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Goddess of Violent Seas and Storms
Kymopoleia, goddess of the of violent seas and storms; as well as mother and patron to the residents of the cabin

Kymopoleia's Cabin overlooks the blue waters of Camp Half-Blood's beach, beckoning its residents to enjoy a day in the sea, navigating the choppy waters. It's a tall, white building, poised above rocks used as decor to mimic the beach. The walls are a pearly white color, but the stairs that lead to the entryway, along with the rims of the doors and windows, are a deep ocean blue color. Inside the cabin, you'll find it closely resembles a cabana you would find on a beach. With wooden floors and rustic decoration, the general ambiance of the cabin is to reflect that of a day in the sea. Like it's sister cabins, Kymopoleia's Cabin has a hallway that concludes with an indoor stairway that leads into the ocean, providing for an easy entrance and exit for the water-motivated campers.

Meet the Campers!

Meet Kymopoleia's Children

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  1. Magnus Keppler


  1. Do Baekgyeol


  1. Fleur Riviera
  2. Kennedy Willis

Campers Not Year Round

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Cabin Photo Album

Room Assignments

Single Rooms

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Double Rooms

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Powers of a Child of Kymopoleia
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Cabin Activities & Duties

Cabin Announcements

Cabin Activities

Here, it's like for example, there's a schedule activity for a certain day. Like every Mondays and Wednesdays, there's a scheduled morning jog at 5 am, and then at 10 am, there's swordfighting practice. Then every Tuesdays and Thursdays, they train in fighting WHILE flying and then maybe pegasi riding lessons etc.

Unlike the cabin announcements, this is pretty much scheduled and is like the daily activities that campers do while at Camp. So it really needs to have something to do with training, while on the cabin announcements, you can put there recreation stuff also.

Special Duties
Things that the cabin runs in Camp, like what are they in charge of (Infirmary for Apollo, Armory for Heph etc). Also put here assigned tasks like who goes on watch at what time. Since this is Aeolus' Cabin, maybe they're in charge of patrolling the skies on pegasi.

Cabin Treaties


Enemy Cabins


Camp Announcements
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In Character Notices/Announcements

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Out of Character Notices/Announcements

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