Basic Info
Full Name
Mavis Favero Alberona
July 22, 1995
Zodiac Sign
Cancer-Leo Cusp
Oracle of Levadeia | Mortal
Caucasian [ Italian ]
Pisa, Italy
Living Situation
Languages Spoken
English | Italian
A Celestial Bronze Butterfly Knife
Camp Half-Blood [ As Oracle ]
Abilities (Passive/Traits)
  1. They are able to speak prophecies, as well as see the destiny of others, however while they are able to see the future, they do not always remember what they said while they are being possessed by the spirits
  2. They are able to see through the mist
  3. They are able to read auras and sense spiritual essences, as well as a minor ability to soothe them

They thought I killed my little sister and mother with that gun. They thought I pulled the trigger and ended their lives. They thought I was losing my mind after father's death. It was my uncle for the blame. He was a fraud. He used my emotions to bear false witness to the police. He threatened to rape me if I don't admit it was my fault. So I ran away, bearing all the visions and nightmares in my mind for the past two years. All those hideous monsters, people with supernatural powers and gleam of swords and weapons. My uncle was wrong. I didn't go insane because of father's death. Because of those dreams, I was practically on the verge of sanity. He used my condition to kill my mother and little sister to gain power in the Alberona family.

Unfortunately, I was caught by my uncle, shivering in a dark alleyway. He brought me back at home and locked me inside my room. A cried throughout the night, which was a rainy one. The next day, he opened the door with some weird-looking people who carried metal boxes. They opened it and pulled out a long, thin steel rod. I gasped and covered myself with the bed sheets. I knew that tool anywhere. It was... It was... an orbitoclast. T-they were going to... going to... perform "that". Uncle was responsible for "that procedure" to some of our family members who tried to reveal his criminal works. It caused death to most of them, while some survived to be only mentally incapacitated.

It was lobotomy.

That procedure was strongly discouraged at these times. And to top it all off, the people who performed it for uncle's money was deemed illegal. VERY illegal. This time, I cried my eyes out. I feared for my life. I will either die or become "mentally dead and empty". But to be honest, I'd rather die but I don't like either options all the same. My heart raced. What should I do? Any minute from now, that thing is going to pierce through my head. I must take chances and risks. I threw everything I could see. I threw pillows, bed sheets, flower vases, a lampshade, picture frames and my clothes just to distract them. I must escape this house. I must escape my impending illegal lobotomy. I have to, even if it means I have to suffer those dreams for the rest of my life.

I successfully escaped my home and rushed for the streets, hoping I would lose them on the chase. A ran a fair distance from there, when my eyes flashed with blinding light. I collapsed, completely unconscious. I saw everything in my life:

I saw my father and mother dating in a seaside luxury restaurant somewhere in New York. There, they shared a warm and intimate kiss. Father also proposed to her, giving her a shiny diamond ring. Mother was overjoyed about this and immediately said yes. The dream shifted to their wedding, then to my birth. I saw their happy faces smiling at the infant me. Then the dream shifted again to father and mother's fight with my uncle about the riches and wealth of the Alberona Family. I presumed father and mother won the argument as uncle left furiously.

The dream shifted again to when I began to dream these scary and unusual things. No one believed me about these, and when I reached the age of fifteen, there came father's death because of cancer. Then came mother and Abbensy's death in front of my eyes. My uncle blamed it all to me, even though he did it himself. It was all terror to me. No happy memory passed through me during those times.

A scene showing my supposed to be lobotomy took place after the dream shifted again. My dreaming eyes closed themselves out of fright and disgust. Fortunately, I escaped my fate in that.

The dream finally shifted to its last scene. I saw a camp-like place where teenagers roamed around, armed with weapons and exhibiting unbelievable powers. I never saw a place like this... That's when a man dressed in bright yellow walked out of the distance. He was about to open his mouth when I woke up.

Wait... this is that camp-like place in my dreams. Then, who was that man?

My pondering was immediately answered by a strong voice inside my head. He told me that he was Apollo, one of the Greek gods. He told me that while I was dreaming, he brought me here. He told me that I had the power to see through the Mist, to see monsters, to see things mortals couldn't. He told me I have the potential to see through the future. So, that's what the visions were all about. That's why I dreamed those things. I have obtained the power of an oracle, based on what he said.

He quickly brought me to the Oracle's Cave, where he told me that I will be his new oracle, the one that will continue the legacy of oracles. I was honored... and relieved. Now, I can escape the tortures of my uncle. I can escape my miserable life. I can start things anew here... At Camp Half-Blood.


Work in progress!

Mavis Main

Jennifer Lawrence
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Mavis Alberona
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Mavis Alberona 2


135 lbs. (61 kg)
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Best Friend
Gandolfo Alberona
Alberta Alberona

Full Siblings
Abbensy Alberona
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