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This character is an Erotiad.

Basic Info

Full Name Maddi
Pronunciation MAD-ee
Created January 3 2013
Current Age Immortal
Gender Female
Species Erotiad
Sexuality Bi-Curious
Status Alive
Languages Spoken English

Background Info
Hometown Olympus
Religious Views Greek gods
Firsts Kiss =
Love =
Sex =
Family Info
Creators Deniel Nova & Lexi Mansin
Twin Erotiad Matt


Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'4
Weight 121lbs
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 7
Blood Type B+
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Elegant
Distinguishing Marks N/A
Body Style Fit

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Maddison (When in trouble)
Current Location Camp Half-Blood
Pets None
Likes Love and fluffy things
Dislikes Rude and annoying people
Fears/Phobias Lexi and Deniel splitting up
Hobbies Singing and dancing
Motto "Love comes from the heart not from the mouth."
Things She Won't Do Be ungrateful
People They Secretly Admire Deniel Nova & Lexi Mansin
Most Influenced By Herself
Most Important People Before Camp Deniel, Lexi & Matt
Most Important People Now Deniel, Lexi & Matt
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals Get married
Reacts to a Crisis? Good
Face Their Problems? With others
Reacts to Change Okay
Alignment True Good

Skills Agile
Weapon of Choice None
Strengths Climbing
Weaknesses Hiding
Quests None

General Personality

Maddi is very playful and giggly. She usually is seen bouncing around camp having a blast and enjoying life.

Maddi's Bedroom

Maddi's Bedroom

Name Relation Feelings
Deniel Nova Creater I love him and think of him as a dad
Lexi Mansin Creater I love her and think of her as a mom

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