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LeviPixel Levi Ryuk LeviPixelFlip
Fire Spirit
Former Son of Eros
Owned by: Alterdevil
Basic Info
Full Name: Levi Vasilios Ryuk
Titles: Fire Spirit
Former Son of Eros
Formidable Leader
Leading Inferno
Born/Created On: 1 April, 1996
Current Age: Immortal (20)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood
Nymph Sanctuary
Current Status: Alive
Species: Fire Spirit
Nationality: Korean-Canadian
Ethnicity: Asian
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: Loosely Yang Xiao Long from RWBY
Love Interests: None
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: 15/1/2016
Last Updated On: 18/7/2016
Plans: Find and meet Kyung-min/son
Get over his obsession with Min'gyu and move on
Model: Bang Yong-guk
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Varies
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood Type: B
Voice: Bass
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on under left collarbone
Small birthmark under left eye
Body Style: Athletic
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Miyong Ryuk
Father: Eros
Creator: N/A
Half-Siblings: Other children of Eros
Full-Siblings: Alexandria Ryuk † (Identical Twin Sister)
Other Relatives: N/A
Home: Toronto, Canada
Schooling: None
First Kiss: Hyunwoo Park
First Sex: Hyunwoo Park
First Love: Oh Min'gyu

General Info
Nicknames: Corvus
Puppy Dog
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: Short temper
Fears/Phobias: Buried Alive (Taphophobia)
Sexual Abuse (Contreltophobia)
Hobbies: Writing
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: Oh Min'gyu
Most Important Person Now: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral Good
Dream Job: Unknown
Current Job: Fire Spirit

Even though he looks intimidating, Levi is very kind and warmhearted. He's very protective over the people he loves and goes as far as putting himself in danger first in order to keep his loved ones protected. Levi is known to put others first before himself, and sometimes, that usually isn't a good thing considering he'll have to be reminded to take care of himself.

Since Levi has a short temper, things that are too stressful or if someone insults the people he loves, he'll turn enraged which often results to violence. Episodes don't last long due to his kind heart, but if he hurts someone in the process, Levi's anger quickly will turn to sorrow, asking for forgiveness.

The one thing that shatters Levi's heart the most is when his loved ones are in danger or being treated unkindly. This is due to Min'gyu and the dangers he was in. Because of Min'gyu's terrible anxiety and panic attacks, Levi will do anything in his power to keep his friends safe and well cared for. He doesn't cry often, since he usually looked up as a figure of strength, but when he does, it's usually something that breaks his heart (stated above).

Levi is very family orientated as he loves making children smile. When he was younger, he dreamed of having children or adopting. Sometimes, he acts like a child himself or like a puppy. Most of the time, he acts mature to a certain extant.

When upset or just plain sad, Levi would go for walks to clear him mind and would want to be alone, but since Min'gyu entered his life, when he was upset, he would want to talk it with someone he trusts, finding it easier and stress relieving.

Miyong Ryuk first met Eros at a small cafe in Quebec, Canada at the age of 21. Some of Miyong’s friend had set her up for a blind date and kept looking around for whoever it was. A young man entered the cafe and sat in the seat in front of Miyong. Before Miyong could even question him, the man introduced himself as Vasilios. Miyong was quite surprised at the man, but immediately fell head over heels in love with him. Of course, the two talked for a while, had coffee and spent the evening together. Miyong told Vasilios that she’d want to talk again, but it wasn’t for a whole week of talking and planning that things really went into action.

Miyong’s friends from Seattle were coming to visit and decided to throw a party. Miyong had invited Vasilios and Miyong’s friends invited a few others. Eventually, the party got a bit out of control and Miyong didn’t like it at all. Taking Vasilios upstairs away from the crowd and after much planning and preparation, they experimented. Unfortunately, Miyong didn’t see Vasilios the next morning, but her friends said that Vasilios left her a note. Giving Miyong the note, it read:

“I’m sorry that I had to leave you, Miyong, but my name Eros and there is a possibility that you are pregnant. Please see that your child or children will get to a place called Camp Half Blood safely at they would be attacked by monsters if they are out of camp any further. I know our time was brief, but I loved every moment of it. Yours Truly, Vasilios.”

Miyong was shocked, to say the least. This was honestly the last thing she expected. But, if she was going to have children, she’s going to be the best damn mother to them. During the time she was pregnant, Miyong decided it was best to move back to her hometown - Toronto - so she’d be closer to family to help her. Miyong’s mother, Jaehwa, didn’t live too far, so Jaehwa decided to help her daughter in any way she can while she was pregnant.

A few months later, Miyong gave birth to twins - a baby girl she named Alexandria Ruby Ryuk and a baby boy she named Levi Vasilios Ryuk. While Levi was more outgoing, spontaneous and friendly, Alex was more introverted, reserved and not exactly… well, nice. Levi tried to bond with his sister, but Alex was rather resentful and liked to be alone.

When Levi was around 5, his mother said there were new neighbors in town and she wanted to meet them. Levi was excited to make new friends and couldn’t wait. Once arriving at the new neighbor’s house, a married couple named Hialeah and Matthew Park with an adopted son named Hyunwoo, Levi felt a connection with Hyunwoo. The two got along quite well, Hyunwoo not really paying attention to Levi’s sister, Alex, almost like she didn’t really exist. Alex didn’t mind, she mainly stayed with the parents.

Sadly, bliss was short lived when the twins were 6 when their grandmother’s house caught on fire. Both Miyong and Jaehwa were so busy with the mischievous kids that neither of them noticed that a candle tipped over and set fire to the curtains. Once they noticed, it was too late. The fire began to spread rapidly and before they knew it, the house was engulfed with flames.

Levi was terrified. His sister wasn’t anywhere in sight since she thought it was a good idea to hide from Miyong and Jaehwa and he couldn’t see due to the thick smoke. Coughing and hacking, Levi tried to find his sister, but the house began crumbling from above him. Wood dropped and wood chips flew, causing him to have pretty bad splinters in his skin. Eventually, there was too much smoke in his lungs and passed out.

Firemen arrived at the scene and searched inside the house, Miyong and Jaehwa already evacuated but Miyong screamed that her children were inside. A fireman came out of the burning building - while the other men tried to put out the fire - with only one child in his arms. He said that there was only one child visible inside and deemed it was too dangerous to go back inside and search more.

Miyong was heartbroken, but relieved when her son was okay. They were rushed to the hospital since it could be life threatening for a child of Levi’s age to have all that smoke in his lungs. Disheartened, Miyong prayed to Eros to do something, that she didn’t want Levi’s childhood to start off this way. And he did. He came to her in human form, telling her that he could erase Levi’s memory of the fire, but as result, he would, not only erase the memories of Alexandria, but the fire under one condition: that Eros would curse Levi that when he found his soulmate, he and his soulmate would share a physical connection. The only way the curse would weaken if one partner was dying and, eventually, break, once that person is dead.

Miyong agreed and thus, Eros asked Mnemosyne to erase Levi’s memories of both his sister and the fire as Eros cursed Levi. When Levi awoke, he had no recollection of how he was there and what happened. Levi asked his mother what happened, but Miyong told him not to worry about it.

Once Levi was out of the hospital, Jaehwa told Miyong that she would find a new place to live. Miyong offered her mother a room in her house, but Jaehwa didn’t want to tie her down since she did lose a daughter and almost lost a son. After all, she also needed time to cope. Once the two got home, Miyong took down everything from Alex’s room and stored them in the attic. While in the attic, she cried and sobbed. She wanted her daughter back as well. She wondered, “why her and not me?” but, she answered her own question with, “because Levi needs me”. She decided that this was the best for Levi and locked up Alex’s room so Levi - or anyone - could never enter the bedroom.

But, when Levi was 9, Miyong heard that new neighbors had moved in - a single mother from Seoul, South Korea and a child two years younger than Levi. Miyong took Levi over to greet them. There, Miyong introduced herself and her neighbor - a Korean woman named Oh Siyeon who was not very familiar with English - and her son, Min’gyu. Levi was scheduled a playdate with Hyunwoo, so Miyong dropped him off shortly after and went over to Siyeon’s to get to know her better.

Levi told Hyunwoo that his mother wanted to get to know the new boy - Min’gyu - since she thought it was a great idea. Hyunwoo seemed displeased, obvious onto how he threw his crayon on the table and pouted. Hyunwoo began growing jealous which amused Levi because of his childish friend. He even laughed so hard, his face turned red. Hyunwoo was a bit annoyed but soon laughed with Levi.

During the course of the years, Levi saw a lot of Min’gyu since he was always at his house whenever Siyeon would go out and do her “job”. Miyong was kind to the shy boy. Whenever Levi tried to get close to Min’gyu, Min’gyu would shy away and hide behind Miyong since he felt rather intimidated. Levi was confused, but something felt… right just being around him. He didn’t know what it was, but he liked it. Miyong explained to Levi that Min’gyu was incredibly shy and it’ll take some time for him to adjust to his new home. Since Min’gyu only knew Korean and struggled a lot with English, Miyong talked to him in Korean and helped him with English.

Levi said he wanted to learn Korean since he wanted to be friends with Min’gyu, so Miyong taught her son Korean as well. Levi told all this to Hyunwoo and he didn’t like it one bit. He went on how he hated this kid and how close he was getting to Levi. Levi didn’t really pay attention to Hyunwoo’s rambling as he was too deep in his own thoughts. He was snapped out when Hyunwoo began shaking him and yelling at him to pay attention to him, making Levi laugh at his childish attitude.

During Middle School, two Korean-American twin boys named Shiloh and Izak T’ae moved in the next neighborhood over and went to the same school as Levi and Hyunwoo. There, Levi befriended the twins and made a group called Branwens. Levi saw the group as an opportunity to make friends and tried to “recruit” people for the group, but to no avail. Hyunwoo didn’t exactly like Shiloh and Izak at first, but they eventually grew onto him and he became more open to them.

It wasn’t until Levi was 13 where things grew exciting. During the day, as he was walking home from the store across the street that he heard loud growling behind him. Startled, he turned around, but there was nothing there. Levi was confused, but when he turned back around, a large, hellish dog - a hellhound - was right in front of him and it did not mean well. Frightened, Levi ran. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Finding an alleyway, he made a sharp turn and hid in there in hopes to get away from the hellhound. He heard something being unsheathed and whimpering.

Out of curiosity, Levi looked from his hiding spot and didn’t see anything but gold dust. He was confused. Was he just imagining this? Levi was very confused and decided to tell his mother about it. Miyong was confused and didn’t know what to do, but she did remember in Eros’ note that Levi would get attacked by monsters. Yet, at the same time, she saw the fondness Levi had with Min’gyu. Could that boy be Levi’s soulmate? Miyong couldn’t separate them just yet, especially for the fact that Miyong had a slight idea what was going on at Siyeon’s home but had no idea whether Min’gyu was a demigod or not, so she can’t take Levi to camp just yet.

Miyong told Levi that it was all part of his active imagination which made Levi rather upset. Miyong calmed him down by telling him that if any monster were to attack him that she’d protect him. And as a gift for his birthday, Miyong gave her son a bar loop bracelet with an odd looking charm on it that acts as the bar. Miyong told him that it was a gift from his father and told him to use it for emergencies only. Levi nodded and put it on. But when he was in his room, he saw a little button on the chain. Taking it off and pressing it, it turned into a warhammer with a sharp end that looks like it could stab something and possibly hurt someone. Shocked, he pressed the button again and it turned back into a bracelet.

Why did his father give him a weapon?

He decided not to tell anyone, but wore the bracelet because it was a gift from his father - the father that he knew nothing about - and felt a sense of protection wearing the bracelet.

A few days later, Levi had a great idea. The park that Levi and his friends always hanged around, he wanted to mark the same park with their symbols as if to say it was their territory. Hyunwoo would get Shiloh and Izak and Levi got the spray paint cans. Since Levi’s mother was far too busy being on the phone with his grandmother, Levi was able to sneak into his garage with his mother’s old duffle bag and stuffed it with a variety of spray paints that were usually used for crafts. Levi dragged the duffle bag to the park and waited. Getting rather persistent, Levi thought about calling Hyunwoo until they all showed up at the park.

Levi unzipped the bag and revealed the spray paints. Once each kid chose a color, a snapping of a twig startled them. A figure made a run for it but Hyunwoo was hot on his tail. Levi felt scared onto why someone would be following them, but saw Hyunwoo dragging the figure back. The figure kicked and screamed as Hyunwoo threw him down in front of Levi. Fear turned into anger and Levi barked at the figure why they followed the group as Hyunwoo stood beside Levi, smirking.

Levi realized it was Min’gyu, the shy boy who would come over his house at nights sometimes. Min’gyu spoke quickly in the language he was best at how he saw them outside and wanted to see what was going on, and possibly, befriend them. Levi softened, crouching down next Min’gyu. Yet again, that same comfort and warm sensation burned through Levi’s body and felt a strong connection with Min’gyu. Since the other kids didn’t understand what Min’gyu was saying, Levi translated since he was well acquainted with Korean. Hyunwoo scoffed and turned up nose up at Min’gyu while Shiloh and Izak merely smiled.

Levi decided that Min’gyu would be apart of the Branwens and since the group went by codenames, Levi was the leader went by Corvus, Hyunwoo went by Raven and he was second in command, and Shiloh and Izak went by Sparrow and Ibis. Everyone suggested a codename for Min’gyu, Hyunwoo suggesting Intruder jokingly, but Min’gyu and the rest seemed to like it.

Levi and Min’gyu seemed to grow closer with each passing day, but Levi also noticed the solemn expression he always wore. Levi decided he didn’t like seeing Min’gyu so upset and tried to cheer him up as much as he possibly could.

When Levi was 15, a month after another monster ambushed Levi, he and Hyunwoo were home alone and both boys decided to experiment. Since both boys were young, inexperienced and didn’t know anything about sex, it ended badly. Levi was rather relieved he didn’t feel anything for Hyunwoo, although, Hyunwoo seemed upset because of the same reason. Levi reassured him that this was good as it’ll open new doors for the both of them.

When seeing Min’gyu that day, his face was red as a beet. Before either of them could ask what was wrong, Min’gyu rushed back home as he seemed embarrassed about something. Hyunwoo went to investigate, but Levi stopped him, telling him to let him be. As they were heading to the nearby café, as Hyunwoo was rambling about the Greek gods, Shiloh and Izak announced they’d be moving next year since their parents found a better job in America.

But before anyone could react, Levi began holding his head, crying in pain. Since everyone was concerned for Levi, they asked him what was wrong, but he didn’t respond. Instead, he made a mad dash for home. He didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t know why he had a sudden headache.

Following the route back home, he found Min’gyu passed out on the concrete with a hellhound looming over him. Levi sprang into action and activated his warhammer. The problem was that Levi had no idea how to use a weapon, let alone how to kill a hellhound. So, he took a shot and the dark, and with luck, he was able to kill the hellhound with the sharp end of the warhammer. Putting the warhammer away, Levi took Min’gyu in his arms and carried him home.

Miyong was surprised at the scene before her. She took Min’gyu and began bandaging up. Levi explained the situation. Miyong remained quiet, ignoring all of her son’s questions and focused more on Min’gyu’s head injury. Miyong let Min’gyu rest in Levi’s bedroom while Levi sauntered to the living room, trying to distract himself from painful throbbing of his head with a television show, but ended up falling asleep.

He didn’t realize he fell asleep until he woke up to soft padding of feet on the floor below him. Sitting up, he saw Min’gyu begin his departure home until Levi asked,

“Are you leaving?”

Min’gyu turned around quickly and explained himself. Levi walked over and said that he wasn’t being a burden as well as explaining how he ended up in his house. Min’gyu was grateful, but couldn’t burden Miyong and Levi more than he already was. Levi’s statement still stood, saying he was welcomed here. Levi felt extreme satisfaction when Min’gyu gave Levi a small smile. A small one, but it was still a smile.

Min’gyu ended up staying. And even for dinner. He thought his mother was getting worried about him, so he decided to call her, but grew even more worried when his mother didn’t pick up. When Levi walked Min’gyu home, he was locked out, so, Levi decided for him to stay the night. Growing embarrassed, Min’gyu agreed sheepishly. Levi offered Min’gyu pajamas, but they all were too big on him, surprisingly. Still, it didn’t stop him from wearing them.

Levi suggested to sleep on the couch, but as Min’gyu went to protest, a loud thunderclap startled him out of his thoughts, jumping and recoiling back. Levi was concerned for Min’gyu, but grew worse when the thunder wouldn’t stop, eventually leaving Min’gyu curling into a ball and crying. Levi knew he couldn’t leave the boy alone. So, with a bit of protesting and Min’gyu practically jumping into Levi’s arms, the two slept together, Min’gyu cuddling Levi tightly, like he was ready to slip out of his grasp. Levi realized something that night, as he was falling asleep, he was in love with Min’gyu.

When Min’gyu was entering high school, Levi and Hyunwoo protected Min’gyu since he was very frail and he wasn’t used to all the kids. Min’gyu would cling onto Levi and word spread fast that the two were dating.

Things become harsher for the 3 of them. Hyunwoo would ignore it or spit childish remarks at them, Min’gyu tried to ignore it, but it hurt a lot, and Levi would protect Min’gyu, knowing how sensitive the boy was. Unfortunately, one morning, while it was still early, Levi and Hyunwoo were entering the school when Levi was starting to experience physical pain. Soon enough, it was followed by Min’gyu’s cry for help. The boys rushed into the scene, and was met with a group of boys and one student had Min’gyu pinned down with his hand covering his mouth.

Hyunwoo ripped the student off of Min’gyu while Levi scooped up with shaking and sobbing boy in his arms. Once the group of boys left, Hyunwoo helped Levi take Min’gyu to the infirmary and Hyunwoo told the office what happened. Levi comforted Min’gyu until Siyeon came to pick him up. Min’gyu was refusing to go but Levi said he would be there after school.

During school, Levi found it difficult to pay attention and time seemed to go slower than usual. Once school was over for the day, Levi made a mad dash for Min’gyu’s house. Knocking on Siyeon’s door, Siyeon answered, looking better than usual. She let Levi inside and explained that Min’gyu had been sleeping all day, but would hear screaming from time to time. Levi brushed past Siyeon and heard sobbing from inside Min’gyu’s room. Concerned, he entered and quietly shut the door behind him.

Min’gyu snapped his head up to look at Levi with wide and watery eyes. He scrambled off his bed and zipped into Levi’s arms, sobbing in his chest. Levi began saying soothing words to Min’gyu, to help calm him down. But, Min’gyu did something that both boys were in shock.

He kissed Levi.

Min’gyu must’ve been embarrassed since he pushed himself away from Levi and threw himself on the bed. Levi’s cheeks were a bright red, but he laughed, sitting next to Min’gyu, muttering; “I can’t believe I just did that” like a mantra. Levi pulled Min’gyu into his lap and, with a smile, kissed him back. It was Min’gyu’s turn to laugh and he said to the blushing boy,

“You’re so dumb.”

As the years went by, Levi was still ambushed by the monsters, but managed to escape. He knew he couldn’t go to camp just yet because, what Morpheus had told him, that he was still in an unstable condition. One day, while Levi was studying at home, he got a call from Min’gyu. He couldn’t understand Min’gyu as he was sobbing violently and hyperventilating and heard shouting over the phone - most likely from his mother - but he didn’t need an explanation to know what was going on.

Levi sprinted over there and barged in without knocking first. It didn’t matter anyhow, the door was unlocked since Siyeon’s home was practically an open house for her “customers”. Levi saw Siyeon in the kitchen, glaring at him with shock, confusion and frustration, but that wasn’t had Levi’s attention. He heard someone calling for help and rushed to the scene.

It grew louder until it reached Min’gyu’s room. Levi sprinted over to Min’gyu’s side and tried to calm down the panicked boy. After a few minutes of trying to regulate Min’gyu breathing and trying to get his heart rate down to normal, Levi told him to pack his things and that he was spending the night with him, whether Min’gyu - or his mother - liked it or not. Min’gyu nodded and began to do what he was told and Levi sauntered into the kitchen where Siyeon was drinking a bottle of cheap beer.

Levi didn’t have time to react as Min’gyu came from his bedroom. Levi guided Min’gyu back to his house, holding Min’gyu’s hand tightly. Back home, Hyunwoo was sitting in the living room. Levi was confused onto why Hyunwoo was there, but his mother explained that Hyunwoo wanted to spend some time with him and Min’gyu, even saying that he brought over some Greek Mythology books. Hyunwoo was adopted by demigod descendants, so he had a fascination of the Greek Mythology and wanted to spread his knowledge with his friends as much as he could. Min’gyu rushed over to Hyunwoo and greeted him by hugging him. Hyunwoo was excited to see his favorite “brother” but stopped smiling when he heard Min’gyu sniffling.

As Min’gyu explained what happened, Levi went to grab some blankets from the closet. A door across from his bedroom with a faded floral pattern caught his eye. He wondered what was in that room. He didn’t really think much about that room - or acknowledged it - until now. His mother said that there was nothing in that room for him, but if there was nothing, why was she so persistent about him not entering that room. Levi pushed aside his thoughts and went to deliver the blankets to the duo. Despite Levi’s and Min’gyu’s relationship, Hyunwoo spent most of the time cuddling Min’gyu. He said it, “wasn’t fair” that Levi got to be near him all the time and rarely spent any time with him. It caused the two to laugh, and eventually, Hyunwoo joined in.

As Hyunwoo and Min’gyu were talking, Levi decided to read a few of the Greek Mythology books Hyunwoo brought over, reading over each description and notes that Hyunwoo made carefully. A monster called a Hellhound caught his attention. He read Hyunwoo’s note which said; “attacks all demigods at ages 11 to 13 and will continue to hunt down said demigod or demigods until outran, killed or demigod has been taken to camp.” Levi was bewildered since it eerily matched the description of his situation. Could Levi be a demigod himself? Yet, he kept this to himself and continued reading.

For Min’gyu’s 16th birthday, Hyunwoo suggested to get tattoos of their symbols since the 3 of them were now legal to get tattoos without parental permission. Levi didn’t like the idea, but agreed. Min’gyu had a fear of needles, but Levi said he’ll be there with him. Hyunwoo went first, getting his symbol, a black raven with its wings spread out, all over his back. Levi decided to go next, but got Min’gyu’s symbol instead, under his left collarbone. Min’gyu went last, getting Levi’s symbol under his right collarbone, but wanting to overcome his fear, he wanted another tattoo, so he got a back tattoo that covered the left side of his back and abdomen. Levi was there to hold his hand, he knew how much pain he was in and how terrifying it was for him.

Once the artist was done with his work, Hyunwoo paid for all 3 of them. A couple of weeks past, where it was safe enough for the bandages to come off their tattoos, Levi was awestruck at how Min’gyu looked in his tattoos. Min’gyu felt embarrassed to show them off, but Levi kept telling him he looked beautiful, showering him in kisses. Levi was the only person to go beyond hugs, since he trusted Levi so much. The two eventually got things heated and it led to sex. Levi was cautious at first, but Min’gyu told him it was okay.

Everyone’s bliss stopped short when Hyunwoo came home to find his parents dead on the floor, bullet wounds in their heads. Falling to his knees with a pounding head, he cried. He cried hard and loudly. Min’gyu and Levi heard Hyunwoo’s cries and rushed to the scene. As the two processed the scene in front of them, Levi called the police while Min’gyu dragged a broken down Hyunwoo. When the police arrived, the questioned everyone, but it was clear that they weren’t going to get any leads. The police tried, but the investigation was eventually dropped.

Since Hyunwoo had barely enough money to get by, Miyong suggested Hyunwoo to live with her. Hyunwoo went to object, but he realized it was the right thing to do. He was tired, he hadn’t eaten for a whole week since the death was affecting him hard, and, in all honesty, he needed a shower. Hyunwoo bowed in respect, but ended up crying at the small favor.

There were times where Levi had to comfort Hyunwoo due to him waking up in a panic and screaming and there were times Min’gyu had to comfort Hyunwoo since it was clear his hyung wasn’t taking care of himself. It reached a point where it got so bad that Min’gyu cried and Levi grew concerned as all hell, telling him he’d take him to a hospital if he wasn’t taking care of himself properly. Hyunwoo prayed constantly, consulting the gods for help. It took months, but finally, Hyunwoo was back to his original self - childish but kindhearted and optimistic.

For years, Miyong kept the secret about his son’s curse, but when it became obvious that Levi was having weird physical sensations, Miyong told Levi a year later. As expected, Levi was both confused and bewildered. She told him that he was cursed in order to protect him - which was true, but not the whole truth. Miyong suspected that Levi was connected Min’gyu. Levi still didn’t understand, but when Miyong told him he was a demigod - a son of Eros, it started making sense. Miyong told him that he needs to be taken to camp, but Levi resisted, telling her that he wouldn’t - couldn’t - leave his friends behind. It was clear Hyunwoo knew but not Min’gyu.

Miyong didn’t like the idea of waiting any longer, but it was clear her son wouldn’t leave without his friends, so she had no choice but to agree that they wouldn’t leave until they found out whether Min’gyu was a demigod or not.

Looking back at the hellhound incident with Min’gyu, Levi suspected that Min’gyu was a demigod himself, but he didn’t know anything about this camp. Out of his own selfish acts, he kept it for himself and pretended that his conversation with his mother never happened.

Levi went to pick up Min’gyu from Siyeon’s house since Siyeon told Levi she would have a client over today when Siyeon told him that he was the one who needed to take Min’gyu to camp since her son didn’t trust her anymore. Levi simply nodded his head and continued to go get Min’gyu. A couple of weeks after, Hyunwoo was discussing about demigods, how the gods would have sex with mortals and create demigods. These demigods were often attacked by monsters of Tartarus, and it sounded exactly what Min’gyu was going through. Levi kept quiet. Hyunwoo even said the age on which the monsters attacked was usually around age 13. Min’gyu shot Levi a glance. He knew. He knew all this time Min’gyu was a demigod. Levi couldn’t keep it in anymore and finally decided that it was time that he would go to camp.

Min’gyu became enraged at Levi. He went on how he could’ve had a better life away from his abusive mother, away from all the sick people that wanted his body, all the people who harassed him at school. But no, Levi kept it a secret. Ignoring Levi’s protests, Min’gyu called his mother, asking her if she knew anything about a camp for demigods. She did, and decided it was time to take him to Camp Half Blood.

Levi even came clean that he was a demigod himself, a son of Eros. His mother asked Eros to curse him so that when he found his soulmate, they would share a physical sensation. Min’gyu asked him if there was anything else he should know about. He did, saying the curse would become weaker, and eventually, break, if one is close to death. Siyeon went to pick up the 3 and headed to camp. Siyeon still had her old weapon with her, her xiphos, but decided to give it to Min’gyu, stating that it was a gift. Min’gyu felt grateful, saying it even turned into a ring when not in use. As if on cue, the xiphos turned into a ring. It was a plain bronze ring and Min’gyu put it on.

Just reaching the camp, the group was attacked by a group of harpies. Min’gyu tried to fight them off with his new weapon, but wasn’t trained, and ended up messing up. Levi and Siyeon tried to fight them off as well, but the harpies were quick. The harpies seemed aim at Siyeon, attacking her, and eventually, killing her. Min’gyu was left in shock, he felt like he couldn’t move. The harpies aimed at him next, but Levi pushed him out of the way. It didn’t to much, since the two felt a physical sensation, but Min’gyu can feel it growing weaker and weaker. He remembered what Levi had said about the curse - how it grew weaker when one was dying. Min’gyu tried to fight off the harpies again, and a group of demigods from camp helped them as well. The harpies eventually fled from the scene, Hyunwoo coming out from his hiding spot, when Min’gyu saw Levi, his life slipping away from him. Min’gyu begged and pleaded for him not to die, how he was sorry that he was mad at him. Levi said he didn’t need to apologize, and his dying words were,

“I hope you can forgive me.”

The last thing Levi saw was Min’gyu crying before everything went black.

When Hyunwoo saw the harpies, he was terrified and hid. It was clear Hyunwoo could see through the mist. His heart pounded and there were a million thoughts on his mind. His eye caught sight of a bow and a single arrow. A camper had dropped it when going to help fight off the harpies. Hyunwoo grabbed it immediately. He brought the bow back with the arrow, turned around and aimed. But what shocked him the most was Levi, his body covered in claw wounds. A harpy landed next to Levi’s body, looking at him. Hyunwoo drew the arrow back, aiming. He wanted to kill the harpy right then and there, but he didn’t know how to kill one. His parents said they were heinous creatures but he never said how they were killed.

So, Hyunwoo waited. The temptation of an attempt to kill the harpy was strong, but eventually, the harpy flew away. Hyunwoo dropped the bow and rushed over to Levi, kneeling beside him. He prayed and prayed, but it didn’t seem to work. Instead, Prometheus came to Hyunwoo in a human form. He told Hyunwoo he would revive Levi and turn him into a fire spirit. And in return, Hyunwoo would be his priest. Feeling great honor, Hyunwoo complied. Prometheus healed Levi and left, nodding at Hyunwoo and smirking.

The next thing Levi knew was seeing Hyunwoo’s smiling face and tearful eyes. He was alive? Didn’t he just die? Levi asked Hyunwoo what happened and Hyunwoo said that Prometheus turned him into a fire spirit and that he was the new priest of camp. Hyunwoo walked Levi inside, but when Hyunwoo wasn’t looking, Levi fled. He couldn’t handle being around Hyunwoo nor Min’gyu, so he decided to go home for a while. He spent some time with his mother and grandmother without any worries. He felt guilty leaving Min’gyu and Hyunwoo, but a few months later, he told his mother and grandmother that he was needed somewhere else and went to camp.

  1. They are innately extremely resistant to heat and fire.
  2. They can heal the minor burns of others, but the more severe the burn, the more energy it drains
  3. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  4. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  1. They have the ability to release heat from their hands in order to cauterize an open wound.
  2. They have the ability to create and control fire, the larger the flame, or the more condensed, the more energy it drains
  3. They have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into pure fire for a short time and while in this state, the user is granted flight, immune to all attacks and anything they touch is intensely burned
  1. The more upset they are, the harder it is for them to control their powers
  2. They are stronger in the heat

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  • His collarbone tattoo
  • His Warhammer

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