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~first & second pages~

Caption: Dani, Aubeh and moi. Taken by: Sam.

Caption: (left picture) Danielle May, 2011. Stop being so perfect, babe. Taken by: me. (right picture) "Drake and Dani. Drani. Yeah. Taken by: still me :D

~second and third pages~

Caption: Me, September of 2011. Perfect photo taken by: Drake.

Caption: My baby Aub (on the left) and Nemo (on the right) being awesome. I ship it. Both photos taken by: Dani.

~next two pages~

Caption: My babies:') Drake, Nemo and Sam, 2012. Taken by: Me & Dani

Caption: Are you trying to make me go lesbian? Cause it's working. Dani and Aub, 2012. Taken by: Me and Sam.

~next two pages~


Caption: That's Dani. My BB. Stay away. Mine. Taken by: Drake.

Caption: That. Ass. Sam O'Connor and his polka-dot swim-trucks. Taken by: Me.

~next two pages~

Caption: Me and my best friend in the whole wide world, Sam. Love you to bits<3 Taken by: Dani.

Caption: Drani. I still ship it. Taken by: Aub.

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