Liberi Superum


Liberi Superum


Regemus letalis.

(We will rule the mortals.)

Humanity! The power of the Gods comes from these Mortal beings. What the other's do not see is that we must band together and make these Mortals worship us. Thus taking the power away from our parents! It has come to my attention that the other's do not realize this. They think there's a way around using the Mortals but we need a rain check. We must take over the Mortals and use them to our advantage..... By any means necessary. This could be befriending them, torturing them, or controlling them. Anyway you need to, we must get these mortals to worship us and not our parents..... For the Broken Covenant! Regemus Letalis!


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Second in Command

Faction Members

  1. Isadore King - Son of Bia
  2. Maeve Castle - Daughter of Eris
  3. Octavian - Son of the Nemean Lion
  4. Terra Rhoikos - Son of Gaia


Lock Down

Users Officially Less Active

Members who Left/Died

  1. Brutalis (Child of Menoetius)
  2. Kassi (Wind Nymph)
  3. Leonidas (Child of Hyperion)
  4. Prototype DTH-42 (Automaton)
  5. Kaydenza Black (Child of Tartarus)
  6. Jordan Buttler (Child of Hades)
  7. Jasmine Adeline Clarkson (Child of Asteria)
  8. Adam Darkwood (Child of Hades)
  9. Elias Drake (Child of Kratos)
  10. Conor Fames (Child of Thanatos)
  11. Brennan 'Bren' Lancaster (Child of Eris)
  12. Derek Lannister (Child of Akhlys)
  13. Jada Martinez (Child of Physis)
  14. Theo Nichols (Child of Tartarus)
  15. Nick Shannon (Child of Eleus)
  16. Jared Swan (Child of Eros)
  17. Ragnar Thorsen (Child of Kakia)
  18. Charlie White (Child of Acheron)
  19. Yelena Zaltana (Child of Athena)
  20. Vexuvius Lerkelashvor (Child of Kratos)
  21. Raven Piracello (Child of Melinoe)
  22. Terra Sato (Child of Gaia)

  1. Katarina Nicole (Fire Nymph)


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