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Heidi is a super hyper active nymph. She’s super sweet but, sometimes doesn’t think before saying things. Her two favorite things are skittles and wine. If you let her eat or drink either of those she’ll go nuts. She super stubborn and has a slight attitude which doesn’t help her friendships much.


One New Years eve, Dionysus created Heidi. He didn’t think too much of it and he asked another wine nymph to teach and train her to use her powers and use weapons on Olympus. Heidi trained for a few months then worked as a wine bearer for the gods. After about a year of working on Olympus, Dionysus decided to send her into the mortal world so she could learn about mortal life and protect a demigod named Mikael Trevinski until he was ready for camp. She eagerly agreed and Dionysus had a Satyr take her to Mikael’s home. The family believed she was a foreign exchange student from Greece sent to live with them. She was welcomed into the family with open arms but, after a while Heidi noticed that Mikael’s parents abused him and she quickly form a brother/sister bond with Mikael. Heidi wasn’t afraid of the mortal parents so she would stand up for Mikael all the time. After a little over a year of protecting Mikael, his parents decided to send him to military school so they didn't have to deal with him anymore and Heidi highly disliked the idea. About a week before Mikael was to leave, his parents told Heidi that she was also leaving to go back home to Greece the day before Mikael left. As soon as she could she IMed Dionysus and he said that a satyr was staying there looking for demigods so he’ll protect Mikael until he’s ready for camp. The day Heidi was leaving, she said her good-byes to Mikael which were very hard for her to do as he was like a brother to her. She went back to Olympus and began working as a Wine bearer to the gods again until two months later, Dionysus sent her to help the satyr get Mikael to camp. As quickly as possible she traveled to the military school and waited for the satyr and Mikael to come out. After around midnight she had fallen asleep but, was soon woken up by the sounds of harpies and she pulled out her spear and slipped out of the woods near the school. She spotted the satyr and Mikael trying to fend off a group of harpies and she quickly attacked the harpies and with the help of the satyr, killed them. Mikael was shocked that she was here but, she grabbed his hand and they left the school and quickly took him to camp. When she arrived, Dionysus said that she could stay at camp until he needed her again.

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