Luna Zhang
Daughter of Oizys • Head Counsellor

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Personal Information

Full NameLuna Meiying Zhang
Zhang Meiying (birth name)

Birthday6 June 1999
Zodiac SignGemini
Sex / Gender{{{Sex / Gender}}}
NationalityTaiwanese (formerly)
Canadian (concurrently)

EthnicityAsian; Han
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Romantic OrientationHeteroromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceTaipei, Taiwan
Living Situation[Oizys' Cabin
Languages SpokenMandarin, English


Luna is a rather bright anomaly if one was to consider what her mother is the goddess of. She is optimistic and bubbly, rarely heard saying a bad word about anyone and generally seeing the best in a bad situation. Known for her friendliness despite an aura that might deter some people, Luna is just the right amount of cheery without it being too unbearable. She's one to give people second chances and is known to spoil her close friends when it comes to any time she can give them gifts.

However bright she is, Luna is horrifyingly apathetic. A common trait amongst most Oizys kids, Luna not only rarely feels pain herself but finds it hard to relate to others. In light of finding out her mother is the reason for her lack of understanding, explaining why she could never truly comfort her friends in times of need, Luna has attempted to become a bit more empathetic, however it's not prevailing through her hardwired lack of understanding. In the past, Luna has been known to shut guys who pursue her down, embarrassing them in front of the whole school. While it was hailed as some as being the girl who won't let guys take control of her, in reality she never knew why the guys felt as embarrassed as they did, nor did she understand why they got annoyed at her.

Living a lavish lifestyle has put some negative qualities into the mix of Luna's otherwise positive personality. With her father being the CEO of a large industry and her aunt being well off enough herself, Luna is used to having the best of the best. Not so much what she wants when she wants it, but she definitely can be seen as 'brand loyal' and has made it a personal rule that she needs at least one item of designer clothes, makeup or accessories at all time. Although this comes with a large sense of charity, having been raised by her aunt to be that way, Luna sometimes falls into the trap of people pre-judgemental without meaning to.


Zhang Liuxian was always a big businessman, ever since he was young. He started out in a big firm as an intern and soon gained the knowledge to open up his own like it when he was a few years older. He was powerful and cunning and it didn't take him long to become one of the most successful businessmen in Taiwan. He was of the envy of many women, mostly for his wealth, and he knew that and exploited it to get his own way. So much so, it wouldn't be an understatement to say his company had shares in every sector of Taiwanese society.

One night during his usual escapades of leading women on, Liuxian met a woman who claimed to be a tourist, Oizys in reality, and he was attracted immediately. There was a strong aura of her and she seemed unfazed by whatever Liuxian said. She became his new conquest to tackle and, after a few weeks of a long and gruelling wait for him, Liuxian and the woman mated. Like those before, she left the following morning and he assumed he'd never see her again, to which he was oh so wrong. Not even a week after the two parted ways, the woman arrived on his doorstep and handled him a bundle which, inside, had a little baby girl that was unmistakably fathered by him. The woman offered him no explanation as to how the child was birthed so quickly and left with a small note with the instruction to read as and when the girl reached thirteen years old. Confused, but knowing a child abandonment scandal would wreck him more than him having a daughter, Liuxian took her in and named her Meiying.

Liuxian took to his daughter fairly quickly and soon fell in love with the father lifestyle. Juggling being a prominent CEO on top was a challenge but it was one he rose to, not wanting to let his new bundle of joy down. There were a few things that alarmed him about Meiying - most notably her not seeming to register pain of any kind - but he took little notice of it and instead focused on the good parts about her, like her smile and sociability. Three years later, he met another woman in a similar way he did to Oizys but this time it was unintentional. He didn't intend to hookup with anyone but years without doing so meant he was desperate and, sure enough, not even a week later after the one night stand he was handed another child but this time a boy. Seeing no choice, he took him in and named him Yuchen.

Meiying rose to the challenge of being an older sister, doting on Yuchen whenever she had the chance. And, for the most part, that was completely fine but Liuxian noticed she had a tendency to not know how hard she would playfully hit him, still having no concept of pain. The suppressed worries Liuxian once had began to crop up again but, probably hoping it was a phase, he ignored them once more. No matter how many punishments he gave Meiying, however, no concept ever came about and slowly Liuxian began to get worried, especially as the two got older and play fights became more common - Yuchen could attack Meiying all he wanted, injuring her in ways that should have made her cry, but she never would react but when she retaliated, Meiying never knew how hard she hit.

The final straw came when Meiying showed how truly apathetic she was in general. Liuxian had taken her to a counsellor in an attempt to see what was wrong with her but all that could be concluded that she was extremely apathetic despite being only six years old. That, paired with Yuchen's growing fiery temper, Liuxian found it too hard to handle and sent his children to live with his sister in Toronto. The two adopted English names to go along with their new lives; Meiying became Luna and Yuchen, Aiden. By a stroke of luck, their aunt was a demigoddess herself and was able to at least sense a demichild aura from the pair, albeit not knowing who they were children of. She looked past Luna's apathy and Aiden's fiery temper, pinning it down to traits they had no control over inheriting.

Objectively, Luna became a lot happier when she lived with her aunt than she ever did with her father; whilst her father was dismissive, cruel and had little compassion, her aunt was the opposite and tried her best to fully understand Luna and where she was coming from when she was particularly apathetic. And perhaps compassion was all Luna needed; for a while her apathetic tendencies seemed to go away or, at least, weren't as intense as they once had been, seemingly all fitting into place.

Luna picked up English rather quickly and, by the time her first monster attack came around when she was 12 (three demigods in one place is never a good idea, let's be real), she was fluent and any accent was undetectable. Speaking of, Luna's first monster attack was a group of hellhounds that attacked her, her aunt and Aiden when they were out in the park. Her aunt being skilled in combat, managed to take down two of the hellhounds with a passing satyr taking down the third, ensuring the safety of the two young demigods. That night, Oizys visited the household when Luna and Aiden were asleep, giving their aunt a sword in the mist form of a bracelet to her to give to Luna. And, from that day on, Luna was trained in how to wield it at home, however still unsure on why she had to and why monsters were attacking her.

Monster attacks were relatively easy for Luna growing up - for the first half of them her aunt handled with ease and, for the second half, she helped Luna in taking down the monsters herself. Of course some monsters posed more problems than others, causing her aunt to have more of a role in taking them down but, by the time Luna was sixteen, for the most part she herself was taking them down and prevailing as a promising demigoddess. Of course her apathy still was alarming, so much so that her aunt took the time to look through the Pantheon to find a reason and, unknowingly, placed Luna as being a child of Oizys. With that provisional heritage in mind, her aunt began gearing her up for Camp.

The process of readying Luna was one of two years. It wasn't because Luna wasn't ready or anything of the sort, but more because her aunt wanted to make sure she had the knowledge that would give her the best head start possible for life at Camp. Luna learnt basic Ancient Greek phrases and learned how to wield her sword with more prowess. She was introduced to the Pantheon at large and slowly was told that she was a part of this world. When confident that she was ready, Luna along with her brother were taken to Camp where they were claimed by Oizys and Aetna respectively and made the respective first head counsellors of either cabin. In fact, the curiosity continued for the next few years, finally rounding itself off as Buckton neared his fourth birthday.


Powers of a child of Perses [ 3/6/9 Locked ]:

  1. Children of Oizys can inflict a limited amount of physical pain upon others nearby. The more pain inflicted, the more power is drained for them. The continuous usage of this power leads to the user become increasingly fatigued.
  2. Children of Oizys can inflict a limited amount of mental pain upon others nearby, the intensity dependent upon the will of the attacker. This will stun those attacked and render them confused and less mobile for a short while at a time. The more intense of an attack dealt, the more power is drained from the user. The continuous usage of this power leads to the user become increasingly fatigued.
  3. Children of Oizys are able to channel any feelings of pain, anxiety or depression that they are feeling into forming a weapon of these emotions. The more pained, anxious and depressed the child of Oizys is, the larger the weapon, however it cannot be bigger the one who conjured it. Only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it is only materialised for a short amount of time.
  4. Children of Oizys are able to enshroud themselves with an aura of misery and depression, causing anyone to get too close to them to feel intense feelings of the two and become unmotivated enough to not put as much effort in their attack. The aura remains for a short amount of time before dispersing, allowing those affected to return to their normal state.
  5. Children of Oizys are able to make those nearby feel anxious enough to turn on each other, even if the parties are fierce allies,to divert the attacker's attention away from them.
  6. Children of Oizys can make themselves immune from all physical and mental pain for a few seconds at a time. It is incredibly draining to the user and prolonged use will make the user increasingly vulnerable.
  7. Children of Oizys are generally more powerful among those suffering from feelings of doubt, misery or depression.
  8. Children of Oizys are innately more resistant to mental and physical pain.
  9. Children of Oizys are empowered by the pain of those surrounding them.
  10. Children of Oizys are able to detect what is causing a pain and will know the most efficient way to cure it.
  11. Children of Oizys, when their energy is drained from using their powers, will experience sharp pains akin to that of what they have caused.
  12. Children of Oizys are always able to cause slightly more pain, not damage, when they attack, regardless of what the attack is.
  13. Children of Oizys radiate an aura of misery, depression and anxiety which can sometimes heighten these feelings of those nearby - however this can be turned off as and when the child of Oizys wants.
  14. Children of Oizys can control mental/emotional misery, sorrow and woe at will, either lowering its severity or boosting it. This, however, cannot heal permanent or long-term symptoms of misery-related emotional and mental disorders, such as depression. The bigger the change to the severity of misery, the more it drains them.
  15. Children of Oizys can control pain at will, either lowering its severity or boosting it, though not to the extent of healing/wounding. The bigger the change to the severity of the pain, the more it drains them.
  16. Although incredibly draining, children of Oizys can perpetuate a state of pure distress which forces the victim to focus solely on the sorrow and misery in their mind, causing them to panic.
  17. Children of Oizys are able to make any recently healed wounds feel as if they have never healed, causing the opponent considerable pain depending on the wound. Additionally, they can alter any current wounds that their opponents have. Both cannot be done where the opponent is in too much pain, but enough to make them feel it and be weakened consequently. The more wounds affected the more energy is drained from the user.
  18. Children of Oizys can inflict intense symptoms of mental or emotional disorders associated with misery, pain or sorrow. The harsher the symptom and the longer it lasts, the more energy drained. This cannot be used to make someone end their own life or greatly harm themselves.
  19. Children of Oizys can place invisible pins on certain points on a target's body which inflict a limited desired amount of pain for a limited time without the need for one to mentally inflict the pain, which lowers the amount of energy drained slightly, as continuous usage fails to drain them. When placed on the head, the pins can inflict mental pain. The larger the amount of pain inflicted, the more energy drained.
  20. Children of Oizys are less likely to develop depression and have a higher chance of being confident due to being less susceptible to anxiety.
  21. Children of Oizys make proficient psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors because whilst apathetic to the pain, they understand it innately.
  22. Children of Oizys are horrifyingly more apathetic than the average person.
  23. Children of Oizys can sometimes be too dismissive of feelings of misery, anxiety and depression as they typically never experience these emotions as much as an average person would.
  24. Children of Oizys tend to not get upset as easily as others.
  25. Children of Oizys tend to be more sadistic and masochistic than the average person.
  26. Children of Oizys are able to give empowering speeches that will diminish the anxiety and doubts of others who hear it.


Face ClaimSong Yuqi [ (G)-Idle ]
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight94 lbs
Voice TypeSoprano
Blood TypeA
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim

Family Information

FatherZhang Liuxian
Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsChildren of Oizys
Aiden Zhang

Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Luna ]{{{Given Meaning}}}
Middle [ Meiying ]{{{Middle Meaning}}}
Surname [ Zhang ]{{{Surname Meaning}}}


Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First KissNPC
First CrushNPC
First LoveN/A
First TimeN/A
OccupationHead Counsellor
Sports PlayedN/A
Instruments PlayedN/A
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

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