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She can sometimes be hot headed, rash, and annoying but actually, she is very warm inside and doesn't have the heart to even kill a fly... only when it's needed. What she hates most is lying and trickery which is very ironic since her father is the god of mischief. Despite that fact, she finds it very hard to lie.


Maya's mother, Bianca Liu, met Hermes when she was on a vacation in Shanghai. She was in a museum wherein different pieces of artwork are displayed. As she studied them, a man offered to explain one of the works there. For the sake of knowledge, she did not turn down the offer.

Afterwards, they started dating for a few months until it came to a point where Bianca had to go back to America, where she originally lives, and Hermes also had to bid his goodbye. But before that, they did the you-know-what and then nine months later, Maya was born.

As a child, Maya was small compared to the other kids in town and so she was often bullied. But her mother taught her how to defend herself and that was how she become strong. She was able to stop the offenders not by might but by words. She is actually a bit brainy (witty of some sort), if that's how you refer to it. Despite all of those, she was still like a normal little girl who wanted to play with her dolls and such. When she was diagnosed of dyslexia and ADHD, she was eight years old back then. Because of this, she was bullied even more but she always showed a brave facade.

When she was thirteen, her demigod scent was strong enough to attract monsters and so she encoutered her very first—stymphalian birds. There were two to three of them in an alley. They looked demonic and it made her utterly frightened. Not knowing what to do, she just ran for her life (with shocking speed). Later, annoying sounds were made behind her and when she turned, she saw the birds were in disarray. The one responsible for the noise was a satyr. He didn't have time to explain everything but all he did was give her a USB. At first, she was puzzled then she was told to push a button there and then it transformed into a sword (celestial bronze). Together, they fought the birds. The satyr did all his might and even summoned vines with his pipe (that instrument).

After all the trouble, that's when he got to explain things to Maya—demigod, godly parent, camp and all those stuff. She didn't want to go to camp and leave her mom... not when she was diagnosed of a terminal disease. The satyr understood the situation however, staying out was dangerous and so he decided to accompany Maya until she has decided to come with him.

Four years later, now Maya is seventeen, her mother died and she felt like she had no one else. During the past four years, she and the satyr had been doing the same thing—fight monsters everytime they come. She felt tired of that life and she finally decided to go with him to train herself at camp.

She arrived to camp at the age of seventeen. 



  1. Children of Hermes are skilled thieves and are able to disarm an opponent and take their weapon easily.
  2. Children of Hermes can summon nearby animals to attack an opponent. The more animals summoned and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained.


  1. Children of Hermes are able to increase their speed and stealth in short bursts, making them faster than most and undetectable for a short time. However, they cannot have a weapon drawn so the speed is purely for evasion.


  1. Children of Hermes have innate reflexes which allows them to fight and dodge quickly.
  2. Children of Hermes are extremely proficient with thrown weapons.
  3. Children of Hermes are proficient in dodge-rolls.
  4. Children of Hermes have the inhuman ability to leap great distances at once which this can be used to dodge or attack.
  5. Children of Hermes possess enhanced stamina.
  6. Children of Hermes can sense and manipulate locks of all types. The more complicated the lock, the harder to manipulate.


  1. Children of Hermes are able to endow a pair a shoes with ethereal wings which grant the wearer temporary flight, they may use it for themselves or give them to another, however they are only able to go as high as just over the tree tops, and they only last for a couple of days at most before the wings lose power.
  2. Children of Hermes can cause a person or a group of people to speak in different languages so that no one understands what each other is saying, the effects only last a short time.
  3. Children of Hermes are able to trick another into doing something for them or revealing a secret to them; nothing guarantees the person will complete the task, if they figure out they are being tricked.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hermes are able to teleport themselves, since their father is the god of travel. The further the distance, the more energy drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hermes can temporarily steal 1-3 demigod powers from an opponent or ally for a few minutes, the user gains some knowledge of their new powers. The more powerful the stolen powers are and the more taken, the more energy is drained when the power theft wears off. (If the target doesn't have their 3/6/9 month powers, they cannot be stolen.)

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hermes can shift into a hawk for short periods of time granting them flight, the longer they retain this form, the more energy it drains and the more time they need to rest between transformations.


  1. Children of Hermes make excellent thieves.
  2. Since their father is god of astrology, children of Hermes tend to make great astrologists. Able to identify any constellation and use the stars to draw star maps.
  3. Children of Hermes often do well when competing in athletic contests.
  4. Because Hermes “invented” the Internet, his children are able to use the Internet without drawing any extra attention to themselves from monsters.
  5. Children of Hermes have excellent memories for remembering messages.
  6. Children of Hermes have excellent sense of directions, are able to find and travel to any location in the world with ease.


Name Relation Feelings
Bianca Liu mother very close
Hermes father neutral
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