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Marina Sanchez
Child of the Sea ~ Leader of Ortu Justitiae
Owned by: Meloney
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Marina has been in the BC since July 2012 and has been the leader of the Ortu Justitiae for quite awhile now. She's currently single, straight, and psychically 16 years old. Even though she's straight and marked as 'available', she's a bit hard to get since she's usually in a bitter mood because of the fact that she can't feel love anymore.
She is often bitter over the fact she is not allowed in the ocean or to see her father. Not that she really could before she was turned into a storm nymph by Zeus, but now she doesn't even have the option. Not feeling true love makes her act impulsive at times, rash, she cares but not to the extent that someone who feels love cares.

Elena Sanchez was born and raised in Málaga, Spain. When she turned 18 she started working, Málaga was a big tourist destination, as well as an artist community as Pabalo Picasso was born there. She found work in a local café, but her true passion was the ocean. Any time she was not working or sleeping, she was on the beaches or in the water. She loved swimming; well she loved everything the ocean had to offer. Poseidon noticed her one day, swimming along, and decided she was too beautiful to pass up. He took mortal form, and introduced himself one day at the café. After a while, they bonded over their love for the ocean, and soon Elena was pregnant. Poseidon of course could not stay once the baby was born, and a few days after Elena gave birth to Marina, he left giving her instructions about what would happen when Marina became older. Of course, Elena was a bit in shock at the idea she had been having an affair with an actual Greek god, but all that mattered to her was that little baby girl she now had to love and care for. As Marina grew, she had mostly a normal life, and at the age of 12 learned the truth about being a demigod when a hellhound attacked one day, only being saved by a nearby Huntress who happened to hear her screams. Elena sent her to camp in the summers to train, this went along fine until the outbreak of the war, Marina knew that demigods were involved in the conflict, but Elena begged her daughter not to get involved, that she could not bear to lose her. As the war raged, Zeus demanded that all demigods who were at least 15 to fight, at that time, Marina happened to be the youngest of all Poseidon’s demigod children, and he did not want to see her get involved. Zeus and Poseidon fought over this fact, and ultimately, Poseidon managed to get Artemis a message, and begged her to accept Marina into the hunt, thereby saving her life. Zeus was not happy that Poseidon had gone to these measures to keep one of his children out of the war, when all of Zeus’s were involved so heavily. However, he could do little now that Marina had Artemis’ protection.

Years past, and though it always bothered Marina that she had been forced to go through such measures to keep herself out of the war, she continued as a faithful servant of Artemis. For years, she would do everything Artemis asked, and for years, she watched demigod after demigod parish for usually petty reasons. Oftentimes coming down to the god’s petty rule that they could not interfere with their children’s lives, she hated this rule and felt it was selfish. If the gods could come down and have children, why not allow them to have some part in their lives, while they had to spend most of their lives hunted by monsters. Yet, again, despite her feelings, she remained silent and faithful.

Then, one day, roughly five years ago, while she was stationed at camp, she met a demigod child of Zeus, and after a few weeks, it was clear they were head over heels in love with each other. Artemis, figuring the danger had long passed, decided it was fine to let Marina leave the hunt and continue as a demigod. Marina settled right into camp, and she and Seth, the child of Zeus, continued to date. For a few months it seemed it was happily ever after for Marina, but then while on a quest together, the unthinkable happened, they were attacked by the hydra. They were too far from any decent water source for her powers to be of much help, and without thinking, she forgot all her training and went straight to chop off one of its heads. Seeing that she was in trouble, Seth ran into save her, but in the process received a fatal blow from the hydra. The other questers were finally able to defeat the hydra, but it was too late for Seth, and he died in Marina’s arms.

Zeus was furious; he blamed her for his son’s death, and decided for her a fate worse than death. He turned her into a storm nymph, which I know does not really sound all that bad, but he did not stop there. He cursed her that if she ever stepped foot in the ocean, she would die and that she would never again feel love, she would spend eternity, away from the oceans, away from her father, and loveless. Marina was crushed, but there was not much she could do, except stew in anger, for awhile she traveled around wondering what she could ever do to get back at the gods. Then, she found her answer; in a group of demigods, she came across who were led by a demigod named Evangeline. She knew right away, it was there she could find true vengeance, to take down the gods, to lift her curse, and to make sure that the next set of gods were never as petty or mean as the current set.

Around 8 or so months ago, Evangeline sent Marina out on a mission for her, after a few days when she didn't come back and no messages were sent, Evangeline suspected the worst. Marina was alive, but had been seriously wounded, and was unconscious being nursed by another nymph for weeks, by the time Marina was strong enough to go back out, Evangeline had moved on, but Marina didn't know where. After a few months of searching, she heard about the Broken Covenant, and upon finding it with the help of a couple of members, she was reunited with Evangeline, and more than happy to continue in the cause against the gods.

Basic Info
Full Name: Marina Sanchez
Titles: Child of the Sea/Leader of the Ortu Justitiae
Current Location: The Sanctuary/Ortu Justitiae HQ
Affiliation(s): BC; Ortu Justitiae
Current Status: Active
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: 13 September 1927
Current Age: 16 psychically; Immortal
Species: Storm Nymph
Nationality: Spanish
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: Hispanic
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: Meloney
Inspiration Behind Creation: O.O
Love Interests Char/Owner: None
Active RP's: None at the moment
Created Page On: July 6th, 2012
Page Last Updated On: June 6th, 2014
Plans: Nien
3/6/9 Month Powers: None


Word Bubble
Marina ~ Child of the Sea
“Just because something isn't a lie does not mean that it isn't deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

More Info:

-Leader of Ortu Justitiae/Cursed by Zeus

 Age: 16 psychically; Immortal  Height: 5'6"  Weight: 115 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Málaga, Spain  Main Weapon: Lightning & Daggers
 Accent: Hispanic
 – "Pity is for the living, Envy is for the dead."

  1. They have the ability to hover or fly
  2. They have the ability to create small lightning storms which will begin to randomly strike the nearby area with small bolts of lightning, with no regard to friend or foe
  3. They can create small rain storms, using the rain and wind to knock back and distract anyone within the area
  4. They can create small snow storms, using the snow and wind to knock back and distract anyone within the area
  5. They have minor control over naturally occurring storms, but only to a small degree
  1. They are innately resistant to both electricity and lightning (as both are found in storms)
  2. They are most powerful when natural storms are occurring
  3. They are highly resistant to most elements and temperatures
  4. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  5. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  1. They are generally good at predicting the weather
  2. They are rarely afraid of heights.
  3. They are prone to being claustrophobic, as they generally prefer open spaces.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: WIP
Preferred Weapon: WIP
Strengths: WIP
Weaknesses: WIP
Quests/Missions Led: WIP
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Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: None
Pets: Two wolves

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Voice: WIP
Distinguishing Marks: WIP
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One Word to Describe: WIP
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Worst Physical Trait: WIP
Mental/Emotional State: WIP
Things to Change: WIP
Mental/Emotional disorders: WIP
Medical Problems/Ailments: WIP

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: WIP
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Creator: WIP
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Other Relatives: WIP
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One Wish: WIP
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Name Relation Feelings

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