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Leda Won, born as Princess Sojung of the medieval Korean Kingdom Joseon, is the first daughter of Sejong the Great, born to him through Aetna. After a brief reign as Empress Saniko of Japan through her short-lived marriage to Go-Hanazono, she became a Huntress of Artemis.

Personal Info

Full Name

Leda Sojung Won
Yi Sojung (birth name)
Saniko (defunct Japanese name)


11 August 1415


19 (physical)
602 (biological)

Zodiac Sign


Sex / Gender

Female / Female




American (concurrently)


Asian; Korean

Sexual Orientation


Romantic Orientation


Relationship Status





Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon (modern day Seoul)

Living Situation

Languages Spoken

Korean, Greek, English



Powers of a Child of Aetna [ 3/6/9 Month Powers locked ]:


  1. Children of Aetna have the ability to conjure weapons out of hardened ash which can be used for combat; however only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to increase the kinetic energy of atoms in an opponent’s weapon or their own for a very short amount of time, ranging from bearable temperatures of heat to something too hot for normal people to hold onto without suffering heavy burns. As a child of Aetna they will be unbothered by the heat, but for an opponent it can cause them to drop the weapon or item in hand. If used to disarm an opponent it can only be used once during a battle.


  1. Children of Aetna are able to construct armour out of obsidian and molten rock for a short amount of time. Although heavy in nature, while being used as a form of armour the rock is quite light while retaining its durability.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to create a wall made out of molten rock that breaks through the earth. The wall is no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user and it can be used to temporarily block attacks.


  1. Children of Aetna have an innate resistance to heat and hot temperatures as well as fire. Although the effects of burning can set in if in proximity for too long, they generally have a stronger resistance than most. Furthermore, children of Aetna have complete resistance against lava and magma, being unfazed by the liquid's properties.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to survive/adapt to volcanic fields with dormant, active or dead volcanoes. They are able to deal with the extreme temperatures, smoke, noxious gases, hazardous terrain, and various side-effects of eruptions such as superheated gases and lava. When in contact with such gases and smoke they are able to breathe as one normally would without the presence of the fumes.
  3. Children of Aetna are stronger in mountainous, volcanic, and hot locations.
  4. Children of Aetna are able to change the temperature of lava whenever they please without altering the physical state of it. Making it cold to the touch or a temperature that while still hot, doesn’t match the actual temperature of lava. This temperature is as hot as all their lava based powers can get.


  1. Children of Aetna have the ability to absorb heat, magma, and smoke from a nearby source. As the heat or smoke is absorbed into the child of Aetna’s body, they gain energy from the drained element’s source, being able to use it as a temporary power and speed boost. Although only lasting for a short amount of time, it can be used three times in battle.
  2. Children of Aetna have the ability to travel using clouds of smoke, ash, and even magma beneath the surface. The user merges with the element and reforms elsewhere. The further they travel the more energy it drains.
  3. Children of Aetna are able to create a cloud of smoke and ash around them, spreading through their surroundings and potentially distracting their opponents which gives them time to flee or launch an attack.
  4. Children of Aetna have the ability to generate a fair amount of lava and being able to telekinetically move it with their minds. The more lava generated/moved means the more energy drained.
  5. Children of Aetna have the innate ability of being able to heal their own wounds by draining in substantial sources of heat, smoke and magma. Like a campfire. The ability can quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds. The source drained disappears once the user has healed themselves They cannot heal from heat-based attacks from an opponent.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aetna can create a small volcanic eruption with an eruption range of about 10 meters from its source. The eruption releases mass amounts of lava, ash, and smoke. All of which the child of Aetna is immune to. The effects of the eruption vanish after a short time. Using this power is substantially draining.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aetna are able to turn roughly ten meters of their surroundings into a volcanic field by either forming it from nothing or using the existing environment around them and shifting it to their desired form. In doing so they can cause multiple small volcanic eruptions, minor earthquakes, and even the potential for the earth to break apart exposing magma underneath which would cool into stone rather quickly. Using this power is substantially draining.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aetna can transform their body completely into homogenous matter made up of either ash, magma/molten rock, or smoke. Depending on the homogenous matter making up their body, the child takes on different abilities. They can only transform into one form at a time and they cannot maintain it for very long. The user is quite drained after they revert.
    1. If transforming their body into homogenous matter made up of ash, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, removing oxygen from the immediate area, as well as enhanced control over ash, durability, lung capacity, and fire immunity.
    2. If transforming their into homogenous matter made up of magma/molten rock, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, dermal armour, as well as enhanced control over lava/magma/molten rock, durability, endurance, lung capacity, strength, and heat generation.
    3. If transforming their into homogenous matter made up of smoke, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, removing oxygen from the immediate area, near intangibility, flight, as well as enhanced control over smoke, agility, durability, and lung capacity.


  1. Children of Aetna have been known to have rather fiery and explosive personalities.
  2. Given that Aetna is a volcanic goddess, her children often make great volcanologists.
  3. Children of Aetna often tend to prefer hotter climates as they are able to withstand the heat that comes with it, they can find great comfort in the heat.
  4. Children of Aetna tend to excel at rock climbing, mountain climbing, etc.
  5. Children of Aetna our known to have an affection towards lava and fire, often being pyromaniacs.
Name Etymology

Given Name [ Leda ]

Mother of Helen

Middle Name [ So-Jung ]


Surname [ Won ]

Robe or Spring



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Leda Won Main 3

Leda is still extremely regal in her personality. She is as polite as they come and rarely strays away from what is the norm and acceptable. Whilst most think she's just being a prude, years of being a princess, then a queen and then being the servant to two goddesses has ingrained such a personality within her. She doesn't mind; for her it's normal and it's easy to act like it. She's known to act like a big sister of sorts to those who're younger than her and will do all she can to help those in need.

Though, as with her parentage, Leda is known for her fiery temper. As Princess Sojung, her fiery temper and subsequent independence has become the most known thing about her. Whilst she is good at controlling her temper, usually, when Leda is pushed over the edge she is known to be quite explosive and any remnants of the noble personality that is usually expressed by her, go. WIP.


Hundreds of years ago, Leda Won walked the earth as Yi Sojung, daughter of King Sejong of Joseon and lived as one of the princesses there. She was born to the infamous king through Aetna, the volcanic goddess who had courted the king by chance, a lucky one. Whilst a quick son is what Aetna promised him, Sojung was the result and became the first of his daughters. Not all hope was lost at the birth of a daughter - Aetna promised Sejong that their daughter would grow up to be of renowned beauty and her fiery temper would be an inspiration to many in the future.

Growing up, Sojung, the general public and even some of her family members believed she was the daughter of his consort, Soheon. She was hailed as his second born and became the eye of the beholder for many, a multitude of noble families wanting her to become their matriarch in the future. Sejong kept his daughter close, holding off on giving her hand in marriage.

Sojung grew up much like one would expect a princess to, her being a case of a textbook princess. Although she grew up with whatever she could want, she remained humble and would help those below her in the class system - much to some in the royal family's dismay. Sojung was fiercely loyal to Joseon and believed one of the best ways to preserve it was through acts of kindness that showed the people that they were all one united under one banner. The King supported his daughter's actions and encouraged them - after all, she was said to be the second child born to him through Soheon and thus had a chance of ascension to the throne.

Monster attacks were never a big issue for Sojung. Her siblings were demigods themselves and a large abundance of their guardsmen were too, employed by Sejong in an attempt to protect his demigod children. Despite the protection, from ten years old Sojung was trained in using the hyeopdo - a long sword with a curved blade. She quickly became mastered in it and, according to legend, could put even the best wielders to shame. Although she had training, it was somewhat in vain as she never physically used it; any and all monster attacks she experienced were covered by the guards that protected her. She was grateful but found it restricting so, when she was able to slay a harpy at the age of sixteen on her own, needless to say she was more than proud with herself.

The topic of a marriage proposal had plagued the best part of Sojung's adolescent and teen life, with her parents debating on who she should be married to. Her father, Sejong, suggested she be courted to one of the high nobles' sons to keep her within Korea as a symbol of the purity of the royal family. Her step-mother, Soheon, argued for her to be married to the reigning Emperor of Japan; Go-Hanazono as part of a marriage alliance. Most of the court of Sejong agreed with Soheon and thus, at age seventeen, she was sent to be married to a man four years her junior. In Japan she adopted the name Saniko and prepared for life as an Empress. In Japan she faced her first monster attack unassisted; a hellhound. The fight was a struggle and, although she prevailed, some in Go-Hanazono's court saw her and, being unable to see through the mist, interpreted her as being mentally unfit. Whilst she hadn't been in Japan long, perhaps half a year and having been crowned as the Empress, Sojung begged for a release somehow.

The release came in the form of Artemis who told Sojung that she had a chance to escape it all under the condition of swearing off men. Sojung, who at this point had thrown away the idea of marriage, accepted and left Japan to become a Huntress of Artemis. To avoid a tension war happening due to the perception that Sojung had fled due to mental instability, Artemis left a note that implied she had been kidnapped by a far off group of people and that it'd be unlikely she would be seen again. Whilst Joseon mourned the loss of their beloved princess when they received the news, the Empire of Japan set on marrying off Go-Hanazono to another woman, erasing Sojung from their history.

As one of Artemis' Hunters, Sojung truly flourished. She learnt about Greek Mythology, her mother Aetna and even chose herself a Western name - Leda. She prevailed as one of the most adept hunters and even served as Artemis' Lieutenant for a large portion of her time as one. The period, although long, wasn't exempt from it's hardships. Zeus had cursed Sejong in a way that all his bloodline of those who were the product of himself and a god would be affected - Leda included. On her thirty-third birthday biologically, her father had passed away and the consequences of the curse became obvious. Despite being immortal, Leda found herself being placed in situations that would kill her. All of them were freak and couldn't be pinned down to her making errors. Whilst they were few and far between, by 1910 it was become too dangerous to have Leda as the Lieutenant of the Hunt. Artemis demanded that Zeus make her exempt from the bloodline curse and he agreed under the condition that she leave the hunt and become an attendant on Olympus, serving whichever god took a liking to her. Artemis bestowed the choice on her and, although conflicted and felt almost obliged to remain a huntress, Leda ultimately took Zeus up on his offer as immortality was still promised to her and she would be free from the constant attacks. With a amicable farewell, Leda left the hunt and remained on Olympus for the next hundred years.

Leda mainly served Aphrodite, becoming one of the goddess' favourites. It was there that Leda was able to see her impact when she was a princess of Joseon; Aphrodite told her about how many men wanted to court her and hold her as their wife and worship her almost. Leda was told about how loved she was throughout the nation and was promised as the Korean Empire fell, the legacy of Princess Sojung would live on - and that it did. She was remembered for her love and even in private many mourned the loss of her, blaming the Japanese - especially when Korea's Empress was assassinated.

It was Aphrodite who suggested that Leda go to Camp when Aetna, her mother, was given a cabin. Leda was reluctant to go, stating that Aphrodite needed her as an attendant but, after some persuasion (and maybe some charmspeaking), Leda left for Camp where she became the Lieutenant Counsellor of Aetna's Cabin


Face Claim

Kang Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Eye Colour


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92 lbs.

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Sejong the Great




Full Siblings


Half Siblings

Children of Aetna
Offspring of Sejong




Go-Hanazono of Japan (formerly)



Other Relatives

Queen Soheon (step-mother)

Significant Other


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Maia / Quotev

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