The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jacob,

A boy, carries an amphora of water up a heavy hill. His muscles strain with the effort. It is a hot day and he wants to rest. His brow drips with sweat, as he drops the ceramic pot. It smashes across the ground.  Looking down, he frowns and he starts to tremble.  As he is about to cry, a hand is placed on his shoulder.  Looking up, the boy sees three more boys, each with a smaller jar of water, offering to help him.


When November Stark goes missing, the cocky son of Nike, Jacob Evans, is chosen by Eros to rescue him. Bringing along a son of Iris and son of Eros, the three of them wind up traveling between minor gods of love and gender to gain information and clues towards the son of Apollo's location.

  1. Camp Half-Blood
  2. Times Square
  3. Coastal Delaware Town (x2 Sirens)
  4. Virginia (x1 Lamia)
  5. South Carolina (Flesh-eating Sheep)
  6. Georgia

It turns out Nove was kidnapped by Eros, who wanted to test to see if Jacob was strong enough to find Nove. The quest was essentially made to encourage him to be honest with his new-found friends, Jake and Tyler. They all receive enchanted clothing from Eros, suited to their personal tastes:

  • Tyler- A tie-dye shirt which can shift colors, acting like camoflage
  • Jacob- A pair of leather riding chaps which increases his running speed
  • Jake- A pair of sunglasses which grant him vision in the dark and through fog & mist

Light and song’s child has been caught,

Victory will seek and must fear not.

With help of colleagues he shall find,

The cupbearer with twisted mind.

Each one will learn a thing or two,

Trust and poise in different hues,

Find the father of the Love heir,

His goal is to prove, so don’t despair.


Camp Half-Blood

Times Square, New York


Jake: As the bus slowed down until a final stop in the Delaware's station, Jake got up and motioned his friends to do the same thing as he started heading towards the bus door.

Tyler: Yawning awake, the son of Iris had taken a nap on the bus. Turns out waking up super early and turning into a living rainbow can take a lot out of you. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he followed Jake off the bus.

Jacob: Having turned the 'Ganymede Secret' bags inside-out to hide the logo (he didn't want to know what the mortals saw through the Mist. Three guys traveling together with several 'Victoria Secret' bags?), he carries the bags and follows the other two off the bus, "So...where to now? All Ganymede said was for us to go meet Himeros and something about the police."

Tyler: "I could try to Iris-Message him if you want. It worked with Ganymede."

Jake: "Then we should give it a shot again. I'm just not so sure about how'll our meeting with him be. I mean talking to Ganymede was already awkward, now to talking to the God of sexual DESIRE and PLEASURE? I can't even imagine it. I hope that being his nephew will help."

Jacob: He chuckled a small bit, "Maybe he could help you with that 'date' you have coming up."

Tyler: He shuddered at the thought, begging that he wouldn't get picked on again. Gesturing with his hands, he made another small rainbow, about the size of an iPad between his hands, "Mom, if you could, can you please show us Himeros?"

Jake: The son of Eros waited patiently for the response of the rainbow goddess.

Himeros: "You called...." Himeros answers. His bare chest is exposed, but the rest of his body is covered by the satin sheets around him. He has a glass of wine in one hand, and a romance novel in the other. "I heard you're a bad boy, I wanna......" He describes several acts in detail, before realising that this wasn't a sexline. "Crap. Wrong number. So, what can I do for you kids?"

Tyler: The son of Iris blinked and stared at the image, deciding that maybe Jacob and Jake should handle this....he might have to ask Jake for an explanation later about what Himeros had described.

Jacob: The memory of him making out with Nove rocketed back to his mind as he saw Himeros. Managing to pull himself back together, he managed to look to Jake then back to the god, "Erm...Himeros, we're on a quest to find our friend and we were wondering if we could by chance meet up with you to discuss it."

Himeros: "Oh...." He gives Jacob a bright smile. Himeros looks down to his book. "I'm not sure where I can fit you in. Ever since I decided to give that 50 shades series a whirl, I've been innundated with calls, and well I'm a people person." He shrugs his shoulders, and flips through the pages of his book.

Jake: "Wait, wait, wait- Fit him in? What do you exactly mean by that?" As a son of Love, he had a pretty good idea of wha he was talking about, but he didn't want to jump to conclusion, and he definitely hoped he was wrong about this one.

Jacob: "Erm...I meant the three of us..." He quickly added before Himeros could jump to conclusions, "Ganymede sent us to meet with you about our friend. He said you'd have information?"

Tyler: With all the intimate details and suggestions flying around, he thought it was best to stay quiet until the Iris-Message was over, then start to ask about what he'd been hearing.

Himeros: "Oh..." Himeros closes his book and takes a sip of wine. "There's no need to worry. I don't bite, unless you want me to..." He puts the wineglass down. "I remember. Son of Apollo if I'm correct; he's quite handsome." Himeros smirks. "I'll meet you at this location." He passes them a note which includes directions to a nearby beach. "Shouldn't be too hard for three strapping young lads to follow." He winks at Jacob.

Jake: He took the mote and skimmed through it before looking back to Himeros. "Thank you Himeros. Looking forward to meet you." Jake smiled genuinely. After all, who doesn't like to meet his godly uncle?

Jacob: Blushing, he nodded, "Thank you Himeros, we'll be there as soon as we can."

Tyler: Still being quiet, he nodded his thanks before turning off the Iris-message. Turning to Jake he tilted his head, "Jake...about those think Himeros said we the Message was first connected..."

Jake: Jake nodded as his face turned bright red. "Mhmmm? What- What about them?" Jake tugged at his own shirt collar in discomfort as his eyes looked at the nowhere in particular, not being able to face Tyler right now.

Tyler: Maybe I should wait...Jake already has enough to worry about with meeting Himeros. Tyler assumed that since Eros and Himeros dealt with love, that Jake was somehow related to the next god they were going to meet.

Jacob: Not even the son of Nike had understood all of what the god had said, but now wasn't exactly the time to get curious. Looking at the note, he said aloud, "Well, looks like a street address, let's get-" Before he could finish, his stomach growled, "...or we could stop for a bite to eat."

Tyler: "But...I'm not hungry...." Tyler replied tilting his head. He was already getting ready to change into his skates.

Himeros: There's still some static from the Iris message. "You wouldn't keep your uncle waiting, would you?" Himeros smirks. "I'm looking forward to seeing you boys, especially you." He winks at Jacob as the message ends.

Jacob: His face turned a deep shade of crimson. Nove's make-out session was now back in the forefront of his mind.

Tyler: He closed the Iris message and looked up to the sky, "Thanks mom."

Jake: He sighed. "Ok. SO now that the message is officially over, do you wanna go for a quick Sub or should we get going, meet Himeros and then have lunch?"

Jacob: "I guess I could go for something to eat." Jacob said, happy the message was over as well. Looking over to Tyler he forced a smile, "That's because we had to feed you a bit of ambrosia before we left New York. You weren't looking too hot after returning to the land of the flesh & blood."

Tyler: With his skates on, he lightly wheeled back and forth, "Ohh...."

Jake: "Yeah. Maybe we could go for a Subway and Jacob and I could eat it there, as for you, we could buy it and yo'd eat it later on when you are actually hungry..."

Tyler: He bladed around them a bit, "I can eat, just nothing big." He smiled, feeling free again on wheels, "Let's go."

Jake: "Ok. Who leads the way?"

Jacob: The son of Nike stepped up and lead the three of them to Subway. The three of them enjoyed a quick bite to eat and as soon as they were done, they headed back out for Himeros.

They should hear someone singing from the nearby beach. This is likely to be a voice that the demigods recognise, either a loved one or somebody that they fancied in the past, these songs should compell the heroes to come near. When they arrive at the beach, they should see something different between them.

Jake: Suddenly he heard a voice that resembled that of Aria's. A lot. Maybe too much. He continued walking but the voice seemed to become more and more familiar until Jake was sure that it would need to be Aria. But, how could that be possible? This quest was supposed to be secret. No one had approved it, just Eros. And it even wasn't an approval. More like an order? Jake was getting lost in his thoughts and as he did so, his legs just obliged him to walk towards the soft song of Aria. The son of Eros didn't even notice this change at all. As he got closer, the voice seemed to become more and more beautiful. Could Aria even sing this majestically? All he could think of was: How does Aria even know I'm here?

Sirens: They continue to sing, luring the campers towards a secluded spot on the beach. Fake Aria sings for a moment, before letting out a scream. "JAKE! HELP ME!" She screams. He would see her, wounded, fighting off a bunch of harpies with beams of moonlight. Tyler should see his friend Karen, asking him to come sketch the lovely sunset with her. Meanwhile, Jacob would see two handsome male cops, dressed in what almost looks like bondage gear with a pair of handcuffs. They beckon him towards him. "I think we need to do a strip search officer...."

Tyler: "K...Karen?" Tyler was confused at how the head of Harmonia Cabin was here in Delaware. Taking a few steps forward, he frowned, realizing he didn't have his sketchbook or pencils, "I don't have any drawing materials, but I can watch."

Jacob: Jacob looked wide eyed at the officers, "Erm...can I ask what for?" He glanced both ways to Tyler and Jake, but it was if they weren't noticing...

Siren 1: "Um yeah, it's me." Fake Karen smiles nervously. "I heard you were all out looking for Nove, so I thought I would come and help. But I got distracted by the sunset." She says calmly, gesturing towards her sketchbook and pencils. "Look at that sunset, wouldn't it be great to mix that colour in a painting."

Siren 2: The two officers smirk. "Now, we wouldn't want a nice lad like you to end up in trouble." They say, passing him their I.D which reads "Federal <censored> Inspector. "Please take a seat. We tend to take a hard line with those who don't follow the law..."

Jake: Jake's eyes turned gloom. Aria had somehow taught him how to chnge his personality at times. Now he did it even unconsciously. Jake ran towards "Aria" and stripped off his necklace, turning it into his bow and arrow, quickly knocking two arrows at the time and trying to shoot them towards all the harpies he saw. "Aria, you use your knives! You must be better with them at this moment!"

Tyler: He goes to sit down, but then remembers, I just had can it be sunset already? Placing a hand on one of his sicatars, he raises an eyebrow, "'s lunchtime. How is the sunsetting already?"

Jacob: Victory's Wrangler fiddles with his necklace, pretty sure that the 'Federal <censored> Inspection' wasn't a real thing... "I can take care of myself thanks..."

Siren 1: "You must have spent ages in that subway...." Fake Karen says, shrugging her shoulders. "Please can we just sit down and enjoy it?"

Siren 2: "Really?" The officers seem somewhat amused. "You know, this is among the weirder cases that we've had to deal with." The second officer grins, and takes out a riding crop, the type commonly used to direct horses. "I think you're in need of a spanking..."

Siren 3: The arrows seem to fly straight through the harpies, which aren't actually there. Fake Aria screams once again, evidently in a panic. "I'm running out of knives..." She takes a few out of her pocket, and throws them at the non-existent harpies, moving closer to Jake. Her back is slashed, revealing a wound. "I can't hold them off for much longer..."

Jake: Panicked, Jake continued shooting his arrows at the fake harpies before noticing Aria's back wound, "Aria!" He put his bow on his back , right over the quiver and noticed that the harpies weren't actually hurting him. This seemed a bit fishy to Jake, as they only seemed to hurt Aria. "Do you need some ambrosia?"

Jacob: "Sorry officer," He says, activating his bow and nocking an arrow back, "But I'm a bit old for that." He lets the arrow fly, aiming at the officer's feet, "Looks like I'll have to resist arrest or something."

Tyler: His hand doesn't leave the handle of his blade, "I doubt it...we have a meeting with Himeros we can't afford to miss." As he says this something else dawns on him, "Karen...Ganymede sent us to did you know where to find us?

Siren 3: "Please, I'll try hold them off." With a final blow, Fake Aria sends a minature model of the moon crashing down on the remaining harpies, yet she still holds the knives in her hands. She gives Jake a wicked smile, as the moon turns blood red and throws a couple of knives for his legs, trying to incapacitate him. 

Siren 1: Karen leans forward, like she's about to divulge some necessary information. Suddenly, a beak protrudes out of her nose, and she lunges forward, trying to grasp Tyler's arm with her beak and drag him towards the ground.

Siren 2: "Hey. This is your fantasy...." The first siren is hit by the arrow. However it hits between the beast's claws. Shrieking, it snaps the arrow between its toes and flaps its wings wildly. The second siren walks forward, smirking as she lashes her whip, aiming to strike Jacob in the face.

Jake: "What the-" he seems confused to see Aria this way, but it hits him that it is most definitely not Aria. He jumped in a swift motion and as he did so, large white wings sprouted from his back. Flying upwards a bit, to try to distract whatever this thing was, Jake felt cheated, and thinking about Aria, he focused a beam on each of his hands of his love to Aria towards the fake. Releasing them, hopefully at least one would hit the fake Aria and burn the area.

Siren 3: The knives luckily miss Jake, as he jumps into the air. Unfortunately, the siren can fly too, extending its wings. Fake Aria takes a slight burn on her right foot from the laser beams, however she launches herself into the air and flies towards the son of Eros, preparing for aerial combat. As soon as she's closed the gap, she swipes her claws for his wings, trying to drag him down.

Tyler: Finally pulling his first sicatar, he aims it at 'Karen's beak. "Not Karen!" kicking back, he grabs his other blade, hoping to get it before the beak reaches his arm.

Jacob: Using his powers, Jacob rolls out of the way and fires an arrow at the whip-wielding one, "How many of these things are there?" Looking over, he sees Jake and Tyler dealing with feathered fiends, least four including Starsky and Husk here.

Jake: Crap. Jake Thought. He dodged the attack as he side-stepped (side-flew?) but unluckily, while doing so, the siren's claws slashed at his hip and he winced in pain. Trying not to look at the blood that was trickling from the wound, Jake got his bow from his back and flew backwards, nocking an arrow towards the flying monster. Since he knew that the siren wouldprobably think he'd shoot at her wings, he instead shot his arrow at the siren's lower torso, which, if the blow connected positively, would make the area bleed in moderate amounts.

OOC: Wait, monsters bleed, right?

Siren 1: The Siren takes the kick, scampering away. Tyler still hasn't done that much damage. She flies towards the son of Iris, swooping downwards to try and gain a surprise attack, her claws tearing towards his arm in an attempt to hook around his weapon. 

Siren 2: As the arrow hasn't been targeted, the whip-wielding harpy is able to deflect it with her wings. The arrow tears across her right wing, leaving a trail of golden ichor dripping on the floor. The second harpy swoops for Jacob's head, trying to claw away at his eyes, before he can nock another arrow. 

Siren 3: The scent of human blood drives the siren ever more ravenous. She tries to gnaw on the son of Eros, like he's some form of chew-toy when an arrow sticks itself into her hide. As the hide is fairly thick, it does not penetrate all the way through, however she is slightly wounded. Fortunately for her, the arrow has not had chance to gain much momentum from such a point-blank range. She tosses another two knives, targeting his shoulders, as she banks to the left to avoid any more hits.

Jake: Before more energy is drained from him, the son of Eros lowers to the ground and his wings contract to his back. He backs up once again and with his best aim, he nocked an arrow at one of the connections between the wings and the torso of the siren. Quickly releasing the arrow, he quickly shot a volley of three other arrows at the left and right side of the siren so that at least 1-2 arrows would hit. Jake brushed off some sweat off his left temple with his right forearm.

Siren 3: As Jake drops his wings, the knives sail over his head and stick into a nearby signpost. She banks to the right, moving rapidly to try and gain the advantage, when one of his arrows hits her right wing. This causes her to cry out in pain, her momentum working against her, as she turns too hard and crashes into the nearby signpost, dazed and confused, before it explodes into dust.

Tyler: The claw manages to grasp his arm, the claws sinking into Tyler's skin. Screaming in pain, the son of Iris lashes out with the other blade, aiming for the siren's appendage that was gripping into his arm. As the blade makes it's arc, a faint rainbow trail follows it. While he had practiced fighting before, he never had come to any real physical harm, until now that is.

Jacob: Narrowly missing the second Siren, Jacob loads two more arrows and fires them at the siren's back. As soon as the leave the bow, the son of Nike breaks the bow down into the dual blades and charges at the whip-wielding Siren, "You have the right to remain dust!"

Siren 2: The second siren overbalances, taking two arrows in the back, as she misses the son of Nike. A moment later, the monster explodes into golden dust. As the second siren falters, the first one darts to the side and cracks her bullwhip, towards Jacob's right arm, in an attempt to catch onto his weapon and yank it away, before he can hit her. 

Siren 1: Frantically, the siren grasps onto the weapon with all her might. She claws away at Tyler's arms, only to misjudge that he had another weapon. The sica slashes deep into her arm, almost amputating her wings from her arm. The rainbow trail follows, searing her flesh, and causing extreme pain. "You wouldn't do this to Karen..." She says, trying to sweep his legs from underneath him with her claws.

Jacob: The whip lashes around his arm, causing him to loose blood in his one arm.  Slashing with the other, he cuts the whip with the other blade.  Before the cut whip can get out of his reach, Jacob uses his now free arm to grab it and using his powers, pulls hard on it to drag the siren into his blade.

Tyler: "You aren't Karen!" Tyler screams, "Karen is kind!" He swings again the blade back, the sica portion of the blade now doing it's work.  Tears that were forming were being vaporized by the heat of the rainbows.

Jake: Still with some energy left, Jake yanked one of the two throwing knives on the signpost away before running towards towards Tyler immediately, also feeling a bit dissapointed for himself by not going to help Jacob, who probably needed more help. But he didn't even watch enough to know. With a pang of guilt as he ran toward the back of the siren, he used his aim for the bow and arrow to try and help him with the throwing knives. JAke aimed to the back of the siren carefully and then he threw the knife. Aria had taught him some lessons about throwing knives, so he kind of knew how to properly use them, however his skills for them weren't even as half as good as that of the bow and arrow, so the chances of the knife succesfully hitting the siren weren't very high.

Sirens: The remaining sirens are quickly finished off by an arrow, a sica, or a throwing knife to the leg. They shriek and explode into dust, and there's no trace of their existence except for a small sign. "Siren Beach."  As the party recover from their wounds, and start to cool down, another siren swoops down to attack them, only to be killed by an arrow, shaped like a love-heart. There's a loud clapping sound, and Himeros walks onto the soft sands. "I think you all did quite valiantly. They were only low-level sirens, not like the ones who would make you want to drown, but enough to give some interesting insights." Himeros winks at Jacob. He looks like the hero of a romance novel, his chest partially exposed, and he holds a bow in his right hand.

Tyler: The son of Iris wasn't paying much attention to the god who had just walked into their presence; instead he had dropped his blades to cup his arm that was still bleeding from the talons digging into it, fighting back tears from the pain.

Jacob: To Jacob, Himeros looked like that Fabio guy who you'd see on the romance novels of middle-aged women, and while he had to admit he was good looking, the sound of Tyler crying in pain took priority, "That's nice and all, but we have an injured friend."

Jake: He was too shocked to see Himeros here. He was the closest thing he had to his father and he couldn't do anything. He had never seen his dad but this was close enough for Jake to let a tear leave his eye. His mouth spoke before he could react. "Uncle?"

Himeros: "You didn't bring ambrosia?" Himeros raises an eyebrow and tosses some down to the heroes. "Should be enough. I wouldn't want my little nephew to get hurt." Grinning, he swoops down and ruffles Jake's hair. "It's quite touching actually. You're doing the family proud..." He says, his bow transforms into a dashing rapier, kept at his side. "You handled yourselves much better than I expected. Though your vision made me blush...." He says, glancing at Jacob.

Tyler: Sniffling he takes a piece and starts to slowly eat it, the taste of sprinkled donuts melting in his mouth. "Th..thank you Himeros." He sniffles as the gashes start to close.

Jacob: His face grows hot with embarassment when Himeros brings up what he saw, "'re just saying that." He honestly didn't want Jake to find out what the sirens had appeared to him as.

Jake: "Thank you..." Jake blushed as Himeros ruffled his hair. "Wait- what did you see Jacob?" The son of Eros, and right now, nephew of Himeros, asked.

Jacob: Not wanting to humilate himself, he lies through his teeth, "Two models I used to crush when I was growing up. Dad didn't get much for catalogs, so I had to make due with what I had." While he said this, his mind was feeling a bit nervous for lying directly to a god's face, Not sure if Jake will buy it, but I know for sure Himeros won't

Tyler: His wounds healed, he had put his blades away and was now rubbing at the dried blood trying to get it off, not paying attention to the older demigod's conversation.

Himeros: "You're welcome. She was particularly nasty. I think her name was Buttercup..." Himeros speculates, giving Tyler a bright smile. Himeros paces down the beach. "Lay off on the pheromones kid. They'll get you in trouble, or not." He smirks, before returning to Jacob. "I know what happened on film night." The God of Sexual Desire says, seemingly displeased. "You're a plucky one to lie to a god. But I can't give you the information till you spill the beans...." He whips out a notebook, and a pen to scribble down notes.

Jake: "Spill the beans? Lie to a God? Jacob, there's no need to lie. Tyler and I are your friends. Maybe your vision was funny but don't be ashamed of sharing it... It won't hurt. If he's asking us for what you saw just so we can continue looking for Nove it is more than worth it, I believe."

Jacob: He felt a bit ashamed, "'re gonna want to cover Tyler's ears then." He said to the others, it didn't matter who covered them.

Jake: His look became from comfortable to shocked in a split second. "Okay..." He quickly stepped towards Tyler and covered bothe his ears with Jake'd bigger hands. "We're ready." What are the those beans he's gonna spill? Jake thought

Tyler: He tilted his head in confusion, but didn't complain.

Jacob: Taking a deep breath, he explains how the sirens appeared to him as the sexy male cops wielding whips and riding crops. With a face scarlet red, he even mentioned how they wanted to do a 'strip search'.

Himeros: "That's a good start...." He smirks, his quill scribbling down the details on the notepad. "This will make excellent material for my romance novel. Please continue..." Himeros asks the three, using a hint of charmspeak to pressure them to do it, but not enough to force it.

Jake: "That's interesting Jacob. I just saw Aria. Does this mean you are gay Jacob? I can't say I didn't expect it but-"

Jacob: "I guess so." he admits, "I guess I never noticed, but after Nove made out with me a bit after the movie night, I guess it kinda woke something up in me."

Himeros: Shrugging his shoulders, he continues to write down the juicy details in his notebook. "And how does that make you feel?"

Jacob: "Well, when we were making out, I was enthralled by the feel of it all." Jacob explained, but after we left Ganymede...I've been feeling a bit guilty, as if what I did was wrong." He looked up at the god, "But it felt so right."

Jake: "You made out with Nove? When? Yesterday?"

Jacob: He turned to Jake, "Yeah, he caught me on my way back to my cabin. We talked for a bit, then he kissed me, then he got...handsy."

Jake: "Define handsy, please?" Jake raised an eyebrow as he continued covering Tyler's ears.

Jacob: "Hands under shirt...hands in shorts..." Jacob was very embarrassed about this, nothing like the bold cocky self he usually was.

Jake: Jake had a lopsided smile. Nove, REALLY? "I'ts okay Jacob. I kinda already knew you weren't straight." He smiled and went to hug Jacob tightly but in a friendly way. "It is also very nice to know that someone else in this world finds me attractive..." Jake teased while laughing.

Jacob: "Jake, there's not a guy in camp who doesn't think you're not good looking." He reminds him, hugging back.

Tyler: His ears finally uncovered, he looks to Himeros, "Did I miss something?"

Jake: "Awww, I know... And kind of. I guess if Jacob wants to, he can summarize the conversation."He turns to Jacob and mutters "Without graphics, if you mind."

Himeros: Winking, he smiles at the party. "My work here is done." Himeros smiles. "You'll find the next clue in Virginia." He Tyler: "Where are we going then...and how are we getting there?" Tyler asks getting up.folds his arms. "If you ever need advice nephew, then feel free to iris message me." He grins, and looks down to Tyler. "Jacob will fill you in on the rest..." He says, disappearing.

Jake: "Awww, I wanted to hug him..." Jake pouted. He then looked at Jacob "What did he mean by that?"

Tyler: He looks to Jacob to get filled in.

Jacob: The son of Nike explains in a PG manner that he saw two attractive males instead women.

Tyler: Tyler nodded and handed the note to Jacob, "Where are we going in Virginia?"

Jake: "I don't know, he just said: You'll find the next clue in Virginia. Where should we go first?"

Himeros: He suddenly reappears and gives Jake a hug. "Follow the map...." Two pages appear out of his book, written in cursive handwriting. They show a rudimentary map of the state, and have a giant red dot which show where to go.

Jake: A bit surprised, Jake tensed up for a second, but then eased and warmed up to the hug, wrapping his arms around Himeros. "Although I barely know you, I want to take you for everything Himeros. " He hugged the god tightly. "I love you, uncle."

Himeros: "I love you too kid. Now go, your father will kill me if I stay too long....."

Jake: The son of Eros quickly squeezed Himeros once again before pulling back and taking gingerly the two pages that showed the map. "We'll make you two proud. That, I promise." Jake nodded confidently before looking at the others. "Now let's get going, kiddos."

Tyler: "Where are we going then...and how are we getting there?" Tyler asks getting up.

Jacob: "It's starting to get later in the day...we're also going to need a place to sleep in a few hours."

Jake: He looked at the map and pointed at the cross. "Well it's definitely in Virginia. As to specific city, I'm not sure. Maybe we can go to sleep in a motel between here and Virginia if we don't get all the way there by sundown." <Some sweat trickled from Jake's forehead.

Tyler: " are we getting there? Another train?" Tyler asks, getting on his tiptoes to wipe the sweat off his forehead, "Do we even have enough cash?"

Jake: "I've got cash. But just enough for two or maybe three nights in a cheap motel room. I'd rather not spend it on transport. But if it's totally necessary... WHat do you think, Jacob?"

Jacob: He thought, "Well, depending on how close we are to the boarder, I could use my powers to carry you guys there, but I'd be really tired once we stopped."

Jake: He suddenly had an idea and his face brightened. "Okay. I can fly as well. We could take shifts of carrying the other two members every now and then so we can rest between flights. When we get to Virginia, we'll bothe be exhausted, but it'll be probably sunset. By then we can go to a motel and rest. Have a good night sleep. We're all worn down. We can sleep and be off at sunrise to find whoever we need to find next so he can give us our next clue to Nove, or hopefully even Nove himself... Sounds good? "

Tyler: He nods, "Mom is a messenger, so I should be able to skate really fast if needed, so I can do that Jfor a while if you want."

Jacob: "If you think you can handle it, then I say go for it Ty." He looks up at Jake, "What do you think? It'll be a bit lighter, and if needed, we could pull him along if he wears the skates."

Jake: "Sounds like a plan. Now let's get going..." He sprouted his large light-colored wings from his back and waited for the others to do their respective thing.

Jacob: Sprouting his tawny wings, he hovers a few inches above the ground, "Ready."

Tyler: Sitting down, Tyler takes the most amount of time to switch into his skates. Holding their bags, he looks to the others, "Don't go too fast, I don't know how fast I can skate."

Jake: The son of Eros nodded. "Yeah. I'll try to go at a fair pace. That ok with you Jacob?" He raised an eyebrow at him.

Jacob: He nodded, "Let's get moving so we can find a motel, I don't want to be stuck out in the cold."


Jake: After a fair time of flying and skating, the questers were already in Virginia, Jake checked the map and continued flying with his steady pace towards the cross.

Tyler: Having grown tired several miles ago, the son of Iris was being carried by Jacob now. He was trying to keep his eyes awake, but it was getting hard.

Jacob: "I think Tyler's starting to nod off," he calls over to Jake, supporting the younger demigod, "Any chance we could rest for the night and pick up tomorrow? I mean, we don't even know who we're looking for at this point."

Jake: Yawning, Jake nodded. He was extremely tired by now. "I agree with you, let's just find a motel first, okay?"

Jacob: He nodded, swooping down lower to scan for a cheap motel. After a bit of searching, he spies a small motel with a neon 'vacancy' sign. "There, shouldn't cost us too much for the night." Gesturing, he dived down into the alley behind the motel and retracted his wings and yawned.

Jake: Following the son of Nike, Jake flew lower until his feet touched the pavement and right after that, he also retracted his white wings. Jake then walked up to Jacob and hugged him from behind, wrapping his arms around his torso and leaning his head sideways against Jacob's comfortable back. "I am exhausted and really tired Jacob..." He yawned, "Could you carry me all the way to the room?" Jake pleaded in a groggy and tired fashion.

Jacob: Sighing, he nods, "Just let me check inf first, okay?" Carrying Tyler out, he supports the groggy Jake to the entrance of the Motel. Setting him against the doorway and setting Tyler in Jake's lap, Jacob goes in and asks for a room. Getting the key, he enhances his strength, picks up Tyler in his arms and supports the son of Eros as he walks to the room and opens it. Setting Jake onto the one bed, he lies Tyler on the other, removing his jeans and tucks him in. Locking the door, Jacob eyes the small couch in the room and crashes there for the night.

Jake: He woke up in the middle of the night and examined the motel room, noticing that the two other boys were probably asleep, but he wasn’t sure if they were faking. Tyler looked comfortable as he was tucked in, but Jacob looked cold. Sighing, Jake took off his aviator jacket, which he’d forgot to take off before sleeping- and put it over Jacob so he could feel warmer, rubbing the back of his neck, Jake walked toward his bed and lay down, wrapping the single sheet of cloth around him so he could maintain his body heat. Soon after this, he fell asleep once again.

The next morning

Tyler: Having woken up earlier than the others, the son of Iris feels a bit bored. 'They flew all the way here and took turns carrying me,' He thinks as he slips outside for a bit, 'I'll let them rest a bit longer.' Outside, Tyler rollerblades around the parking lot, eventually stopping at the little stand of travel brochures, each one advertising different attractions. As he skims them, one catches his eye: Scopas Studios - Art Lessons Daily! Taking the brochure, the son of Iris notes that the location of the studio is right on their way to the X that Himeros had given them. Blading back to their room, he hopes he can convince the others to make a quick pitstop on their way. "Jake? Jacob? Can we make a small detour? Please?"

Jacob: Sleepily waking up at the sound of Tyler's voice, he looks over to the boy as Jake's coat falls off him, "What?"

Jake: Confused and sleepy, Jake replied: "A detour? What for?"

Tyler: He holds out the brochure, "An art studio," His eyes go down a bit, "I know we need to find Nove, but it's right by where Himeros marked. For all we know it's where we need to go." He goes to the edge of Jake's bed, "Please?"

Jacob: Thinking, he knows that Nove is their main priority, but if Tyler was right, there could be something for them there. "Jake, is it nearby where Himeros marked on the map?" It wasn't that he didn't trust Tyler's map knowledge, but he didn't want to leave Nove waiting any longer than needed.

Jake: "It actually is, Jacob." he looked surprised, making it obvious by his arched eyebrow. "I think we could make a short stop there. But when I say we leave, Tyler, we leave. Okay, you little and lucky son of a gun?" he ruffled Tyler's hair teasingly.

Tyler: He nodded, "Okay...can we stop for something to eat on the way there? I'm kinda hungry..."

Jacob: He laughed, "Breakfast, art, and a God all before noon. Sounds about right. Let's go!"

Scopas Studio

After a small breakfast picked up on their way to the studio, they manage to reach the studio. Outside it looked like a small, renovated church, but inside there was art work that appeared to emulate many different styles throughout history.

Tyler: The youngest Demigod looked in awe at all the art as he walked around, "This is amazing...I wonder what he'd teach me."

Jacob: The son of Nike looked at a few of the nudes out of minor boredom, but was happy that Tyler was having fun, "Just remember, we can't stay here all day. We need to find Nove."

Tyler: "I know..." Tyler replied, "Maybe the artist saw him?" a bit of hope was in his voice.

Jake: "Him? As in Pothos? Or as in..." Jake smiled at TTyler, looking over the paintings and standing next to Tyler with his hand over the younger demigod's shoulder.

Tyler: "Nove..." Tyler said, smiling up to Jake, "If anyone saw him, that'd be a good sign."

Jacob: He nodded, "I'm going to see if I can't find the guy in charge." The son of Nike quickly walked off into the next room, "Hello? Anyone here?"

Pothos: A small portly gentleman emerged from a study within the room. He wore a french goatee and a blue beret, though his skin was very dark. His clothes were plain and unremarkable but he wore a smock splattered with paint, the colors of which seemed to change color the longer the questers looked at it. "Ah, four young connoseurs! How may I assist you today?" There was no discernible accent in the man's voice, making the beret and goatee all the more peculiar. 

Jake: "Oh well, Hello. I'm Jake, he's Jacob and he's Tyler." He pointed to the respective demigod. "We wanted to know if you could answer us a question?"

Jacob: The son of Nike took a step forward, "We lost our friend and we were wondering if you've seen him." Jacob described Nove's height & face to the man hoping for the best.

Tyler: He let the older campers explain their situation to the owner as he tried to take a peek behind him into the studio.

Pothos: "Oh my! A missing friend. A distinctly tragic situation. I do wish you luck, boys. But perhaps you were also looking to make a new friend in case this search doesn't work out?" Porthos chuckles and winks mischievously at the young questers. 

Jake: He looked confused, with his eyes slightly squinted. Clearly, this was not one of his lucid moments. "Uh, please explain further?"

Jacob: "Hey now," The son of Nike stepped forward, "What makes you think that we won't find Nove?"

Tyler: The son of Iris frowned, "We won't give up looking for him!"

Pothos: "My, you are a slow lot. I wasn't implying at all that you won't find young Nove. I'm simply suggesting that you ought to perhaps prioritize your search to make a new friend rather than looking for the old one. You seem like rather lonely youngsters even with the addition of a third, perhaps it's time to broaden your horizons!"

Jacob: "Well, we are looking for a guy who can help us find our friend."

Pothos: Pothos shakes his head in disgust at the lack of transparency from the questers. "I cannot help you if there is not trust." With a sign of exasperation, he makes to usher them out of the studio.

Jake: "Fine... We'll make friends along the way. Look, we're trying to find a really powerful person. You may think us crazy for saying this, but he's a god."

Tyler: "His name is Pothos." the son of Iris adds, "Your gallery was nearby where we're supposed to find him, so we thought you might know him." 

Pothos: Pothos lights up in a smile. "Ahh see! Now we're getting somewhere. Can't say I know ol' Pothos personally, but I have a wonderful painting of him that I'd love you to see. Perhaps it will give you a clue of where to find your friend!"

Jacob: "Lead the way then, sooner we can find Nove, the better!"

Tyler: He looked to the artist, "Did you use classical art for reference of him?"

Jake: "Tyler, let's just try to focus on finding Nove for now, please. Once we get a clue you can talk all you want with Mr..." He looked at the man as if waiting for him to say his name.

Pothos: He winks at Tyler. "Just call me Pothos." Pothos leads the pair into another room that contains a single large canvas painting. The painting is of Nove apparently playing a beautiful golden lyre. Suddenly, the lyre morphs into a golden cage that entraps the painting of Nove. The suddenly semi-animated figure of Nove rattles the painting of the cage until a heart shaped arrow appears on the painting and strikes him down. 

Jacob: The son of Nike cringes at the painting, "How did you know? Do you know where he is?" 

Tyler: At the sight of the painted Nove getting shot, Tyler buries his face in Jake, a bit scared, " he okay?" 

Pothos: Your friend has been taken by Eros. As to his location and wellbeing, I cannot say. I can only tell you that such information may be found in the state where the War of Brothers began. 

Jake: "Eros? But Eros is my father. He wouldn't have kidnapped Nove!" Jake was completely bewildered by Pothos' statement.

Jacob: "We can ask him when we get to this place. You know anything about the 'War of Brothers' Jake?"

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