woman he had never really seen, knocked on his office door. The woman was breathtaking, with dark hair tumbling down her shoulders, matching her brown eyes, and gray dress. He tried to ask her how she got in, but she got straight to the chase and explained the case she wanted him to work on.

Apparently, a friend of her's daughter has gone missing, and she needed help finding her. Karl who had every reason to say no and demand that she get out of his office, accepted the case and began working on it immediately while the woman was still with him. Around three am the woman left after telling him everything she knew. She wished him luck and told him her name was Hailey and how to contact her when he figured it out.

Although his body desperately need sleep, Karl took all the documents he had printed out, and the info the two had collected together and took it home with him so he could continue studying. Two hours later, he was snoring his head off on his desk as he finally let sleep overcome him. With help from Morpheus, Hecate was able to enter his dreams as Hailey, and explained the future events that were to happen to him depending on the choice he made.

First, she began with what would've happened if he had chosen to reject the case, and then vaguely explained that good things will now happen to him because of the choice he made. At the end of the dream, Hailey bursts into flame, flying off into the darkest edges of his conscious as an owl. Karl awoke in the early afternoon, and decided to report that he'd be staying home today because he wasn't feeling well.

Over the couple few of weeks, Karl worked his hardest to figure out the case, keeping in mind his dream. His belief in the supernatural not only fueled his persistence on this case, but his dream where Hailey visited him. By the end of the month, he had solved the case and the kidnapper of Hailey's friend's daughter was arrested a couple days later.

In thanks for his help, Hailey took Karl on a date that overall went well. The two began dating for a few months and then later broke up, but not before Karl had impregnated Hailey on a particularly intoxicating night. A few days later, Hailey appeared yet in another one of Karl's dreams and explained everything. She told him she was a Greek goddess named Hecate, and that in a couple of months she would bare a child who would have the powers of an immortal but the life span of a human—if they managed to survive that long. She told him he needed to bring her to a camp on the coast of Long Island called Camp Half-Blood when she shows signs of being attacked by monsters.

Karl, with his strong belief in the supernatural, did not waver and promised to accept the child when she got here. Like Hecate promised, several months later, Karl came home to a basket at his front door. He smiled nostalgically, picked the basket up, and took it inside. She kept her promise.

At the bottom of the basket, under the infant swaddled in blankets was a pack of hairbands and a note. Having planned ahead of time, Karl set the baby in her crib and sat down besides it with the basket. He read the note, which stated, May I ask how you are doing Karl? I'm doing fine, yet wandering the world sometimes gets a little boring. These hairbands transform into throwing axes when you snap them. You know—when the time is right—take the girl to Camp. Teach her how to use these by the way, we wouldn't want any accidents. He put down the note and inspected the hair bands. I should keep these in my safe, he decided and rose to do just that.

Karl named the girl Hana, and gave her the middle name Ji-yeon, which would be her Korean name. Years passed, and Hana was a wonderful, bright little girl that Karl would never wish to replace. Having someone else besides him in the house was delightful, and better yet Hana was a reminder of Hecate's love. But there was always the threat of monster attacks on his mine, so by the time Hana was 8, Karl had already told and began teaching her about the throwing axes.

Another quality of Hana, she's a fast learner. In under a year, she had absorbed the knowledge of her weapons and knew how to use them to defend herself and go offensive on an enemy. Just for good measure, Karl also had her learn Taekwondo. "The kicks will come in handy," he had promised her. And in deed they did.

When Hana turned 10, a pair of harpies picked up on her scent and attacked her while she was walking to the park. Taken by surprise the harpies were able to land a few cuts on her before she returned the favor. Hana dashed out of the way of another incoming attack and removed her hairband from her wrist. She quickly snapped it and threw it at one of the harpies. The harpy—who just saw a regular hand band—wasn't expecting it to transform into a throwing ax at the last second, and it caught her right in the face. In result, the harpy turned to dust and the ax fell to the ground.

Hana retrieved her ax, and when she turned around, the other harpy dived down to avenge it's partner. This time, she was more then ready, and like a baseball player, she swung her ax at the enemy and cleanly cut it's head off. The separated corpse turned to dust. She took some time to slow her breathing and then decided she should go home and tell her father.

She ran her fingers along the side of her ax, and it transformed back into a bracelet that she put on. Then she headed on home, running all the way.

Her father who expected this based off of Hecate's warning that he still remember to this day, decided to take her to Camp. Hana had no motive to move, and was quite upset when he suggested this. Due to her request, they stayed in Sacramento for four more years before Karl said enough. Over those four years, the monster attacks had progressed and Karl became more wary until he finally couldn't stand the idea of his daughter getting hurt.

He bought airplane tickets to New York and called a moving agency to move all their things to their new home there while they flew. Hana threw many fits—she didn't want to departure from everything she's ever known—but finally agreed. They set off, and at the airport they met a boy named Addysin Myung who was also trying to get to New York and find Camp Half-Blood.

Hana was a bit skeptical of the boy, but he didn't have a malicious air around him so she put her suspicion to the side. Besides, he was cute, and she was sure he'd seen him modeling somewhere in a couple magazines. Could've been someone else, but she found that hard to believe.

After hours of waiting, they finally took off and later landed in Chicago where they met an orphaned girl named Olive. While on their way to the mall, the taxi driver turned out to be a Scythian Dracnae and attacked them. Hana, with Addysin's help, defeated the monster. She later discovered Olive had ran away with almost all the cash in her father's wallet. Angry with the outcome, she stayed silent with rage for the rest of the drive back to the airport and the flight to New York.

When they arrived at Karl's new apartment in New York City, Karl invited Addysin to live with them until they could find camp, and the boy agreed. The apartment had enough bedrooms for the three of them so it was a comfy fit. After a week or two, the moving truck came around, and they could finally retire from sleepy bags into comfy beds. Later that week everything was set in order, and the last thing to do was enroll them into school. Hana insisted that they be home-schooled, and Addysin supported her, so Karl agreed.

After searching the state of New York for a year, they finally found Camp Half-Blood with the help of a saytr. Immediately after stepping past the borderline of Camp, Hana has been claimed by Hecate.

"If life came with instructions, I probably wouldn't follow them anyway."

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes & Dislikes

Main Strengths

Hana is very agile and is very talented with long range weapons. Although she is still gaining her grip on her magic powers, she understands how they work and is eager to learn how to control the Mist. She is incredibly flexible, allowing her to twist her body in ways the average demigod wouldn't be able too. She has very sharp vision and can accurately hit a target from more than sixteen feet away.

Main Weaknesses

Like stated above, Hana cannot fully control her magic and therefore it might backfire on her sometimes. If she is even slightly dazed, she becomes very clumsy and she struggles to recollect her thoughts.


Hana loves any type of chocolate, especially caramel chocolate. Butterfingers are a favorite, and she absolutely adores jelly beans. She also likes gummy bears and worms, and won't complain if you give her a can of fruit punch. As you can see, she has a natural sweet tooth. Hana also likes K-Pop music and American Pop music. She also likes rap, one of her favorite rappers being Eminem, and her favorite hip hop artist being Nicki Minaj.


Hana doesn't really dislike anything, but she isn't a fan of dogs or fish. She also despises sea food and hates the cold.

Model Park Chaeyoung; Rose (BLACKPINK)
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Primarily Black

Died Red/Ginger

Height 5'6
Weight 134 Ilbs
Voice Soft; Melodical
Body Style Slim
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders OCD; ADHD
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Korean

Family & General
God Parent Hecate
Mortal Parent Karl Cho
Half-Sibling(s) Hecate's Cabin
Full Sibing(s) None
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) None
Uncle(s) None

Character Flaw She's too emotional; Let's people's words get the better of her
Fear/Phobias Surprisingly, not death. She actually fears pollution... and dogs.
Personal Motto "Life is not a book. You can't read it and suddenly know how it works. You need to live it, to know how it works."
First Reaction to Crisis It really depends on the circumstances of the crisis. If it's not horrible in her eyes it won't really bother her too much.
Faces Their Problems She always asks for help when it comes to these types of things. It's better to face the issue or enemy together then alone in her opinion.
React to Change Neutral
Native Language English; She can speak some Korean but it's not that good, she could probably have a little five minute conversation at most
Hobbies Singing; Drawing; Pranking random unsuspecting campers

Family Relationships

Father: Although she spends most of her time at camp, she still does find time to talk to him, even if she has to sneak out of camp to do it.

Friend Relationships

Olive: There is no doubt that ever since her betrayal, Olive is dead to Hana. If she ever see Olive's face again she will slice it off.

Addysin Myung: Addysin and Hana are still good friends to this day, always taking time to hang out with each other. The two are usually never seen without each other, and to Hana, Addysin is like the older brother she never had.

Love Relationships

None at all. She really needs to get out more...


Arian Bridger: Although sparring with a person isn't the best way to make a friend, the boy certainly piqued Hana's interest, and she might find herself around him more often.



  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to fire an intense beam of magical energy which will burn anything it touches. The ability can also be focused into small magical bullets, which have better range but are less damaging than a beam.
  2. Children of Hecate have the ability to use magic to electrically charge something made of metal for a short time.


  1. Children of Hecate are able to create a protective dome of magical energy around them for a short time.
  2. Children of Hecate are able to become ethereal in form for a short time, which temporarily causes all attacks to go through them. In this state, they cannot attack an opponent and if they do their ethereal state will dissipate instantly.


  1. Children of Hecate have the innate ability to see in all directions at once.
  2. Children of Hecate are innately stronger at night.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to communicate with the dead to gather information.
  4. Children of Hecate are adept at making potions and elixirs, however potions used in battle cannot be overly powerful or altering to the events of the battle. Potions that can automatically heal all wounds or restore all energy are examples of over-powered potions. Only descendants of Hecate/Circe and Lampades can create potions. Overconsumption of potions can result in overdose symptoms and some potions could have side-effects or not work at all.


  1. Children of Hecate can conjure spells to teleport themselves and allies. The further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Hecate can cast a levitation spell on themselves for a short time which will allow them to fly, the longer they levitate the more power it drains. The spell can also be used items and enemies.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to use some healing spells to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major wounds. Fatal wounds cannot be healed.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate are able to control the Mist around them, allowing them to create optical illusions that can fool even demigods. The illusions can confuse enemies with false memories, alter the appearance of the user or their allies, change the appearance of items or weapons or even alter the appearance of the environment to an extent. Changes to the Mist only last for a short time, mist control is less draining than custom spells. (6 month)

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to create new spells, whether they were trained, self-taught or devised the spell on the fly. The spells can be minor, such as locating, summoning animals, divination or controlling emotions. Or they can be more advanced and powerful such as controlling the elements, pure magical energy, necromancy, curses and summoning monsters or magical guardians. Spells cannot be overly powerful or controlling. The more complex and powerful the spell, the more energy it drains from the user.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to focus all their magical abilities into transforming themselves into any living being, or even a being of their own imagination. This power is, in essence, the ability to shapeshift into anything the user can imagine. The user can transform into another human, an animal, a monster, or anything in between. The transformation can last as long as the user wishes it to, but the longer they hold their form the more it drains them. They cannot cast any spells while the transformation is in place and they cannot transform into anything overly powerful. (Like a rabbit that can make people’s heads explode with a thought. ) The form they shift into cannot be larger than 2 to 3 times the human size of the user, and after the user resumes their regular form they are severely drained. Unable to move from exhaustion and they could possibly faint. This power can only be used once in a fight.


  1. Children of Hecate typically love the magical arts, many of them are known for writing spellbooks. Her children have created/re-introduced and improved spells and techniques all over history.
  2. Necromancy is commonly a favored magical art among children of Hecate.
  3. Children of Hecate are known for being quite mysterious.
  4. Children of Hecate are often more active and exhibit better moods at night and in dark environments.
  5. Children of Hecate wield innate knowledge and understanding of the Mist.