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|It all started one night at a Night Club. She was there at the bar sitting there when at the edge of her eye she saw a handsome young man. At that moment she fell in love with him, and the same was for the young man. She introduced herself and then got to the man, Nick Connor Anderson. He left her with his phone number on the table.
|Matt Wilson is an daring explorer travelling to natural wonders and dangerous places at every corner of the globe, he spent his life travelling, and daringly exploring dangerous areas normal people will never have the coruage to explore. One time him and some other explorers travelled to the Mayan temple for exploration and aid of an archaeologist team searching for a long lost valued treasure of the Mayans. There at the campsite he met another explorer, Cybele, who at that time claimed that she was Samantha. During there first month together they explored the Mayan temples... working as a team they uncovered many artifacts, they developed their relationship from teammates to friends to lovers. Then one day, Cybele dissapeared...
Nine months later, he was at the Amazon Forest to explore, it was pitch black at night, dangerous creatures loomed everywhere, all he had was his weapon and a flashlight to light up the way. While he was venturing through some trees he saw some a glow thnat spelled a sentnece encarved on a tree. Underneath the tree was a child wrapped in the blanket. The message on the tree explained that this was Samantha and Matt's child and that she was really Cybele. At first Matt couldn't believe it but soon everything made sense. Wiht a child Matt didn't have the time to explore like the way he used to... Having new responsiblities, such as taking care of his new born son... he named the baby boy Hunter...
But it wasn't long when on a business trip to Orlando she met a dazzling man named Zeus. She was walking down the street with him to her hotel after having dinner, she heard a footstep behind her, and when she turned around she saw a man holding a sword. Right away Zeus ran after him, he then out of his bag he took a lightning bolt out of his pocket and it emit a lightning bolt at the man. Then shock caused the Eidolon possessing the man to reveal it self and then it fled away. Then Maria began to wonder, why would a normal man wield a lightning bolt, then it came to her mind that a Greek God that shares the same name as him also wields a lightning bolt. Then she went to Zeus and asked, "Are you Zeus, then king of the Greek Gods." Then Zeus replied, "Yes, I am." That night she realized that Zeus was not just any regular man, and that he was Zeus, the king of the gods.
Hunter had a normal life as student at a his high school in his city, he always enjoy the camping trip the students at his school. Matt still kept his job but only the part of researching the artifacts discovered by the archaeologist team. On Hunter s 14th birthday, Matt brought to the Mayan temples where he and Cybele met. While venturign through the forest and a creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a snake-headed tail leaped out of the trees and leaped towards Hunter He was saved by a boy his age, who slayed it. His name is Jacob, he told Hunter that he was a demigod and about the greek gods, he explained that he was also a son of Cybele.
One day at school, he was at a Greek Pantheon Museum with his class guided by his supply teacher Ms. Garton, who he found weird as she always had her chihuahua with her. As they entered he saw Ms. Garton wave to him to come with her. Out of curiosity he asked: "Ms. Garton, why do you always have your chihuahua with you?" "Why this is not a regular chihuahua!" Then the cute Chihuahua morphed into a hideous Chimera. It came charging at him and breathed fire onto Blake. To save himself, he jumped into a nearby fountain extinguishing the fire. All soaked he jumped out, he ran to her and out of rage he created a giant field of lightning stunning her. Utilizing that time, Blake ran to door and he saw that his class was leaving he ran after them and look back to see that Ms. Garton was not behind her. On the bus he asked his friends about Ms. Garton, but nobody new about her, it was like she never existed.
The next few months, Hunter spent his time training with Jacob on using his powers. One day they've decided that it was tiem for Hunter to get to camp, but they were attacked by a Basilick near the boundary of Camp Half Blood. Jacob sacraficed himself in protection of Hunter, burned to death by the flames. Luckily, Hunter passed the Camp's border and reached safety there he was claimed by Cybele adn he joined the other two members of the Cybele Cabin.
In the next few weeks they went out and then two months later Maria became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, Blake Vince Williams. He lived a normal life until one day. That day was his tenth birthday, they were heading to New York City to celebrate his birthday. They were on the road for two hours already and then it began to rain. The storm became worse. They were driving until they saw a god, when they came closer the puppy morphed into Hellhound. The Hellhound attacked the car and flipped it over. His dad trying to save Blake's life told him to leave and told him to head north, do not stop until you enter a camp known as: "Camp Half-Blood."
He pulled himself out, he was in pain as every step was draining the life out of him. He was hurt but he won't give up, he must live to get revenge for his parents. He slowly limped towards the woods. He tried to move quietly and not reveal his location. But he could not take it anymore, hew was just so much in pain. He snapped a twig on the ground, this caught the attention of the Hellhound and it came towards him, Blake knew that it was ready to end his life. Then a lighting came and struck down from the sky, the Hellhound vaporized into dust. Before he blacked out he heard a voice in his head: "Son, I'm sorry that I was never there for you, the only thing I could do to help you is to save your life." Although the voice seems familiar he had no idea who it was. Then he blacked out.
When he woke up he was in a cabin, there were people beside him. He got up, and he realized all of his wounds were healed, although every part of his body ached. "Hey welcome to Camp Half-Blood! You're in the Hermes' cabin because you never got claimed yet. You've been knocked out cold for five days!" He was full of anger, that day he vowed that he would one day slay the Hellhound that had killed his mom and step-dad. That night he had dinner with the rest of the demigods. They were all friendly to him and he began to feel more comfortable at camp. He got to know the others and Mr. D and Charon. This was a very special night for him, while they were chatting, a lightning bolt sign appeared above Blake's head, although he did not know what it meant, everyone knelt and said, "All hail Blake Anderson, son of Zeus, the god of honor, justice, lightning, and the skies and the lord of Olympus." Then he realized he has been claimed by his father, Zeus. This began his demigod life and that was just the beginning of the rise of a new hero!
After spending time at camp for four years, one night at his cabin, he had a dream, in this nightmare he saw his parents trapped in Tartarus, in the background he heard a voice, "Blake, come to me and give me your soul and your parents will be freed!" Then he woke up, and he realized it was all a dream. But every night he would have a different dream, yet in very dream he could see his parents in pain. Then at midnight he confronted the Oracle, she spoke to him the prophecy:
''Deep in the realm of dead''
''In the abyss of human dread''
''The souls of the two mortals has been vanquished''
''By an enemy that stays disappeared long ago, vanquished ''
The next day, he along with two demigods, Jacob, son of Athena, and Derek, son of Poseidon, embarked on the quest. Their quest went well. But all good things have gone downfall. On their way home, there was a storm, unable to head back to Camp Half-Blood yet; they stopped at a hotel to rest, Lotus Hotel and Casino. They walked in and a man came, offering them a Lotus Fun Book and a nice suite free, they accepted it. They were amazed of this place; it was like an arcade, mall, amusement park and water all in one. It is a place you truly have to come visit. They split up and explored the hotel by themselves. He walked towards the roller coaster and accidently bumped into a lady. The lady was holding a plate of something that looks like a lotus flower. Right when he was about to put it in his mouth, he heard a voice coming from his head, “Don’t eat it son, these dulls your senses and makes you prisoner in the Lotus Eater’s lair!” He dropped the lotus flower and walked away. He walked, looking for the others, but he had a headache and couldn’t concentrate, then the voice spoke again, “Wake up Blake! Snap out of it”
He found Jacob and Katie together, he said, “We got to leave, we are not staying here for another minute!” But they replied, “But we are having so much fun…” He found a cup of water and splashed it onto their face and he told them everything. With no time to spare, they saw some men running at them. They ran and ran until they spot a car; they got in and found the keys. Derek took the wheel and drove out of the hotel.
Derek drove for two hours straight nonstop until they got back to New York. Back at New York, he decided to spend time with his family, after almost losing them. Pretty soon one year has passed and he decided to go back to camp so he can go back to training.
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Hunter Wilson


Hunter Son of Cybele
-The Venturer, The Daredevil

 Age: 15  Height: 6'3  Weight: 200 lb
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: A Celestial Bronze Machete, A Bow with Celestial Bronze Arrows and A Whip with a Celestial Bronze Blade at the tip.
 – "I am the author of my life. Unfortunately I'm writing in pen and I can't erase my mistakes..."

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