Lilac Owens
Daughter of Aphrodite
Owned by: Nerdylove
Lilac Owens

‘’Be a voice, bot an echo.’’
Lilac is alive and healthy and enjoying camp
Lilac is very loyal to those she deems worthy. She says what she means and doesn't hold back. She is very all or nothing in all areas of her life. She can be very friendly, but rather malicious and cruel if you get on her bad side. She is very persistent and determined and achieves most things she wants.

Kieth met Aphrodite at one of his shows. She introduced herself as Lilac. It was pretty much instant attraction. The two were perfect for each other and totally in love. They spent two months together, until Aphrodite had to return to Olympus, but not before falling pregnant. 3 months after Aphrodite left, a gilded stroller turned up on the doorstep with a note that read 'Protect our daughter'

Kieth named his daughter after his lost love and doted on her, giving her everything she wanted. Growing up, Lilac fitted in very well. She had lots of friends and many admirers. She found it hard to be normal with ADHD and dyslexia, but she mangaged well, not letting her disabilities define her. She was a wild child, taking up many sports, such as ice-skating, fencing, gymnastic and dance.

When she was thirteen, she was practicing a da ce routine in her yard when a supposedly lost dog wandered into her yard. She called He animal loving friend Beth, because she was a volunteer at an animal shelter, for help with the dog, and left to buy it some food. When she returned, Beth was fighting off the 'dog' that had transformed into a chimera. Beth threw the bracelet she always wore to her and it morphed into a well balanced sword with silver lettering on the hilt that read 'Erastís'. She somehow knew that meant lover.

As Beth was trained and Lilac had done fencing and knew how to handle herself with a weapon, they were able to formulate a plan. Beth distracted the chimera, Lilac snuck up behind the beast and delivered a lethal blow.

Beth revealed she was a saytr and told her that the bracelet was a gift from her mother, Aphrodite. She tried to take her to Camp Half Blood, but Lilac refused, because she wanted to stay with her dad.

Six months later, Lilac was walking home when she was attacked by styphalian birds. Because Beth had given her lessons on how to survive alone, she knew to blast music from her iPhone and make loud screams and noises. Eventually, the birds ceased the attack and retreated.

The attack made Beth more determined to get Her to safety, but it only made Lilac more certain she was right. After all, she handled that attack fine.

Lilac became overconfident after the attack, often leaving her bracelet at home. so, when a harpy attacked her while Beth was in the bathroom when she was fifteen, She was woefully unprepared. Foretunately, Beth returned just in time and killed the harpy.

Lilac finally agreed to go to camp and has been there for two days.

Basic Info
Full Name: Lilac Mira Owens
Titles: Daughter of Aphrodite
Current Location: Camp Half Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half Blood
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: 14 September 2000
Current Age: 15
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Accent: American
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: Nerdylove
Inspiration Behind Creation: N/A
Love Interests Char/Owner: Drama, Skating, fencing, drawing
Active RP's:
Created Page On: 26 May 2016
Page Last Updated On: at some point
Plans: N/A
3/6/9 Month Powers:


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Skills & Weapons
Special Skills:
Preferred Weapon:
Quests/Missions Led: 0
Quests/Missions Been On: 0

Fairy Tales are more than true, not because they say dragons exist, but because they say dragons can be beaten.
Possessions & Favourite Things

scrapbook, rollerblades, drawing pad, pencils, Erastís

Likes: Acting, Drawing, Dancing, Gymnastics, fencing, climbing
Dislikes: real life drama, confrontation, betrayals
Colour: lavender
Music: pop
Food: bubblegum ice cream
Animal: dove
Book: Romeo and Juliet
Quote: Age is not decided by the breath you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
Drink: Vanilla Coke
Song: Love Story, Taylor Swift
Movie: The Notebook
Sport: Dance
Other Favs:
Appearance & More Images
Model: Shenae Grimes
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: dark brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: left
Shoe Size: 9
Blood Type: B+
Voice: Alto
Distinguishing Marks: Scar on arm from styphalian bird
Body Style: slim
One Word to Describe:
Best Physical Trait: playing chess with her dad, just before the monster attacks started
Worst Physical Trait:
Mental/Emotional State:
Things to Change: well
Mental/Emotional disorders:
Medical Problems/Ailments:

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love
Father: Keith Owens, Model
Half-Siblings: Aphrodite Cabin
Full-Siblings: N/A
Other Relatives:
Earliest Memory: Going to her fathers show
Best Memory: playing chess with her dad, just before the monster attacks started
Schooling: Graduated from Junior and Middle School
First Kiss: N/A
First Love: N/A
First Sex: N/A
Other Firsts:

General Info
Nicknames: Lil
Native Language: American English
Character Flaw: Naivety
Fears/Phobias: Betrayal
Personal Motto: You don't have long, live while you can
Things He Won't Do: Betray somebody she calls a friend
Most Admires:
Most Influenced By:
Moral Compass: South
Most Important Person Before: Father
Most Important Person Now:
Reacts to Crises: Brashly
Faces Their Problems: With help
Reacts to Change: well
Alignment: Camp
Dream Job: Dancer
Current Job: Demigod
Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken!
Vices: Places her trust before the other person earns it
Bad Habits: Nail biter
Sleeping Habits: Stay up late, sleep in
Quirks: She is a closeted hopeless romantic, despite pretending she hates the whole thing
Attitude: Loyal and positive
Special Talents: Dancing, drawing
Social Skills: Has a lot of friends
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: dancing
Main Priorities: others
Past Failures: overconfidence
Biggest Accomplishment: winning a beauty pageant, winning a contemporary dance competition
Darkest Secret?:
Secret Known by Anyone?:
Personal Tragedy: not having a mother
One Wish: that she was a normal person, without the demigod add ins
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? no
Relates to Others? very well
Perceived by Strangers: kind, bubbly
Perceived by Lover:
Perceived by Friends: loyal, quirky
Perceived by Family: Sweet, Caring, Loyal
First Impression: Fun
Family/Friends Like Most? Her loyal nature
Family/Friends Like Least? her naivety

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