Are you having a hard time finding an image for your character? Well, this is the photo graveyard, users who have left and they aren't in use any more, or just users who have more than they need and found some they think others might be interested in. If you are confused or need help, please contact an Administrator.

If you happen to find an image here already in use by someone, please go ahead and message me about that, with what char is already using the image, so I can delete the duplicate.

Please, if you use an image from here, remove it, so that no one else asks for it, and if you see one that someone is using, but forgot to take it off, please do so for them.

Images of Girls

Image Graveyard/Girls

Images of Guys

Image Graveyard/Guys

Images of Weapons

Image Graveyard/Weapons


Image Graveyard/Sharks


Image Graveyard/God Parents


Image Graveyard/Pets

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