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MaryPixel.gifMary KozakuraMaryPixel.gif
Daughter of Persephone
Owned by: AoCatrene
Basic Info
Full Name: Mary Kozakura
Titles: Daughter of Persephone
Born/Created On: July 20
Current Age: 15
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Persephone's Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Asian
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: Heat Haze Days
Love Interests: N/A
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: January 27 2013
Last Updated On: May 5 2015
Model: Kim Yoo Jung
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 162cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: O+
Voice: WIP
Distinguishing Marks: beauty mark underneath the side of the left eye
Body Style: Fit
Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Persephone
Father: Eugio Kozakura
Creator: none
Half-Siblings: her half-siblings
Full-Siblings: nada
Other Relatives: none
Home: Osaka, Japan
Schooling: Home School
First Sex: N/A

General Info
Nicknames: Mary, riri
Native Language: Japanese
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: She's naive
Fears/Phobias: Dark
Hobbies: Reading books, baking
Moral Compass: South
Most Important Person Before: Her dad
Most Important Person Now: friends
Alignment: Neutral Good
Dream Job: to have her own bake shop
Current Job: none

Mary is a shy person and blushes and stammers a lot in front of strangers, she usually rans off when she feels embarrassed enough..
She cares a lot to those whom is close to her, she also gives nice advises to those who has problems. As being a Persephone Child her attitude changes when the season changes but she hopes that her friends can cope with it.
She is kind and honest girl, and shown to be rather restless but yet pessimistic personality, whenever she is been unlucky or rather having a bad day, despite this, she's confident and very hard-working girl

Kozakura was a rich and noble man. He ran a plantation of saffron. He is the source of the most aromatic saffrons in the world. almost everyday Eugio meets investor that offers joint business with them. One day as Eugio was supervising the plantation he saw a graceful woman in casual. Starstruck, Eugio immediatley approached the woman, Mirajane. The share the same passion for plants so they were dating for a week before Eugio made the move. Days passed, they were buildng an infant room knowing that Mirajane is pregnant. A month after that, in winter Mirajane just left and left a newborn baby in their future baby room with a letter telling him who Mirajane really is. Even though shocking Eugio accepted it. In the first 5 years of Mary, it was noticable that she inherited his father's eco side. She have her own mini garden of Hydrangea,Lily of the Valley and her favored Cherry Blossoms. On her 11th, She was already going to an all-girls exclusive school in New York near Long Island. As days passed Mary felt like she was stalked. One friday night, she was about to be fetch by her dad when a large black dog lunged at her. As a human instict she was scared and ran but the dog still follows her. Her dad worried because he cannot really describe what he sees, commanded their guards to fire but it made no damage. Mary fell down from exhaustion and the dog was getting nearer and nearer. Desperately, her dad threw himself to the thing yelling Mary to run. The dog irritated tried to shake and bite Eugio away. Eugio was thrown away and left unconcious and bleeding. Sydney was still running she passed the woods and found a road. She found a strawberry field and quickly rush to its entrance. When she was nearing the arch the dog came suddely from the shadows. While crying she held up her hands and blood red roses grew arond her shooting spikes to the dog. It seems the owner of the fields knew something was wrong and thats when kids a little older than her attacked the dog. After the attack she was taken to the infirmary and they asked the whole story. She told them and after a few minutes a hologram of a plant shone above her head then she was claimed. Mary blames herself for her dad's death but later on little by little she has accepted that her father already passed away hoping he has found a better place.


  1. Children of Persephone have the ability to shoot multiple plant thorns from their fingertips, once the thorns touch an opponent's skin they can cause severe skin irritation and a powerful burning sensation for a short time. Much like the infamous North American plant, Stinging Nettles
  2. Children of Persephone can create a small tornado formed of petals and grass blades. As the floral tornado spins faster, the petals and grass blades become hard and strong enough to cut an someone. When the tornado's at it's fastest, the child can launch the blades of grass and the petals at an opponent.


  1. Children of Persephone have the ability to create a protective dome of flowers and vines around them, roughly two to three times the size of the user, as a shield, although will instantly begin to die after a short time. During the fall/winter, they can create a protective dome of durable skulls instead which will crumble to dust after a short time.


  1. (Spring/Summer Only) They are able to communicate with and command animals. (Fall/Winter Only) They can communicate with the dead.
  2. Children of Persephone have the innate ability to talk flowers to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death.
  3. Children of Persephone always surrounded by an aura that normally causes plants to grow where they have walked. They can shut it off for a long time if they wish.
  4. Children of Persephone are innately stronger during the Spring and Summer months due to the happiness of their mother.


  1. In the spring/summer months they can create travel roses. Roses that allow the user to teleport from that rose to another one. In the fall/winter months they can shadow travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow. The further the distance traveled, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Persephone can turn inanimate objects into a flowers for a short time, this can be used for a multitude of purposes. The larger the object the more draining it is. Only one object may be turned into a flower at a time and it turns back to normal after a short time. The item is immune to further use of the curse for a moderate time.
  3. Children of Persephone can create a dense fog of powerful pollen which causes the opponent to be temporarily blinded and cough madly for a short time.
  4. Children of Persephone have the ability to create ropes of vines and flowers from nothing. They only last for a moderate time before dying and fading away into nothing. Vines and flowers can able be telekinetically moved by the user.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Persephone can manipulate and control the solar energy absorbed by plants. They can fire energy beams that burn upon touch, emit protective veils around their bodies,create light sources and even infuse the energy into weapons. Increasing it’s strength and damage capacity for a short time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. In spring and summer months, children of Persephone can summon up to 3 large mutant flowers that fight for and serve the user. It could only be up to 2 or 3 the size of the user, possess fangs and release a pollen just like Supplementary 3. When the flowers are cut or burned, they can quickly regenerate. After a moderate time, the flowers die and fade into nothing.
  1. In fall and winter months, children of Persephone are able to summon skeletal/zombie humanoids/animals to do their bidding, the more animals summoned and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained. Any armor/weaponry the undead possess also makes the summoning more draining. Which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner; the longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. In spring and summer months, children of Persephone can transform their bodies structure to match that of a plant’s for a short time. The user will be a humanoid plant, the type of plant will be completely up to their choice. As long as it’s not poisonous or carnivorous. In this form, the user is immune to pain and can quickly regenerate from any injury, their existing chlorokinetic abilties are stronger as well. Once the transformation ends, the user will be extremely drained. Unable to move and could possibly faint.
  1. While in fall and winter months, they are able to use many recent deaths to empower themselves for a short time, making them stronger and quicker. The user is immune to all attacks and receives a boost in their existing abilities over necromancy. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Persephone retain a youthful appearance for longer than most, this starts around the age of 12
  2. Children of Persephone are generally happier in the spring and summer months, and more solemn/melancholy in the fall and winter months.
  3. In the Fall/Winter Months only they are able to travel into the Underworld freely, as their mother resides there
  4. Children of Persephone typically have great love and knowledge of flowers, causing them to make great florists.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Persephone Mother She's never met her
Eugio Kozakura Father She loves him so much.
Stephanie Render Best Friend She misses her since when she left.


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