MaddieTiaraMaddie ChoiMaddieTiara
Daughter of Deimos ~ Camper
Owned by: Shademoon
Basic Info
Full Name: Madison "Maddie" Choi
Choi Hyorin
Titles: Daughter of Deimos
Flying Fear
Born/Created On: 12 August 1996
Current Age: 19
Sexuality: Bicurious
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Deimos' Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Australian-Korean
Ethnicity: Asian ; Korean
Accent: Australian
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: First collab with Oli <3
Love Interests: None
Active RP's: None
Created Page On: August 21, 2013
Last Updated On: January 2, 2016
Plans: None at the moment
Model: Jung Eunji
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black/brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 113 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Voice: Soprano
Distinguishing Marks: A scar on her left leg
Body Style: Slim
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Choi Jiyeon
Father: Deimos
Creator: None
Full-Siblings: Harry Choi
Other Relatives: None
Home: Melbourne, Australia
Schooling: Public (formerly), Academy
First Kiss: None
First Sex: None
First Love: None
General Info
Nicknames: Maddie, Hyo, Pabo (Harry only)
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: Sometimes insensitive, mischevious
Fears/Phobias: Tight spaces
Becoming not needed
Hobbies: Running
High jumping
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: Harry
Most Important Person Now: Harry
Alignment: Good
Dream Job: Professional high jumper
Current Job: None

Maddie is like the yang to Harry's yin. She's easygoing and open, and isn't shy around others. She's not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone, or, like her mother, pull off a stunt. Due to this she has a rather impetuous and impulsive nature - she tends to act before using her head. She's not stupid, but often throws herself into situations hastily without really thinking about the consequences. She has unfailing patience and doesn't mind listening to anything, and she absolutely won't judge, but not without throwing in a word of her own say. She's much more like her mother than Harry is, and due to this their personalities tend to clash a lot. However, she still loves Harry unconditionally and will always have her back...even if she likes to annoy her most of the time.


Choi Jiyeon was a famous stund performer in Seoul, South Korea. When she was 21, she decided to pursue bigger ambitions and moved to Melbourne, Australia to perform her stunts. Her shows were successful and in the space of two years, she made enough money to settle into a larger house. At one of the practices of her shows, Jiyeon met Deimos. The two had a fling, and soon Deimos left her, explaining everything.

For the next nine months, Jiyeon took a break from her stunts, spending her days in and out of hopsital, her home and shops. On the 12th August 1996, Jiyeon gave birth to twin girls, naming them Hyorin and Hyuna. After the birth of her daughters, Jiyeon carried out her career as a stuntwoman, not toning down her stunts. If anything, they got more intense and dangerous. During the times their mother was out stunting, Hyorin and Hyuna were cared for by their next door neighbour's daughter Allie. Allie would often enjoy looking after them and throughout their childhood, she'd take them our for walks and play board games with them. It was by Allie that Hyuna first got called her common nickname to be; Harry.

When the girls were 8, their mother injured herself during one of her shows and was rushed to hospital. Days later she died for causes disclosed to the family and the girls were sent to live with their aunt in Seoul. Before, the girls were a mix of sporty girls and nerdy girls, and in Seoul, their sporty side shone through a bit more. Whenver she could, their aunt would take them out to practice a sport of their choice. Hyuna chose ice-skating and Hyorin chose high-jumping. On their 13th birthday, the girls were walking home after having a day out with some friends when they were confronted by a hellhound. The hellhound, being much to large and fast for the girls to outrun or attack it, pounced on the girls. If it wasn't for a nearby child of Athena, the girls would have been dead. They awoke the next day in their room, safe and sound. After the attack, the two were accepted into an Academy where they trained in their sport. The girls became considererably famous among where they lived and in the school.

As a reward for their effort, their aunt took them on a tour of America just after their 15th birthdays. In Las Vegas, the three entered the Lotus Casino without knowing and became its victims for the next two years. After two years, Deimos contacted their aunt in a dream, and told here to take the girls away from there and to Camp. After many tried by Deimos, their aunt woke up, and literally dragged the girls out. After they had calmed down and got to terms with the world, they caught a bus to Camp, where Hyorin and Hyuna were claimed by Deimos.

Afterwards, Hyorin went back home to visit their aunt when she was caught in a car accident. Although she managed to survive, she suffered damage to her leg. It took her a long time to heal, but once she did, she neglected to return to Camp until now.


Name: Relation: Feelings:
Choi Jiyeon Mother Maddie loved her a lot and it broke her inside when she died. Although she has moved on, her death still haunts her to this day.
Deimos Father She can't help but dislike him, if not hate him. She resents him for being absent in their lives, even when their mother died.
Harry Choi Twin Sister She loves her more than anything and carries a lot of guilt for abandoning Harry when she needed her, and is determined to make it up to her.

  • Her iPhone 6

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