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Daughter of Notus ~ Lieutenant Counsellor
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Basic Info
Full Name: Chai Min-Seo (Formerly)
Kenzie Minseo Chai (Currently)
Titles: The Wicked Witch of Weather
Southern Sorceress
Child of the South Wind
Daughter of Notus
Born/Created On: 17 May 1996
Current Age: 19
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Notus' Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American-Korean
Ethnicity: Asian
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: The Originals; Witch coven
Love Interests: Sang-Hyuk/Oli (Crushing)
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: 31 October 2014
Last Updated On: 13 February 2016
Plans: Eventually have her and Hyuk rekindle the relationship they were kinda in before, and have them end up dating
Model: Kwon Yu-Ri
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Varies between brown and black
Height: 5'6
Weight: 101 lbs
Blood Type: AB+
Voice: Soprano
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Fit
Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Yuri Chai
Father: Notus
Creator: None
Half-Siblings: Other children of Notus
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: The French Quarter, New Orleans
Schooling: Home schooled
First Kiss: She hasn't kissed anyone
First Sex: She's a virgin
First Love: She hasn't been in love
General Info
Nicknames: Minnie (Hyukkie Only)
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: She's too trusting
Fears/Phobias: Fire
Hobbies: Dancing
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: Seo Sang-Hyuk
Most Important Person Now: Seo Sang-Hyuk
Alignment: Neutral Good
Dream Job: Dancer
Current Job: None

Kenzie is a very sweet and caring person, often putting herself ahead of others. She has a very likeable quality to her and can often make anyone like her. She is often seen as a very bubbly and ditzy girl, when in reality that is just an act. Kenzie knows how to work her way around things and will often make very calculated moves in whatever she is doing. However nobody ever expects her to be so smart do to her act of being a ditzy little girl.

Around friends and family, Kenzie is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She can always cheer everyone up by putting on a little show. She loves to perform for those she loves. However, there is a side to her only few have seen. Kenzie can get extremely angered and when she is, can do drastic things that most wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of.


Yuri Chai was born to a young Korean man and Cybele in a small village in South Korea. After they met in the mountains while Yuri's father was hiking. Eventually after being protected by her father's friend who was a child of Ares, Yuri learned how to use her powers. She was always being saved by the son of Ares and when she turned twenty five she moved to The French Quarter in New Orleans. She was never informed that she was a demigod, just that she had special powers.

Not long after her arrival in The French Quarter, word spread that she was able to control the earth and other aspects of nature. She was brought into a secret witch coven, that was really just a bunch of demigods with three ring leaders who told the rest of them that they were witches. Yuri being the gullible person she was, believed every word that the elders (a daughter of Melinoe named Ingrid, a son of Circe named Harvey, and a daughter of Prometheus named Celestia) said.

After Yuri had been apart of this so called coven, she met a man who had just recently joined. After the two had gotten to know each other over the course of a week, Yuri and the man had a one night stand, and when she awoke the next morning he was nowhere to be found. After she confronted Ingrid on where the man had went, she told Yuri that the man had left to go tend to some unfinished business.

Roughly a month after Yuri's night with the man, she found herself pregnant. Eventually giving birth to a baby girl who she named Min-Seo. The elders expected that Min-Seo's father was a god, as most of the members knew that the godparents leave after having intercourse, as it happened to them when they were first conceived.

After Min-Seo had turned one on the day of May 17th, Yuri and Ingrid were walking along the border of the witches' domain when Ingrid slit Yuri's throat with a knife, while Yuri was taking one final breath, Ingrid explained that the elders wanted Min-Seo's powers for themselves, assuming she was a demigod. Ingrid then took Yuri's body into the tombs and buried her. She then returned back to her fellow elders.

After discussing who would take Min-Seo in with her fellow elders, Ingrid asked Celestia if she would take in Min-Seo. As Celestia had always wanted a baby, she happily agreed and took in Min-Seo. She then changed her name to Kenzie after adopting her. Celestia kept Kenzie's middle name as Minseo however, and as Celestia was also Korean, she looked like she could have been Kenzie's real mother.

As Celestia wanted to teach Kenzie about her demigoddess status, she taught her about monsters at the age of five. However she never told Kenzie she was a demigoddess, just that there were monsters that would someday attack her. She even took Kenzie on a tour to the border of the coven, that was protected by multiple "witches", the border was a giant stone wall that had multiple guards that used bows to kill the monsters that Celestia taught Kenzie about.

As Kenzie grew up, she was very sheltered. She was never allowed to leave the coven unless she was with Celestia or one of the other elders. She was homeschooled by the elders along with other children in the coven. From ages five to twelve she took part in training with a sword and bow, just in case her powers failed to work. Eventually at age twelve, when her powers had kicked in full force, a hellhound managed to sneak into the coven. It killed many sleeping demigod children in the coven, while all the grownups were at a meeting.

As the hellhound lurked in the shadows, killing other children, it eventually reached Kenzie's room. As she slept with a dagger under her bed, she was able to fend off the monster. But after it knocked the dagger out of her hand and it slide across the floor, the hellhound leaped towards her, pinning her to the ground. Celestia came in at the last second to save her adopted daughter, stabbing the hellhound in between the shoulder blades with a sword. Kenzie then fell asleep in Celestia's embrace for the rest of the night.

Only a month later the attack on the coven by the hellhound, Kenzie met a boy named Hyuk when she snuck out of the coven via a hole in the run down part of the coven. She later nicknamed him 'Hyukkie', and in retaliation he nicknamed her 'Minnie' from her Korean name of Minseo, which she told him about. Hyuk was only a year older than Kenzie, and his mother had once been apart of the coven that she was in. She left and moved back to South Korea to start a family. Once she gave birth to Hyuk and he was five, they moved back to The French Quarter and have been affiliates to the coven ever since. One day on Kenzie's thirteenth birthday, Hyuk told her what the coven really was.

Hyuk explained it all to Kenzie the was his mother explained it to him. He told her that the elders brainwash the coven members into believing they are all witches, starting at the youngest age possible. Kenzie being raised to believe she was a witch at first, didn't believe Hyuk. After he explained everything to her, she left and went back to the coven. When she arrived the coven was under attack by a large amount of monsters. Amongst these monsters were Cyclops and hellhounds. The monsters managed to kill half of the coven members.

After the attack, the coven went back to normal. People were training to use their powers, and Kenzie snuck out to keep speaking to Hyuk. As more people began leaving mysteriously, Kenzie began to believe Hyuk. They met at the same place since Kenzie was thirteen, all the way up to seventeen. When Kenzie had turned seventeen, Hyuk took her to meet his mother Kyung-Hee. Hyuk and Kyung-Hee had been planning on ending their affiliate with the coven for awhile, and they just needed a little help. Together with the help of Kenzie, they managed to ignite a small spark in the mortals, telling them that there was a coven of witches. Eventually Kenzie had to return back to the coven before her curfew, and during this time the mortals attacked.

The mortals attacked the coven, breaking in through the walls and setting the buildings on fire. As multiple demigods burned in fires, including one of the elders Harvey, the coven slowly became a giant fire. As Hyuk never planned for Kenzie to be in the town at the time of the attack, he went to save her. When he reached the coven, most of the houses had already burned down. After running around the coven with no clue where Kenzie could be, he eventually found Kenzie in a building that was burning down. As he went to run into the building to save her, he to grab his hand for him to rescue her. Until a beam fell, blocking the two off from each other. He then watched as Kenzie was dragged out a hole in the wall by Ingrid and Celestia. Leaving Hyuk in the burning coven, where she could hear Hyuk's screams.

As Kenzie trailed behind Ingrid and Celestia who were running away from the burning coven, they eventually stopped and snuck into an abandoned warehouse. As they set up a little camp in the warehouse, Kenzie quickly fell asleep. Roughly an hour later however she was woke up, only to hear Ingrid and Celestia talking about how they believe Kenzie informed an outsider of what was going on inside the walls of the coven. When they both fell asleep, Kenzie stood up and took out her dagger.

With the thought of Hyuk burning in the fire looming in her mind, she took her anger and frustration out on a sleeping Celestia. As she slept, Kenzie slit her throat. She then set her sights on Ingrid, but when she went to go to her sleeping area she was gone. After hearing a small clang from across the warehouse, Kenzie ran to the sound. When she arrived she found Ingrid who had a sword in hand. "You should have saved him, you should have saved Hyuk!" yelled Kenzie, and with that they ran at each other with intentions of killing.

After a small skirmish, Kenzie was on the run from Ingrid. As she chased Kenzie around the warehouse, she eventually tripped over a crate that Kenzie pushed in her way. As Ingrid went to get up, Kenzie kicked her in the side of the head. With a somewhat conscious Ingrid on the floor, Kenzie snapped off a piece of the wood from the crate and pushed it into Ingrid's throat, killing her due to it being jagged.

As she walked out of the warehouse, she bumped into a mortal who took her in after seeing her covered in soot. She cleaned her up and even allowed her to stay in her home. After Kenzie spent her eighteenth birthday with this woman, she finally decided it would be best to leave New York once and for all. As she left the woman's house, she was given a crossbow. "This is for your own protection," the woman said as she closed the door.

Once Kenzie arrived in New York, she took shelter in a motel for the night. When she was asleep a Cyclops broke in to her room and attempted to kill her. Luckily due to the sound of shattering glass as it came through the window, she woke up and was able to kill it with her crossbow. She then left the motel after gathering her things and eventually she found herself in Manhattan. After bumping into a nymph who was getting some dinner, she was taken to camp and was then looked after due to having wounds from her fight with the Cyclops. Later that night she was welcomed into Notus' cabin.

Powers of a Child of Notus (3/6/9 Month Powers unlocked):

  1. Children of Notus are able to use hot air itself to slice objects, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the caster launches at foes. Although this attack does usually slashing damage, some users are able to focus it into single piercing stab like a bullet. The attacks will burn an opponent slightly on contact.
  2. Children of Notus can turn hot air into weapons, they can only wield one air construct at a time. They can also coat their existing weapons in hot air for a short time, heating them up and enhancing their offensive capabilities.
  3. Children of Notus have the ability to create a dome shaped torrent of wind, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  4. Children of Notus have the ability to create gusts of hot wind which slow the movements of all affected by them as well as slowly burning anyone hit by the wind. The gusts can deflect projectile weapons.
  5. Children of Notus are stronger in the warm summer months and on warm days.
  6. Children of Notus have the ability to bring pure water to a boil at will using a hot breeze.
  7. Children of Notus always emit an aura of heat, making others around them feel slightly warm. The user can shut it off for a long time if they choose to.
  8. Children of Notus are incredibly resistant to the heat, including heat stroke and heat induced dehydration.
  9. Children of Notus have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them.
  10. Children of Notus have the ability to call upon the winds to speed their movements or attacks; this can also be used oppositely to slow the movements or attacks of others.
  11. Children of Notus have the ability to create a dense fog which obstructs the view of everyone nearby which dissipates after a short time.
  12. Children of Notus are able to create a small localized rain storm, combined with winds, they can use this to not only soak their opponents but drive rain into them, distracting them and slowing them down, however anyone standing within the area will get wet, friend or foe.
  13. Children of Notus have the ability to call upon a focused heat storm which burns a small area, drying out all plant life inside it. Anyone standing inside the storm may be scalded by the heat, and the longer they stand in the affected area, the worse the damage. The area can not be any more than two to three times the size of the user and doesn’t affect them.
  14. Children of Notus can temporarily cause the oxygen around an opponent to be extremely hot so that when they breathe in it causes minor to moderate burns to their throat. The power does not cause any severe or permanent damage. The longer this power is in effect, the more energy is drained from the user.
  15. Children of Notus have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a state of pure steam for a short time and while in this state the user is granted flight, becomes immune to all attacks, their existing powers over heat and wind are enhanced and anything they touch is intensely burned. Once the user changes back they will be extremely drained and immobile for a long time, and they could possibly pass out from the experience.
  16. Children of Notus are often ambidextrous, a trait they share with children of Boreas.
  17. Children of Notus have a natural preference for places in the Southern Hemisphere, the further south the better. They also prefer anywhere warm in general.
  18. Children of Notus make excellent navigators due to their ability to always find South.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Yuri Chai Mother She hardly knows her
Notus Father She wishes to someday meet him
Seo Sang-Hyuk Best Friend/Crush She loves spending time with them, and can't help but feel like she likes him

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