Hyacinthe Anne Chevalier

Daughter of Elpis ⚜ First Female Musketeer

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Basic Information
AGE 21/305 (March 1, 1624)
SPECIES Demititaness
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
MODEL Katherine McNamara
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Born in the middle of Spring, 1624, Hyacinthe Anne entered the world to the goddess of Hope, Elpis, and a musketeer, Charles Chevalier. Elpis had been attracted to Charles for a while now, watching as he kept hope and inspiration alive in his men through even the darkest times. That was what attracted her, and soon, she was pregnant with his daughter. Waking one morning to see a sobbing woman carrying a baby was completely unexpected for Charles, but upon getting everything explained to him, he willingly took the baby and raised her as his own. Hyacinthe grew up in the Musketeer garrison, getting trained in weapons from childhood and accompanying the forces when they marched out for battles.

When she was ten, she recieved her first weapon as a gift from Charles and secret gift from her mother, Elpis. It was a paired Celestial Bronze rapier and dagger, done in the musketeer style, and it is her weapon that she's kept and used. In fact, two weeks after her tenth birthday, she had her first monster attack... She was attacked by a hellhound while out watering the horses, and easily defeated it with her dagger that she always kept on her. From that moment on, she kept an eye out for the monsters. And when she was of majority, despite what most people said, her father recruited her into the musketeers... And she accepted. She would become known as the first female musketeer, and her name would go down in history.

However, as the wars between France and Spain kicked off, Hyacinthe would be killed in combat by a Spanish soldier... But her death would only bring one more surprise. Elpis was devastated by the loss of her daughter, a true warrior in her own right, and managed to convince Hebe, the goddess of youth, and Apollo, the god of the sick, to restore her... And from that moment on, Hyacinthe would be immortal. She woke up in a pool of her own blood, finding herself being the only survivor of the battle. Her father and other musketeers lay nearby, dead, and despite the emotions filling her, she kept going.

As such, she remained close by throughout the rest of the years that the Musketeers remained active, following them to battles and fighting alongside them. But as soon as they were disbanded on the Order of the King, Hyacinthe left France, traveling with the Hunters of Artemis for a while, before parting and heading off on her own. She fought in wars alongside other French soldiers, such as World War I and II, French-American, etc. Every war seemed to just be repeats, and soon, Hyacinthe got a bit bored of fighting. She had fought for so long... that it seemed that she had earned a break. And a break, she would get.

Accompanying a set of demigods to Camp Half-Blood, Hyacinthe took up residence at the newly-built Elpis cabin, and is currently relaxing and enjoying her time away from the fighting... However, things wouldn't stay calm and relaxed for long, with the discovery of the Champions and the danger posed. So, unwillingly, Hyacinthe took up her weapons again alongside other surviving Musketeers, old and new, and all stand as a defense of Camp Half-Blood.

"One for all.
All for one."
- Musketeer Motto


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Hyacinthe is a girl of stubborness. That is the one good word to describe her, after all, she managed to go against all other odds to become the first female musketeer in France's history, and still holds that record in history books. She can definitely change her temperment at the turn of a dime, easily going from calm and collected to panicking and back again, especially when her younger/older half-sister gets involved in things.

She is intelligent, able to analyze and plan out battle strategies to get to the end result with the lowest amount of loss, and is able to keep people's spirits light even in the darkest of times... Maybe this why she was appointed captain of the surviving musketeers that live at Camp. She is a motherly figure, always there for people who need a shoulder to cry on or someone to practice with. Despite this, and despite her siblings attempts to get her matched up, she has steadfastly refused to date... Something about losing the fighting spirit her father had instilled in her. Besides, her siblings are good enough for family for her.


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Other Information
MORTAL PARENT Charles Chevalier
HALF SIBLINGS Children of Elpis
HOMETOWN Paris, France
MAIN WEAPON Celestial Bronze Rapier and Parrying Dagger

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  1. Children of Elpis can summon small, combustible jars which explode upon impact when thrown at enemies. These jar bombs release minimal shrapnel (i.e.: several large shards that make a blunt impact, not countless tiny shards that can pierce skin) and cause a mild feeling of negativity and unease to linger over the area of the explosion. The more bombs summoned, the more energy they use.
  2. Children of Elpis can hope for an event to happen (e.g.: for an attack to hit or for them to remember where they misplaced an object) to slightly increase the chances of that event occurring, but with no guarantees it'll actually happen. Hoping for events that are outlandish or overly specific (e.g.: for their opponent to spontaneously catch on fire as meteorites rain from the sky) has virtually no effect, since the chances of those events occurring are extremely low in the first place. The more strongly they hope for an event to happen, the more effective the boost will be, but the more energy they use. This ability must be selectively activated: if children of Elpis hope for an event without deliberately intending to boost the chance of that event occurring, they will not use energy but thus will not receive the boost.
  3. Children of Elpis can fire an intense, golden beam of fiery hope which will burn anything it touches.
  1. Children of Elpis can blind an opponent with hope. This affects all forms of sight (spiritual vision, foresight, seeing potential futures, etc.) beyond just physical sight. Children of Elpis can maintain this ability indefinitely, but they themselves will be blinded by hope for the entire duration they maintain it.
  2. Children of Elpis can rapidly summon a large Greek jar (pithos) around themselves to act as a resilient shield. The lid of the jar can be removed, but anyone who tries to open it in such a manner immediately feels sick and is hit by a wave of negativity and unease. The jar disappears after the user exits it.
  1. Children of Elpis can project their consciousnesses to locations where hope is especially strong. Although they can see, hear and smell their projected surroundings, they are unable to touch anything. They appear to onlookers as faint, intangible apparitions, and their physical bodies are unable to move during consciousness projection. The longer they project themselves, the more energy they use.
  2. Children of Elpis can summon a pair of shining, golden wings that allows them to fly briefly. The longer they fly, the more energy they use.
  3. Children of Elpis can bolster their teammates' spirits through their motivational words and actions, granting them a boost of hopeful energy in combat.
  4. Children of Elpis can summon several pithos to hold objects or act as decorations. Maintaining these constructs requires concentration, for they disappear once the user stops concentrating on them.
  5. Children of Elpis can emit a faint golden glow to brighten their surroundings in the dark. They can glow more brightly in locations where hope is especially strong.
  1. Children of Elpis radiate an aura of hope and optimism which can be suppressed through conscious effort. Furthermore, they have the ability to detect how hopeful people near them are feeling.
  2. Children of Elpis do not tire as easily when they have their hopes up. They are more energetic and heal more quickly in locations where hope is especially strong.
  3. Children of Elpis see potential positive futures and ways to achieve them, though they have difficulty visualizing negative futures.
  4. Children of Elpis feel comfortable in small, confined areas (e.g.: inside a pithos they summon for defense). They can breathe freely in tight, enclosed spaces without running out of air, as long as the enclosed space is not filled with a substance such as water or sand.
Month Powers (3/6/9 Locked)
  1. Children of Elpis can blind more than one person with hope at once. If this power is used, it will simultaneously blind everyone, friend or foe alike, within what would be their field of view. Children of Elpis can maintain this ability indefinitely, but they themselves will be blinded by hope for the entire duration they maintain it.
  2. Children of Elpis can summon a pithos containing an essence of negativity, representing a negative spirit which was trapped inside Pandora's Jar alongside Elpis. When the essence of negativity is released, it will plague a single target for several minutes, affecting the target differently depending on which negative spirit it represents. Children of Elpis can choose only one essence of negativity to summon at a time and will feel moderately drained afterwards.
  3. The essence of disease (representing the Nosoi) causes the target to feel sickly and nauseated once released. The target may develop a fever and shiver uncomfortably, and their limbs may feel weaker than normal due to illness. In rare cases, the target may spread the disease to their nearby allies, causing them to experience similar symptoms.
  4. The essence of pain (representing Achos) causes the target to feel sharp, stinging pain across their entire body once released. The target may develop headaches, and they will experience greater pain when moving or being hit.
  5. The essence of hunger (representing Limos) causes the target to feel a deep, insatiable hunger--like someone who hasn't eaten in a week--once released. The target may be distracted by the severity of their hunger during combat and will feel much less energetic than usual.
  6. The essence of despair (representing Oizys) causes the target to feel hopeless and distressed once released. Though they experience no physical discomfort, the severity of their mental pain will be strong enough to distract them during combat. Thrown into the depths of despair, they may be overwhelmed by anxiety and will have difficulty summoning the motivation to keep fighting.
  7. The essence of insanity (representing Mania) causes the target to have difficulty thinking rationally once released. The target may make abrupt, uncontrollable movements and may mutter nonsensically or laugh crazily. They will have little to no sense of self-preservation for the duration they are targeted.
  8. The essence of old age (representing Geras) causes the target to feel decades older once released. The target may have much lower energy than usual and will have aching joints that noticeably slow down their movement and reaction speed.
  9. Children of Elpis can draw power from all the hopeful actions or environments they’ve witnessed, committed, or visited in their lives in order to become an embodiment of pure hope. This would make them more powerful and immune to all attacks, enhancing both their physical prowess and power over hope. In this state they retain access to their other powers, enabling them to fly freely using their golden wings, to passively radiate hope among their surroundings, etc. This only lasts for a short time, after which the user will be extremely exhausted and unable to use this ability for at least a day. However, the more frequently children of Elpis use this ability, the more hope they will have experienced in their lives, so later uses of this ability will be progressively stronger than the first.


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FAVE COLOR Brown and Gold
FAVE FOOD Baugette
FAVE SONG Minutte, by Beethoven


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Hyacinthe Chevalier - Daughter of Elpis ⚜ First Female Musketeer

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