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Enjoys to play with the people around him and always acts friendly, doesnt like to be agresive but will do it if he has to. He likes to read and to play with other demigods to chess. Althought doesnt fight much he enjoys it, he also enjoys to do experiments with chemistry.


Aitor White was a alchemist from a university that enjoyed to do experiments with elements and create short explosions. Hecate meeted him in one of his talks in a seminary and they soon began a romance, althought she didnt spend all her time with him she was with him a fair amount of time teaching him how some elements reacted and helping him with his experiments. After 4 months of romance she got pregnant and had to leave so she handed Ignatius to Aitor and told him about how monsters may attack him so she gave him a small bottle with greek fire.

After 14 years Ignatius was a young demigod that didnt know of his heritage, his father taught him everything he knew about chemistry and how it worked. He got his first monster attack from a dracnae when he was in swimming practice when he was 13 and managed to escape, he told his father and they moved from city to city never staying in one place when a monster appears. When they were in Oklahoma they were attacked by a Cyclops and Aitor died when he threw the greek fire at the monster and it exploded burning half of his body. Soon after that Ignatius was in the ran for 2 days until he was found by members of the broken covenant that recruited him. Hearing that he was a demigod was a shock but quicly got over it, he then decided to stay with the broken covenant until he knew what to do in the future.


  • energy ball
  • energy dome
  • Power 3


Name Relation Feelings
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