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Jillian's shy and quiet at first, but after getting to know someone will open up and be quite cheerful and talkative. While not great at human interaction (often making social blunders that she doesn't understand), she wants to help everyone she can - sometimes at her own expense.

Jillian's had a rough past, and does have high anxiety and also depression. She's terrified of other people's anger, or anger in general, as well as loud noises. Usually anxious by default as a result of past abuse, she's comforted by physical contact from those she trusts (hugs, etc.).

As a result of her anxiety and upbringing, Jillian still very much feels like and is a little girl. She can be distracted from her fear and worries by curiosity and excitement, and has a few traits of a slightly younger girl than she is. But in the new environment of Camp Half-Blood, with good friends and supporters for the very first time, she just might start to grow up into the person she wants to be.


Jillian, daughter of Astraeus, grew up in a very difficult household in Vancouver, Canada, avoiding a violent mother and stepfather while taking care of herself, and later her stepbrother. After an attack on her house from a Scythian Dracaena that left it in pieces, she was taken by her stepfather to the road by Camp Half-Blood, and left to fend for herself with nothing more than her toothbrush and toothpaste, a package of Jellybeans, a spare set of clothes along with the ones she was wearing, and her childhood toy, a stuffed three-headed hydra named Tooth. Mystified and a little bit scared, she entered Camp Half-Blood, with no idea of what would happen next.

In late April 2019, Jillian went missing, along with fellow camper Kara Rudikoff and Automaton Edith Mark 1. She reappeared in January 2020 with no memory of time having passed.

Jillian is currently age 15.


  • While exploring camp for the first time at night, Jillian found that she could see in all directions if she tried. (Passive)
  • In a practice battle with Kaito Shinichi, Jillian unexpectedly found herself able to bend gravity to her will.(Supplementary)
  • After practice, Jillian learned how to manipulate gravity to allow herself to jump and glide far through the air, and even fly. She first exhibited this in a practice match with Gypsy Bently.
  • None of Jillian's other powers have manifested themselves yet... but she was always able to calm her baby brother by having him look at the stars, and they always made her feel safe.

(As a daughter of Astraeus, Jillian theoretically has access to all her standard cabin powers, although she hasn't found them yet for the sake of plot and things. For a complete list of Children of Astraeus' Powers, please check the Astraeus Cabin wiki page here.)


Name Relation Feelings
Wanda Ray-Sanders Mother "She tried her hardest. I still love her, wherever she is."
Astraeus Father "Apparently my dad is a God. Or Titan, or whatever. I hope I'll meet him one day."
Darren Sanders Stepfather "I don't want to talk about him. He hurt me."
Lucas Ray-Sanders Mortal Half-Brother "I love Lucas. I hope he's safe, wherever he is now."
Bowen Spall Acquaintance, maybe friend?


"He seems nice, but he's a little scary. I hope he wants to be my friend..."
Elk Fosters Acquaintance, maybe friend? "She looks strong, and cool, and she acts nice so far. I hope she likes me."
Cassandra Cryar Aquaintence, hopefully a friend "She's so nice! I like her a lot so far."
Delilah McRae Aquaintence, maybe friend? "She seems really cool and understanding... I'll have to ask her if she can teach me things about camp."
Gypsy Bently Tentative friend? "She's really scary... but I like her a lot. I hope she likes me too..."
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