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LevisBoyTears Levi Cha LevisBoyTears
Son of Prometheus
Basic Info
Full Name: Levi Baek-Soo Cha
Levi Baek-Soo Byun (birth name)
Cha/Byun Baek-Soo
Titles: Son of Prometheus
Born/Created On: 30th November 1994
Current Age: 20
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Dating Taekeo
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood
Prometheus' Cabin
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Asian; Korean
Accent: WIP
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: I wanted another char using Baekhyun as a model
Love Interests: Taekeo/Brocky
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: 28th May 2013
Last Updated On: 14th January 2016
Plans: Eventually have him meet and possibly date Taekeo
Model: Byun Baekhyun
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood Type: O
Voice: WIP
Distinguishing Marks: WIP
Body Style: Athletic
More Images
Tumblr n2l1b4tBdi1s1qzg9o1 500
Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Kaitlyn Byun
Father: Prometheus
Creator: N/A
Half-Siblings: Other children of Prometheus
Full-Siblings: Oswald Byun (twin brother)
Other Relatives: Bethany and Jinyoung Cha (Adoptive Parents)
Home: WIP
Schooling: Public
First Kiss: N/A
First Sex: N/A
First Love: N/A


General Info
Nicknames: Lee
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: WIP
Fears/Phobias: WIP
Hobbies: WIP
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: WIP
Most Important Person Now: Nobody
Alignment: Neutral
Dream Job: WIP
Current Job: N/A


One thing Kaitlyn Byun never told anyone, was the fact that she was expecting twins. Of course, when she was pregnant she was larger, but many didn't ask out of respect. On the 30th November 1994, she gave birth to twin boys, naming them Oswald and Levi. As soon as she could, she gave the younger one up for adoption - that one being Levi. One of the adoption workers, Bethany Cha and her husband Jinyoung, decided that they wanted to adopt him and soon he went from Levi Byun to Levi Cha.

Growing up, Levi was seemingly unaware of the differences of his adoptive siblings to himself - whilst their features were sharper, he had a younger looking, cuter face. Bethany and Jinyoung loved him just as much as, if not more, than their own children and over time a large amount of resentment was shown towards him. Despite this, Levi's life was unchanging up until his 13th birthday.

The Cha's had the innate ability of mortals to see through the mist which was why, when Levi had his first attack, they felt as much fear as he did. While they could seemingly hide wherever, the monster - which happened to be a hellhound - followed Levi wherever he went, pushing him into one of the small rooms in the Cha household. He would've been left for dead if he hadn't picked up the discarded fire poker - which happened to be celestial bronze due to the home's previous demigod owners - and attacked wildly in hopes of killing the monster. One pile of gold dust later, Levi was slowly excluded from the outside world.

Although Bethany and Jinyoung weren't demigods themselves, they knew of people who could help Levi and train him for future monster attacks. Which is why, from his 13th birthday to his 16th, he was trained extensively by one of the family's demigod friends. However, no training could prepare Levi for the events of his 16th birthday. Coming home from demigod training, Levi was greeted by the Cha family who - after enduring a multitude of attacks - gave him the choice of running away and disconnecting himself from them, or for them to leave him at an undisclosed point as the attacks were getting to be too much. As if the events were any foreshadow, at that moment a harpy attacked. Whilst Levi tried to find a weapon, the Cha family scrambled to their car, frantically trying to escape. This escape, however, was in vain and in their haste they crashed which - along the line - hospitalised and claimed the lives of all of then.

Meanwhile, Levi scrambled for a weapon to which he found his fire poker. Unlike his first attack, he thrusted with more control and more experience, killing the harpy with a seeming ease. Feeling unsafe, Levi scrambled to pack a single bag with the essentials and left the home. Where did he go? He went on to live homeless essentially - however, he always stayed within an easy walking distance to the home he'd once live in, going there if he absolutely needed to. He learnt in the next few weeks that his family died and instantly blamed himself - not returning to the home and going to a homeless shelter and living there for the next two years. Of course, there'd be demigods there and it seemed as if they had a fighting schedule so Levi was rarely harmed.

When he was 18, his twin Oswald's step-father died in which the former was sent on a goose-chase for some fire (read that here). Hades noticed that the Byun child had a twin who was also upset about some deaths and offered him the same thing. Unlike Oswald, Levi was apprehensive and refused constantly. It eventually got the point where Hades, joint with Morpheus (who was in a very cynical mood since a child of Prometheus killed one of his favourite children) cursed Levi to where whenever he slept he'd see horrific images of death until he woke up.

Until May 2015, Levi remained in the homeless shelter until one of the demigods told him of camp to which he left promptly.

Note: 3/6/9 powers have not been unlocked.


  1. Children of Prometheus can fire off small bullets of clay at a very high speed, the bullets would materialize and fire from the user’s fingertips. They can be shot fast enough that they could pierce skin on impact.
  2. Children of Prometheus have the ability to turn the immediate ground into soft clay that acts as quicksand, potentially causing anyone stepping in to fall and sink far enough to not move at all. Gradually, the ground will solidify, allowing everyone trapped to slowly regain their footing.


  1. Children of Prometheus have the ability to coat armor, defenses, and shields with an extra layer of hardened clay that will dull most kinds of attacks for a short time. They are also able to coat weapons with the same material in order to make them unbreakable.


  1. Children of Prometheus excel greatly in wisdom and forethought, allowing them to comprehend of what is true coupled with optimum judgment as to what action to perform. They are able to take into consideration all variables in a situation, foresee the outcomes and what choices one should make to reach the conclusion they want.
  2. Children of Prometheus can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.


  1. Children of Prometheus are able to trick another person into doing something for them, coming into agreement with them, or revealing a secret to them; nothing guarantees the person will complete the task, if they figure out they are being tricked.
  2. Children of Prometheus have the ability to generate fire or heat in order to ignite things, distract others, combust objects, augment weapons and constructs, or cause anything to be hotter to the point they are cooked, burned or melted. However, once created, they are not able to control it, and the more fire or heat they generate, the more energy it drains them.
  3. Children of Prometheus are able to conjure pure clay, which can be molded into weapons,armor and shields, or any object possible, that are no more than 2 to 3 times the size of the user. However, only one object can be molded at a time, and the user is continuously drained as they create more clay.
  4. Children of Prometheus can telekinetically move clay with their mind, the more moved and the further the distance. The more energy drained.

3 Months After Character is MadeEdit

  1. Children of Prometheus can transmogrify others into clay in order to either petrify them or just render them useless and more vulnerable because they become slower and all soft, muddy, and sludgy. The more people affected and the longer the transformation is held, the more energy it drains. And people turned into clay cannot be telekinetically moved by children of Prometheus.

6 Months After Character is MadeEdit

  1. Children of Prometheus have the ability to construct a group of clay men or animals with a maximum number of five, which can then be controlled by the mind of their creator. Men and animals summoned this way can only be the normal size of the form they take. While the clay beings fights for the user, the latter has a hard time moving until they are destroyed or dismissed. Alternatively, they can create a golem or a giant animal that is equivalent to five clay men combined altogether, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user.

9 Months After Character is MadeEdit

  1. Children of Prometheus have the ability to turn their entire body into clay. This allows them to change their physical aspect and even mold extra limbs and appendages (but not wings), provide a strong dermal armor and enhance their strength by hardening, or even become flexible and elastic. They also do not feel pain in this state. The longer they keep this up, the more energy it drains, and the longer they have to stay nearly immobile after transforming back.


  1. Children of Prometheus are typically wise and intelligent. However, they can also be cunning, crafty, and incline to be like tricksters. But nonetheless, they are able to give convincing counsel, whether good or bad.
  2. Children of Prometheus generally have a morbid fear of eagles and vultures and they tend to not get along with the children of Zeus very well.
  3. Children of Prometheus are always great at molding and shaping clay without use of their powers. With that, they become known as great sculptors and carvers.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Prometheus Father He doesn't know him and if he's honest, he doesn't really want to.
Kaitlyn Byun Biological Mother He doesn't know her and can't think of any emotion to have towards her.
The Cha Family Adoptive Family He beats himself up over their deaths and wishes he was never a demigod, or he was never adopted by them.
Oswald Byun Twin Brother He doesn't know they're twins and from the way people speak of Oswald, he doesn't want to meet him.

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