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Name: Kierra Penny Rogers

Gender: Female

God Parent: Themis

Mortal Parent: Carter Rogers

Appearance: Thin tanned skin with freckles covering her cheeks and nose, navy blue slim eyes, mid back length chocolate brown wavy hair, 5'5 with a lithe build

Personality: Kierra is a very sophisticated and loyal soul who always tries to find a way even when there isn't one. She steps up when no one else does and gets the job done with no complaints whatsoever. She has a genuine sense of humor and tries to be the best person she possibly can be...even when things are difficult.

History: Kierra was born on September 23, 2003 in Manhattan, New York to Carter Rogers and Themis (The Goddess of Justice). Her father had always told her that her mother passed away from cancer when she was younger. That proved to be untrue when she encountered a group of drunk guys after dance practice one day. They tried to jump her but a wave of peace came over them and they forgot what they were doing. Kierra was shaken that day and went home as if everything were normal. Everything except her. The next time she would encounter a strange phenomenon was when she was in a cafe studying for an exam when she noticed something odd out of the corner of her eye. Sitting at the table across the cafe was a girl but she had a donkey leg peeking out from her long dress. She quickly raced out of the cafe but the empousa followed her. Thats when a satyr showed up and ushered her to safety, to Camp Half Blood.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze crossbow

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