Hera's Cabin
The Chest

Please make sure you read Hera's Cabin/Inside before you read this.

You walk over to the chest, and observe it. It appears to be made of a dark brown wood. You touch the chest, and a cold chill creeps up your arm. You grab the latch to open it, and you find it is locked. Then you remember a faint glimmer in one of the peacock's eyes. You go to the peacock on the wall, and find the glimmer in its left eye. You reach in, and find a small key. You take the key, and run back to the chest. You stick the key in the lock, and turn it. It works! You flip the latch, and lift the top of the chest up. You look inside, and see A PIT SCORPION! Wait, that's not a pit scorpion... You take a closer look, and you find a large pile of peacock feathers.


Something about them seems special. Take a few. Put that image on your character's page, and that will be considered "taking" them. Just never tell anyone, not even your friends, how you found them. Or you may face Hera's wrath.
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