Hunter Justit

Son of Themis
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Hunter Justit -Child of Themis
-Hunter of Justice
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"Justice has arrived."

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Hunter was born to Themis and a mortal bounty hunter, a picky one of the kind, but a bounty hunter nonetheless. The two had met around June 1995, both of them hunting the same “target”, a man of unspeakable crimes. They both caught up with him at the same time and nearly lost him at the shock of seeing someone else on the same target. They got over it though and put him down.

Hunter’s father, who went by the alias “Templar”, offered to split the bounty as they’d worked together towards the end. Themis, who went by the alias “Priestess”, agreed, though she was a bit apprehensive, knowing bounty hunters and their tendencies to greed. Templar, however, had no such tendencies and mostly hunted for the sense of accomplishment he got from ridding the world of a criminal. The money was necessary though, both for food and equipment, so he’d gotten into bounty hunting.

Templar and Priestess worked together on the next few jobs, getting to know the other and slowly falling in love. About 3 months after first meeting, the two did what adults do and the result was that 9 months later Templar had a young son with his mother’s eyes and his looks.

He was ecstatic. He burst into the nearest bar, shouting about how he had gotten a son, causing the people who knew just what he worked with to look at him like he was crazy. How was one supposed to raise a son while hunting?

When he returned to the hotel they were staying at then, he found that Priestess had left, a note in the bedroom explaining why, including the Greek gods and monsters and everything. By the letter was a letter and a pair of tonfa, made of a strange metal he’d never seen before but assumed to be the “Celestial bronze” mentioned.

Templar had then sighed, put away the letter and went to comfort his crying son. For the next four years he stayed in the same place, a small apartment in San Francisco. Then a few old “friends” found out where he lived and he had to run. Alex, as the boy had been called, was too young to understand why, but by 10pm the night Templar was found out, they were on the plane to Zürich.

They stayed there for a few weeks, before moving on. That quickly became habit for both Alex and Templar, never staying in a place for too long. When the child was old enough, around 6 years of age, Templar slowly started to teach him the trade along with normal school stuff, at first making games that were to teach it to him, but later on just teaching him the things as he had been taught them. Alex, or Hunter as he was now known, was taught to use a weapon, the correct way to track down a criminal, how to catch, or kill depending on the job and criminal, the target without harming civilians.

Hunter was skilled. It also helped when he started getting his “powers” around the age of 12, his father having revealed the existence of the “hidden world” and was able to train in using them too. He started the actual hunting when he was 14, assisting his father on jobs. They hunted down both mortal and demigod criminals now, with a monster now and then.

At 17 years of age, Hunter ran into a VERY insistent satyr. Said satyr kept telling him to go to camp and followed him around when he wouldn’t listen. It stalked him wherever he went, no matter where. In the end it got Hunter so ticked off that he agreed. If he hadn’t agreed he’d likely have killed the satyr.

So he went to camp, and has been there since then.

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