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Lex -Automaton
-War Machine / Member of the Ortu Justitiae

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We will be avenged.


Hephaestus built several automatons to aid him with his projects. One of them, was "Lex Mach-II". Hephaestus decided to go forward with Mach-II. When Hephaestus finished, Mach-II was a little timid. After a while, Mach-II was building and tinkering like the perfect assistant. After the Fire God saw the potential for Mach-II, he sent him into the world to familiarize Mac-II or Lexington Gray with people and the latest technology. When Lexington returned, he gave his master all the newest designs. Hephaestus loved the designs and decided that he was going to make them himself. Lexington was outraged that his own designs were being stolen. Saddened, Hephaestus had to shut Lexington down after the final outbreak of madness.

After twenty years, the latest automaton accidentally revived Lexington by restarting his brain with electricity. Lexington broke out and was lost in the woods, near The Sanctuary where he was found by Seth "Set" Kahn.

Appearance and Personality

Lexington has red-brown hair and short side-burns. His face is pale and the focus beams in his eyes glow bronze-ish brown. He is 6'4 and thin. His "heart" is a steam and Greek Fire combustion- chamber that makes energy for his body. He has a Celestial Bronze patch over the combustion-chamber to protect himself. His "skin" is made of Celestial Bronze alloy. Over top, is a layer of embalmed and polished cow-hide. His fashion-esque is very Steam Punk. Lexington is very cooky and crazy. He expresses himself through crazy English humour. He includes this finesse even when he is being deadly serious... or just deadly.


Lexington has a bronze cannon built in to his right arm and has great strength. His computer-like brain functions almost have the speed faster than a normal human's or demigod's, which gives him the advantage of quick thinking.


Name Relation Feelings
Regina Chaney (1909–1982) Lover I loved Regina. I miss her so much.
Seth "Set" Kahn Friend He discovered me in the woods and saved me.
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