Kara Jensen

Daughter of Tethys
Beautiful Drifter 🐚 Member of the CoO


Basic Information
AGE 19
STATUS Alive and well
GENDER Bigender (accepts she/her as pronouns)
SPECIES Demititaness
MODEL Amber Heard



Felicia Jensen was a rather immature 20 year old woman. She had been staying up late at night, partying, among other things. To say that she needed someone to talk some sense into her mind, was a complete understatement. What she needed was someone who could show her that the things she was doing weren't quite right. And as if by blind luck, it happened. Once.

Felicia had faked supposedly not feeling well to not have to go to work one day. And as her dumb luck would have it, she found herself in a coffee shop and noticed by a new guy on the block. Said new guy was actually her barista that day. The two had a small talk, and Felicia had let her reason for not going to work slip. Her barista had whispered to her that perhaps it's not a good idea to lie about such things, purely for the sake of not doing something. For some reason... Felicia felt guilty of doing it, and apologized to her boss the next day. Her boss didn't appreciate her lie... but he appreciated Felicia's honesty.

With time to come, Felicia soon found a friend in her barista, and she very much appreciated his company. The two had began seeing each other more often than not, with Felicia sparing whatever time she had to spend with him. This soon escalated, when Felicia asked him out on a date. He hesitated, but replied in the positive. The two were undoubtedly nervous, with what, this being their first date ever. But fate received a laugh in the face when the date went better than was expected. Felicia found his appreciation for nature quite sweet, while he found her appreciation for him sweet. Of course, "he" knew he would soon enough break Felicia's heart completely; for "he" was the Titaness Tethys. You'd think that a Titaness who actually cared about others to not lead someone on like this, but sometimes, you don't really have much of a choice, do you?

Felicia and Tethys dated for some time, rather unwittingly in the case of the former. All Felicia saw was the sweet and caring barista guy, not Tethys for she really was. Of course, there was an obvious next step; a child. Felicia found herself pregnant in due time, at the mercy of the disguised Tethys. However, Tethys couldn't quite bring herself to leave Felicia like this, broken hearted and with a burden that she'll have to bear for most of her life. So Tethys decided to vanish her old disguise, in favor of a different one, so she could still be there for Felicia, just not as the person Felicia knew and thought she loved.

When the time came closer for the child, Tethys soon enough disappeared completely, leaving Felicia to try to survive the remainder of her pregnancy with no one but herself. Days later, Kara Cerise Jensen was born, to a rather broken hearted Felicia. But Felicia knew she had to stay strong, for Kara if for no one else.

And she indeed stayed strong for Kara, for the whole experience would change her for life. Kara grew up with a loving mother, who was always there for her and always loved her for who she was. Never mind the ADHD and dyslexia which Kara would come to be diagnosed with later on in life, all that mattered was that Kara had someone to look out for her. And that's what made her childhood special to her; because she had a mother who cared.

Good things never lasted for Kara though, for she wouldn't come to know it until later in life, but she was a demititaness, a daughter of Tethys, and that has its own side effects. The worst of which, is monsters. When Kara was 10 years old, she came face to face with a monster. It was just another ordinary day, when it happened. Kara and a few friends had decided to go sight see along the Rhine River. They were with a few adults for good measure, but some of Kara's friends and their parents were demigods and demititans. The scent was irresistible, for they had attracted a handful of unwanted guests; giant scorpions and empousai. The fight that broke out was very tough, with kids barely escaping with a handful of bruises and cuts, and the adults almost losing one in battle. Kara had the more severe injuries among the kids, and had to be rushed to the hospital to make sure it didn't get worse. Felicia's reaction was a mix of shock and "glad you're okay". At least she didn't ask about what happened.

Her closest childhood friend at the time came to reveal himself to Kara as a special kind of person, since he wasn't quite sure of the meaning of a demititan, and said Kara is special too. They were joined by his mom, who was a demititaness too, and she offered to train Kara so that she knows how to defend herself later in life. Arrangements were made so that Kara wouldn't be away from her mother for too long, but as to give her just enough time to train. And before her training, Kara received a CB short sword to train with. It wasn't going to be her weapon for life, for she'd come to bear a claymore later on.

The monsters didn't stop coming; hellhounds at age 11, stymphalian birds at 12, fire-breathing horses at 13, giant scorpions at 14, so on and so forth. And the worst of things is, Kara would come to find out that because her immortal parent isn't significant enough, she can never go to Camp Half-Blood. But her training got her better each time, and the monsters soon became a nuisance in her life that she has to deal with. Of course, she'll never forget the fight that would take her childhood friend's life. Kara was 17 at the time, and she and her friend had been wandering out at night for some reason unknown to them, when they were ambushed by a handful of Harpies. The two split to fight them off, but it was harder for Kara, since she possessed no sort of ranged weapon, while her friend had a bow. Over the course of the fight though, the Harpies would come to be defeated, but not without taking one with them. Kara's friend sustain critical wounds, multiple deep cuts as a result of the Harpies tearing him with their nails. He succumbed to his wounds, but not before making one final request of Kara. He asked her to take his bow and take care of it. She respected his wish, even if she didn't want him to die in her arms like this.

Kara wouldn't feel the way she did for him until she met a girl named Mina Krantz. Mina was mortal in every sense of the word, but it didn't stop Kara from loving her. The two were just school buddies, who soon turned into colleagues when they landed a job at the same place. They spent lots of time with each other, and they loved every minute of it. Even if Kara wasn't exactly normal like her. The two became girlfriend and dated for two years, until Kara turned 19. For it was then that Kara would come to learn of the Champions of Othrys and their cause. Having found reason within their cause, Kara broke her own heart when she told Mina that she has to leave for somewhere, without an idea if she'll ever come back. Mina was upset by the news, and Kara tried to put her down gently. She apologized to her, but asked her if she'll still love her. Mina couldn't see her life without Kara, hence her reply being that she would. With their ways having parted, Kara left for The Spire, with a heavy heart, but nonetheless committed to fight for the respect her titaness mother deserved.



Kara is a rather caring person, as is quite natural for child of Tethys. She's quite easygoing, and relatively easy to converse with. She wouldn't call herself social, but she doesn't quite fit the definition of solo either. Rather, she's a comfortable fit of both, solo when she must, social otherwise. Perhaps that's what makes her the team player she is; she'll happily take working with someone else over working on her own, unless the situation calls for her to work alone. She has a certain degree of decency and respect, most of which she'd silently thank her former girlfriend, whom she still has the burden of leaving behind to bear. It's heavy on her heart, but she knows she has to keep moving, even if she can never live down her mistakes.

Kara can be serious and professional too. Despite sometimes feeling apologetic about her actions, she handles tasks exceptionally well, often without asking questions. She can be inquisitive at times too; this more so happens when the orders can be morally questioning. It often raises the thought of "orders aren't always orders" in her mind. But beyond the surface, Kara's loyalty is unwavering, and she puts her loyalties above all else.



(3/6/9 month powers locked)

  1. Children of Tethys have the ability to conjure a weapon out of water which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of water.
  2. Children of Tethys can survive falling from high altitudes as long as they land in water, they can also go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the water pressure.
  3. Children of Tethys have a slightly higher resistance to burns.
  4. Children of Tethys have the ability to create a dome shaped torrent of water, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  5. They can make air bubbles form under water.
  6. They, and everything they touch, may stay or become dry in water, unless they want to become wet.
  7. Children of Tethys can innately breathe underwater.
  8. Children of Tethys have the ability to Water Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more is energy drained, and there must be a substantial amount of water at both ends.
  9. Children of Tethys are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains.
  10. As Tethys was a cloud goddess, her children are able to create a cloud cover that hinders enemies by obstructing their view for a short time, using it to either escape or do one sneak attack.
  11. Children of Tethys are able to create a sphere of water, that they can either use to surround themselves to slow down projectiles from all sides, or surround an enemy to hold them back for a brief few moments. The longer the user holds the sphere, the more energy is drained.
  12. Children of Tethys are able to use water to create a semi-living construct, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, that lasts for a short time to fight for the user. While the construct is fighting the user is incapacitated, the longer they maintain the construct the more energy it drains.
  13. Children of Tethys are able to transform their bodies into pure water for a short time, they have a higher resistance to attacks but are weaker in their ability to counterattack while in this form, the longer they maintain this form the more energy it drains and the longer they will need to rest between transformations.
  14. Children of Tethys always know their exact coordinates when in water.
  15. Children of Tethys can feel the difference between fresh water and salt water.
  16. Children of Tethys have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  17. Children of Tethys tend to have nursing personalities.



MOTHER Felicia Jensen; Tethys
EXTRA WEAPON CB Takedown Recurve Bow
SPECIAL ABILITIES Hasn't mastered all her powers (aka has no 3/6/9 month powers)

More experienced with her Claymore, but has experience with the Bow.
Knows the three finger and thumb draws (uses the latter more often)
Knows, but has not perfected the rapid fire technique for a bow

BODY TYPE Slightly curvy
BIRTHPLACE Cologne, Germany
NICKNAMES "You can't possibly have a nickname for Kara, can you?"
FAVE FOOD Bratwurst
FAVE DRINK Soda (not very picky tbh)
FAVE MOVIE Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
FAVE SONG Statements, Loreen
FIRST KISS Mina Krantz


Felicia Jensen (mortal mother)
"I love you, mama, but I despise your lack of faith in me. I hate how you don't believe a thing, but I wish I could change that."

Tethys (immortal mother)
"I have never met you, Mama Tethys, but if what the others say comes to be... some day, I'll sleep knowing my titan mother watches over me."


Mina Krantz (mortal ex-girlfriend)
"Mina, my love. If I could ever take something back in my life, it'd be leaving you behind for the cause. I hope that some day, we'll see each other once again. But for now, I must keep my face forward and my heart still."


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