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Titan of Time, Evil & The Harvest, King of the Titans


Kronos, Titan of Time, Evil & The Harvest, King of the Titans.

KRONOS (Κρόνος) is the Titan King and is the Titan Lord of Time, Evil, Harvest and Destruction. Kronos is the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, as well of Hestia, Demeter, Chiron and Hera. He is most referred to as the Crooked One because he manipulates the plot and secretly twists others to his own corrupt will.

During his reign, Kronos would usher in an era of peace and prosperity for the Titans, which would later become known as the "Golden Age." His reign is repeatedly referred to in Greek and Roman mythology as one of the best times in all of history for humanity. However, it should be noted that the Golden Age was mere propaganda and mortals were only seen as fast food or cheap entertainment. As the Titan of Time, Kronos particularly relished time's destructive properties, being immortal himself. He would often travel the world and speed up the lives of random plants, animals and humans, sadistically watch them wither up and die.

After the first Titanomachy, Zeus proceeded to take his father's scythe and slice him into a thousand pieces just as the Titan Lord had done to his own father, before casting him into Tartarus, along with his brothers Hyperion, Krios, Koios and Iapetus.

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More Information

History and Myths

It should be noted that his early life is much like Zeus', who like the aforementioned Zeus was the youngest and most powerful of his siblings, and was asked to defeat his father by his mother. Kronos was one of the Titans born to Ouranos and Gaia. But Ouranos despised the ugliness of the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires, so he banished them to Tartarus. Gaia was enraged. She offered the title of ruler of the world to whichever of the Titans defeated him. Kronos, the youngest and the most powerful, was the only one who dared to challenge his own father using a sickle. Using this mighty weapon, he attacked and greatly injured Ouranos and gained the mantle of ruler of the world for himself.

Although Kronos swore to free his siblings from Tartarus after destroying Ouranos, he became obsessed with the power that he didn't remain true to his word. He married his sister Rhea, but not even his love for her quenched his lust for power. When the two had children, he began to fear that one of them would overthrow him as he had his own father. To stop this, he swallowed his children as they were born. It was then that Rhea began to see her husband's mad and selfish nature. Making her choice, she hid one of her children and gave a rock in a blanket to Kronos in its place. The child was raised by nymphs, and eventually grew up to become the mighty god Zeus.

Meanwhile, Prometheus created man, and from here began the so-called golden age of man. Theft was not invented. The people smiled on each other. Everyone had sweet, blissful content. However this was a lie as Kronos only used them as "appetizers and cheap entertainment" also woman weren't created yet meaning that mankind was slowly becoming extinct.

However, Zeus learned of his heritage and plotted to free his siblings in order to overthrow Kronos. His wife Metis, who decided to aid in this plan, slipped Kronos a mixture of mustard and poison, which caused him to vomit the gods he had eaten, who reunited with his siblings and planned rebellion against the lord of the Titans. With this, the Titanomachy (first Olympian war) had begun with humankind swept in with it. The war between the gods and the Titans lasted for ten years. However, the Gods claimed victory, slicing Kronos into pieces with his own sickle (scythe in the books) and casting his remains into Tartarus.

Vital Statistics


Titan of Time, Evil & The Harvest
King of the Titans
The Crooked One
King of Mount Othrys








The Titans
The Titan Army


Kronos' Scythe


Mount Othrys

Roman Form









Oceanus, Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios, Koios, Arges, Brontes, Steropes, Cottus, Gyges, Briares [ brothers ]
Theia, Tethys, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Rhea [ sisters ]
Aphrodite [ paternal half-sisters ]
Typhon [ maternal half-brother ]
Cybele [ maternal half-sister ]

Demigod Children

Immortal Children

Hades, Poseidon, Zeus, Chiron [ sons ]
Hestia, Demeter, Hera [ daughters ]






Patron Of

Time, Evil, Destruction & Harvesy
Mount Othrys


Scythe / Grain / Harp / Sickle / Snake

Sacred Animals


Sacred Plants


Assumed Powers

  • Kronos is arguably, the most powerful of all of the Titans.
  • Has the power to control time around him, though how much is unknown as he is only shown to freeze time for only short periods. "Why turn them to stone, when you can freeze time itself?" is one of many quotes of pride about himself.
  • He can communicate with demigods through dreams and attempt to manipulate them. However, a child of the Big Three (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) is apparently more resistant, and his own children can block his attempts to pry into their mind.
  • He has a scythe which can "sever the soul from the body."
  • Kronos presumably possesses the standard powers of a God/Titan.
  • He has powers shared with other Titans; both he and Hyperion have an ability to release an incredible wave of force (or energy), usually accompanied by a scream.
  • His scythe can create "portals".



  • His mythomagic card has infinite attack and defense.
  • Kronos and Zeus are very similar:
    • Both of them are the youngest siblings of their respective brethren (Titans and Elder Olympians). 
    • Both hated their fathers and were convinced by their mothers to overthrow them (Kronos hated Ouranos for ill-treating his children. Zeus hated Kronos for swallowing his children). 
    • Both overthrew their fathers with a special weapon and with the aid of their siblings
    • Both eviscerated their fathers with the same weapon
    • Both freed the Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires and received an object made by the monsters as gifts (Kronos received a beautiful black fortress and Zeus received the Master Bolt). 
    • Both ruled as Lords of the Universe at some point and were leaders of their own families. 
    • Both fell in love with and married their elder sisters (Rhea and Hera) as their Queens.
    • Both were cursed to be overthrown by their children (This hasn't happened in Zeus's case as he took precautions). 
    • Both swallowed their children. 
    • Both cheated on their wives at some point. 
  • In most Greek myths not designed for the worship of a specific god, Kronos, like most gods, is portrayed as neither good nor evil.
  • Interestingly, one myth around Kronos states that Zeus let him out of Tartarus and made him the king of the Isles of the blessed.
  • The word "saturnine" (gloomy) comes from Saturn, Kronos' Roman name.
  • In Roman mythology, Kronos was named Saturn. The sixth planet from the sun was later named Saturn and the Romans had a celebration called Saturnalia named for Saturn on the winter solstice.
  • In some Roman myths, Kronos actually was a good [itan; he was sometimes known as a kind ruler of Rome and taught them agriculture and peace, and Zeus overthrew him for the power of the world, which had changed him.

God/Goddess of the Month Awards
Kronos won the God/Goddess of the Month Poll competition for May 2013.
Kronos won the God/Goddess of the Month Poll competition for August 2016.


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