Kwang Hyang-Soon
Child of Apate ~ Counsellor
Owned by: KMØ

"It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit."
Hyang-Soon is a child of Apate and resides in Apate's Cabin at Camp. He has been at camp since May 2014 and is currently single. While he is single and looking, his playboy and spoiled personality from back in his childhood causes his relationships to never last long. As he would cheat and have existing relationships with many girls at once. His sexuality is straight, and he is currently 16.
Hyang-Soon's your typical playboy, spoiled bad boy with access to riches. He is an amusing, easygoing, and carefree person with an outgoing personality. He doesn't have much intent of whether he hurts other people's feelings and only cares about his own leisure. Barely taking important things and responsibilities seriously, it is shown in his relationships. Constantly in various relationships, with none lasting more than two months it doesn't seem to bother him to cheat on other girls. While at camp he no longer has access to the entertainment he once had, he still treats relationships the same way he used to in his childhood.

With any other people who is not a "hot" or "cute" female, he is the type of person who always manages to make a fun joke for every situation, sometimes not at an appropriate time though. He brings an uplifting and cheerful mood to people in his presence. You'd always find him 24/7 enjoying himself in activities and entertainment and it's pointless to even try to get him to do work.

Kwang Han-Gyong, the CEO of his family's company, was at his mansion in the midst of getting ready for a board meeting. With his suit on, he was proceeding to his driver whom has readied the car for his departure. In the hallway just outside of his room, he met an un-welcomed guest, Apate, who at that time introduced herself as Kim Myong-Suk. Love at first sight, isn't the appropriate word to describe the feeling he had when he saw Myong-Suk... It was more of something in her that intrigued his feelings for her. Snapping out of it, he became surprised. Wondering how she got inside, he was at first reluctant to call security to escort the lady out of here. Seeing that Han-Gyong seems startled she said that she means no harm, and that she admired his leadership and business skills in running such company. She asked him if she could come along to the board meeting; Han-Gyong was unsure in the first place how she know of the meeting. He merely shrugs it off, assuming that Myong-Suk eavesdropped on his phone conversation with his assistant.

Things continues, as in the following month Myong-Suk stayed in his company as an intern. One night he invited his intern over to his mansion for a romantic situation, they spent the night drinking red wine, and the rest of that night is blurry inside of Han-Gyong's memories. Little did he know that Myong-Suk tricked the drunk Han-Gyong into signing a contract that officially transfers fifty percent of the company's property to her name. Han-Gyong woke up the next day with a hangover, beside him was a copy of the contract that he unsuspectingly signed last night alongside with a note that reads: "I had a great time last night! See you at your our company! ~Myong-Suk" The board members did not know of it at first, and Han-Gyong tried his best to hide it from them. He went searching for Myong-Suk to see her sitting behind his desk in his office with a smirk. His secretary told him that she tried her best to stop the lady from barging in. He closed the door and immediately confronted Myong-Suk, asking questions such as why did you do this? Without saying a word, she handed him yet another contract, this time to transfer her share of the company back to him. She explained that did it for fun and that she has to leave and she'll be out of his life. Yet, this is actually no lie and she left. She left without any notice.

It was a Saturday, his servants were given a break this day. In his pool, he heard a slight crying coming from inside. Taking nothing but a towel to wrap around his chest, he walked out of the pool and headed inside. There he say a cradle with a baby along with Myong-Suk. She explained to him her true identity as a goddess and how this is their child. Giving him final words and that she has to leave because of the gods and goddesses' rule, she left Han-Gyong for real this time, never hear of again... Kwang Hyang-Soon was born in a wealthy family where he could get what he wants. Originally living in South Korea, his dad immigrated to America when he was at a young age to expand his business. Hyang-Soon would be what you consider a playboy, although he was told that he will become the CEO of his family's company when his father retired, he doesn't give it much thought. Although he was forced to go to a private academy, he doesn't give it much attention. All he would really care about and devote himself to is his own enjoyment. At a young age he would bring different girls home, each relationship not lasting more than three months. Some times he would even have many relationships occurring at the same time, but he doesn't take them seriously. To him they were just for "fun". He became spoiled as his grades fell, his dad just to make his son happy, did not say a word. Beside from girls and entertainment, his only activity he really partake in with his full focus is physical training in the gym facility in the mansion.

He was one of those people in the higher if not highest social placing. Life went relatively well until the summer of when he was 13, he was out with some of his friends, along with their girlfriends, when a hellhound lurk along the streets. Immediately he knew something was up, he told his friends to go ahead and he needs to do something first before meeting up with them. The hellhound now with sight on shadow travels with the shadow casted by the building in front of Hyang-Soon pounces upon him. Inside his varsity jacket he has his curved scimitar sheathed, told to be brought with him by his father. Immediately his first instincts was to take it out, with his physical training, it provided him with the agility to dodge the pounce. The hellhound lunging forward, he takes the opportunity to land a downwards slash onto it. Leaving a narrow gash, the hellhound retaliates with his fangs and crunches onto Hyang-Soon's back leaving a deep gash, he manages the strength to land a final hit upon the hellhound slaying it. It appears that his friends was nearby, when they turn back, he finds Hyang-Soon on the ground with blood drenching shirt, with his jacket ripped apart in the back. They took him and brought him back to his mansion. There his dad immediately sent a servant to call his personal doctor to come, coming by his home in 5 minutes, he treated to Hyang-Soon's wounds.

Han-Gyong knows that it's no longer safe, he arranged a flight for Hyang-Soon to go to the camp, Camp Half-Blood, a place, Apate told him that's safe for their kind. At first it's rather unaccustomed for Hyang-Soon going from a place where he can have all he wants to a cabin that's filled. He spent some time there to get himself adapted to his new environment. Int he first week, he flirted and started a bit of a relationship with some. However, exactly one week after entering camp, he could no longer take the environment. He went back home, back to his luxuries. Being out of camp puts him in more danger, as the monsters attacked him, the stronger he got as he began to learn to use his new-found powers. As he grew older, the monsters seem to be drawn to his scent more. Yet he was able to fend them off... not without a cost, as he would be left with wounds as a remembrance of each encounter.

Making his final decision to go and stay at camp, despite the less luxuries he may have. He lied to his friends that his father forced him to go as an exchange student in Great Britain for failing his grades. He packed the items he would bring to camp and went on a direct flight heading to New York. He sighed as he stands in front of the camp entrance. "Good-bye luxuries, hello camp," He thought as he stepped inside. "Maybe I'll hook up with some girls here and maybe cheat on a few!" He said in his head smirking...

Basic Info
Full Name: Kwang Hyang-Soon
Titles: The Liar Playboy
The Flirtatious Deceiter
Spoiled Cheater
Current Location: Apate's Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: WIP
Current Age: 17
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Korean
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: KMØ
Inspiration Behind Creation: WIP
Love Interests Char/Owner: WIP
Active RP's: WIP
Created Page On: 1 June, 2014
Page Last Updated On: 25 June, 2014
Plans: WIP
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Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: WIP
Preferred Weapon: WIP
Strengths: WIP
Weaknesses: WIP
Quests/Missions Led: 0
Quests/Missions Been On: 0

"It is only hope which is real, and reality is a bitterness and a deceit."
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: WIP
Pets: None

Likes: WIP
Dislikes: WIP
Colour: WIP
Music: WIP
Food: WIP
Animal: WIP
Book: WIP
Quote: "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
Drink: WIP
Song: WIP
Movie: WIP
Sport: WIP
Other Favs: WIP
Appearance & More Images
Model: Choi Si-won
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black (Natural)
Brown (Dyed, Current)
Blonde (Dyed)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 148 lb. (67 kg)
Ethnicity: Korean
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Shoe Size: 9½ (267 mm)
Blood Type: A+
Voice: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Fit
One Word to Describe: WIP
Best Physical Trait: WIP
Worst Physical Trait: WIP
Mental/Emotional State: WIP
Things to Change: WIP
Mental/Emotional disorders: WIP
Medical Problems/Ailments: WIP

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Apate
Father: Kwang Han-Gyong
Creator: None
Half-Siblings: Other Children of Apate
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: Seoul, Korea
Earliest Memory: WIP
Best Memory: WIP
Schooling: WIP
First Kiss: WIP
First Love: WIP
First Sex: WIP
Other Firsts: WIP

General Info
Nicknames: WIP
Native Language: Korean
Character Flaw: WIP
Fears/Phobias: WIP
Hobbies: WIP
Personal Motto: WIP
Things He Won't Do: WIP
Most Admires: WIP
Most Influenced By: WIP
Moral Compass: WIP
Most Important Person Before: WIP
Most Important Person Now: WIP
Reacts to Crises: WIP
Faces Their Problems: WIP
Reacts to Change: WIP
Alignment: WIP
Dream Job: WIP
Current Job: WIP
"Deceit is the game of petty spirits, and that is by nature a woman's quality."
Vices: WIP
Bad Habits: WIP
Sleeping Habits: WIP
Quirks: WIP
Attitude: WIP
Special Talents: WIP
Social Skills: WIP
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: WIP
Main Priorities: WIP
Past Failures: WIP
Biggest Accomplishment: WIP
Darkest Secret?: WIP
Secret Known by Anyone?: WIP
Personal Tragedy: WIP
One Wish: WIP
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? WIP
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers: WIP
Perceived by Lover: WIP
Perceived by Friends: WIP
Perceived by Family: WIP
First Impression: WIP
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least? WIP

Name Relation Feelings
Apate Mother
Kwang Han-Gyong Father

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