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Current Priests & Priestesses of the Wiki


This is the page where all the currently existing priests/priestesses of the wiki can be found. Over here you can see the cabins with or without priests/priestesses, name of those characters and who owns them.

These are the current priests and priestesses active at camp....


  1. Celeste, Priestess for Astraeus, Owned by Nat
  2. Anja Nikolaievitch, Priestess for Hestia, Owned by UniPacific
  3. Hyunwoo Park Priest for Prometheus, Owned by DaichiAoi
  4. Andrea Reynolds Priestess for Hera, Owned by Kane
  5. Nyxil Vane Priest for Theia, Owned by Toxyca
  6. Enya Fray Priestess for Hephaestus, Owned by Whimsy
  7. Arthur Strongheart Priest for Nike Owned by Gaygamer
  8. Bree Loilic Priest for Hecate Owned by Kat


  1. Myung Ki-Jae Priestess for Eros, User Left, Owned by LittleKitten
  2. Isabella Chase Priestess for Apate, User Left, Owned by Isabella Chase
  3. Maria Adriel Priestess for Athena, User Left, Owned by AliasKit
  4. Satoru Nakamura priest for Hermes, User Left, Owned by Hidden
  5. Noah Paisley priest for Aglaea, User Left, Owned by User:Jacob.radon24
  6. Caver priest for Aeolus, User Left, Owned by Sonofboreas16
  7. Darrianne Boston priestess for Iris, User Left, Owned by Kookoo and Kreme
  8. Rosalind Knox, Former Priestess of Tethys, User Left, Owned by Waiyenoo111
  9. Abigail Rivera, Former Priestess of Cybele, Left Camp, Owned by EvilhariboMadness
  10. Anne Winchester priestess for Persephone, Away from Camp, Owned by Kane
  11. Rosalie Emory priestess for Pandia, User Left, Owned by Death
  12. Khryses, Head Priest, priest for Apollo, User Left, Owned by Sonofboreas16
  13. Christopher Chagny Priest for Hera
  14. Dmitri Smoke Priest for Thanatos, User left, Owned by ~The Musician~
  15. Emma Moore Priestess for Aphrodite, User left, Owned by Tulkinghorn

These are the gods/goddesses that doesn't have a priest/priestess and is available to have one.

Cabin Gods/Goddess

  1. Athena
  2. Aglaea
  3. Apate
  4. Aphrodite
  5. Ares
  6. Aristaeus
  7. Asteria
  8. Cybele
  9. Deimos
  10. Dionysus
  11. Eros
  12. Eris
  13. Hades
  14. Harmonia
  15. Hebe
  16. Hephaestus
  17. Hermes
  18. Hypnos
  19. Lyssa
  20. Melinoe
  21. Mnemosyne
  22. Nemesis
  23. Notus
  24. Poseidon
  25. Palaemon
  26. Thanatos
  27. Tyche
  28. Zephyrus
  29. Zeus
  30. Hera

Non-Cabin Gods/Goddesses

  1. Aether
  2. Acheron
  3. Ananke
  4. Ate
  5. Aigaios
  6. Bia
  7. WIP


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  1. Brocky
  2. Miggy
  3. Flop


  1. Alter
  2. Evil
  3. Kevin
  4. Music
  5. Nat
  6. Time
  7. Omnia


  1. Gaby
  2. Hyu
  3. James
  4. Suit
  5. Toxy
  6. Lefi
  7. Zany

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