Mason Jackson

The Prince of Revenge
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Basic Info

Full Name Mason Jackson
Pronunciation May SON ja CK son
Meaning Mason="Stoneworker"; Jackson="God has been gracious"
Born no need to know
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Half-blood
Son of Nemesis
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
Languages Spoken English

Background Info
Hometown miami, Florida
Religious Views Greek Gods
Firsts Kiss = none
Infatuation= none

Love = don't even ask

Family Info
Parents Nemesis and David Jackson
Half-Siblings Nemesis Cabin Members


Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black and a bit white.
Height 5'9
Weight 170lbs
Handedness left
Shoe Size 12
Blood Type B+
Voice Bass 1
Eye Sight 50/50
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Gothic
Distinguishing Marks scar on upper lip
Body Style Fit

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames None
Current Location Camp Half-Blood
Pets None
Likes reading
Dislikes the BC
Fears/Phobias None
Hobbies reading
Playing the drums

Motto "If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?
Things He Won't Do kill someone
Person They Secretly Admire nobody
Most Influenced By David jackson
Most Important People Before Camp Family
Most Important People Now Still them
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals Become a drummer in a band
Reacts to a Crisis? Excellent
Face Their Problems? Head On
Reacts to Change Very Well. duh!
Alignment Good. what else do you expect?

General Personality

Mason is gloomy and is protective of his closest friends

Vices None
Bad Habits None so far
Sleeping Habits talks in sleep
Quirks always climbs trees when around them.

Attitude Gloomy
Personality 70% Extrovert, 30% Introvert
Talents sports


Social Skills Very Well
Mannerisms None
Peculiarities None

One Word to Describe Excited
Best Physical Trait Face
Worst Physical Trait eyes
Things to Change About Self stop being so gloomy
Mental State all right
Mental/Emotional Disorders none
Emotional Stability Normal

Greatest Fear losing his father
Most at Ease When? hanging from trees
Priorities Family
Past Failures none
Biggest Accomplishment why?
Darkest Secret A secret
Secret Known by Anyone? secret
Personal Tragedy none
Outlook on Life not that bad
One Wish To live life to the fullest
Character Flaw Too Caring

Skills Agile
Weapon of Choice four clestial bronze swords
Strengths close Range
close combat
Weaknesses none
Quests None

Mason's Room

Name Relation Feelings

This character is single and looking!

User's Notes
Role Character Plays Half-blood
Inspiration Behind Creation Revenge
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship wait and see
Current Active RP's no need to know.

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