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Death is something some campers can't avoid. It follows them waiting to strike, and do to this, many campers are honored in the Camp Tribune for their deaths. However those who just can't seem to die, no matter how hard you think of ideas. They just seem to stay alive despite your death wish that is upon them. Well now here is a way to a) get ideas on how to kill them, or b) if your lazy, get a Broken Covenant member to kill them for you.

Ideas on how to kill your character

  1. Have them die an honorable death on a quest or mission.
  2. Have the character encounter a monster, and they are unable to survive the attack.
  3. Have the character encounter a Broken Covenant member, and they are unable to fight the member away.
  4. Have them be a part of something, but something goes wrong and they die.

Characters That You Want Killed By A Broken Covenant Member

Please sign up your characters name with a link to their page, also beside it in brackets put your name beside it.

Broken Covenant Members Willing To Do The Job

Please sign up your characters here, just the same as you did above.
Example: Cameron Hartly, (Brocky)

  1. Jordan Summers, (Kevin)
  2. Cato Sylvester, (Hyu)
  3. Elysia Aleksi, (Shadow)

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