The Infirmary

Welcome to the Infirmary! This is where the residents of Camp Half-Blood are treated or cured when they have wounds, diseases, or illnesses. The Infirmary is mainly operated by demigods from Apollo's Cabin, but others may also offer their assistance. The Infirmary looks like any cabin, but is actually bigger than it looks from the inside, which resembles a mortal hospital ward. It is enough to occupy a lot of people. The Infirmary operates 24/7 for any kinds of emergencies and accidents.

Emergency Area

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This is the Emergency Area, where the patients are first admitted, assessed of whatever their problems are, and are provided with initial treatment by the Infirmary's workers. Most healing procedures are done here before the patients are brought to the second floor for recovery if necessary.

If your character is injured and is residing here, don't forget to add this template to his/her page: {{Injured Character}}

Patients' Rooms

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These are the Patients' Rooms. This is the place where the Infirmary's workers' take the patients so that they can rest and receive further treatment to recover. Visitors are only allowed to go here from breakfast time to dinner time, sharp. Also, it would be best to keep quiet on this floor.

List of Infirmary Patients

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Workers' Lounge

This is the Workers' Lounge. This is where the Infirmary's workers can be found when they are off duty, where they relax and have a break, and converse with their co-workers. There are also several bedrooms prepared for them if they plan to stay on the Infirmary when needed.
Don't know who to call on when you need help on something? No worries, the Infirmary workers are listed below. Also, if you plan to help out on the Infirmary, you may ask one of them to show you the ropes.

Stockroom / Apothecary

This is the stockroom and apothecary. It mostly holds a lot of containers of nectar and ambrosia, the primary medicines for demigods. There are also other objects contained such as herbs, healing water, potion ingredients, and even medicines used by mortals that are picked up on the way. This part of the Infirmary is usually restricted except for the workers and those who have special permission to come here. The things found here are regularly stocked up, and are guaranteed effective.

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