Mercury Lloyd
Son of Aglaea | Head Counsellor

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Mercury Lloyd is the son of Aglaea and head counsellor of her cabin. He has been here since the 8th of March, 2016. Upon arrival at camp, Mercury found his best friend, Jupiter Castaneda, and her cousin, Cael Monroe, and has yet to spend time with them now that they're all together once more

Personal Info

Full Name

Mercury Xavier Jaekyu Lloyd
Mercury Xavier Lloyd (legal)
Myles Xavier Lloyd (birth)
Choi Jae-kyu (Korean)


25 August 1997



Zodiac Sign


Sex / Gender

Male / Male







Sexual Orientation


Romantic Orientation


Relationship Status



Neutral American


Ulsan, South Korea

Living Situation

Languages Spoken



Ninjatō Swords

Powers of a Child of Aglaea:


  1. Children of Aglaea have the ability to force a false state of joy upon someone, diminishing their awareness on their surroundings for a short time.
  2. Children of Aglaea have the ability to make someone believe that they are being weighed down by adornments, that they lose their regular speed for a short time, the more illusory adornments they weigh the enemy down with, the more it drains them. The effect may also be applied on weaponry or armory instead, which makes them too heavy to be used.


  1. Children of Aglaea are able to make a person feel as if they have lost all beauty, splendor, and glory in their life for a short time, causing them to feel too depressed to fight.
  2. Children of Aglaea have the ability to mesmerize anyone nearby with their physical appearance, stunning them for a short period of time.


  1. In their presence, people that are surrounding children of Aglaea will be more jubilant, and be more pleased than usual.
  2. Children of Aglaea are more powerful when their surroundings are beautiful.


  1. Children of Aglaea have the ability to minorly sway a person's feelings with fervor to attain glory and magnificence in anything they do for a short time, such as fighting, doing their hobby, etc.
  2. Children of Aglaea have the ability to alter and control clothes, make-up, adornments, embellishments, and decorations. The larger the change, the more energy it drains.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Aglaea can infuse magic into their words and ‘charm-speak’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-speak for a few minutes or until control is relinquished.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Aglaea have the ability to enchant the magnificence of nearby weapons or armor with either a positive effect or negative quality for a short time; some examples would be increasing or decreasing the sharpness of a blade, its damage dealt to enemies, the durability of armor, or luster. The more tools affected, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Aglaea are now able to channel their positive emotional energies to construct combative and non-combative objects, formed one at a time and no more than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, which takes on marvelous and luminous appearances depending on the user's preferences. However, their ability to use the power is hindered before or during use when they experience emotions in relation to negativity. As more negative emotions are felt, the strength of the object begins to fade, becoming dull and brittle.


  1. Children of Aglaea are usually beautiful in appearance.
  2. Children of Aglaea tend to have bright, joyous personalities.
  3. Children of Aglaea tend to outshine others, as their mother is the goddess of glory and magnificence.
Name Etymology

Given Name [ Mercury | Myles ]

To trade, wages | Gracious, soldier

Middle Name [ Xavier ]

The new house

Surname [ Lloyd | Choi ]

Grey | Korean surname



Favourite Colour

Silver blue

Favourite Movie

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Favourite Song

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by Abba

Favourite Food


Favourite Drink

Green Tea







First Kiss


First Crush


First Love


First Time





Counsellor of Aglaea's Cabin

Sports Played


Instruments Played









To be accepted as himself


Becoming Counsellor

Biggest Hope

To find someone who loves him as him

Biggest Regret


Best Memories

Being with his Aunt

Worst Memories

Being rejected due to being a bastard child

Mental Illnesses


Criminal Record


Medical Record

Mercury Main Image

Mercury is described as generous, kind and innocent. With a smile on his face, he loves helping others and has a heart of gold. Albeit it often ends up with people walking over him, Mercury is still very energetic and smiles 24/7. He loves reading and listening to music so much that he learned how to play his favorite instrument - the harp. Even though he is kind, he is very innocent in many ways which means he can be rather oblivious to many things. But, he's not completely innocent. Growing up, Mercury has been called a "product of an affair" by his step-mother, Natasha Lloyd. Because of this, his step-mother showed Mercury no signs of affection or love, always expecting big things from him, and when he didn't deliver it, he was scolded harshly. He was never close to his half siblings whatsoever. Every time he tried to get close with them, they would ignore him because he wasn't exactly their brother, but Mercury loved them.

When angered, he is rather described as "scary", ironically. Mercury would have a cold gaze on his face and can be rather unpredictable (i.e.: can have random outbursts of anger, rude to someone when they did nothing wrong, easily annoyed). Usually, episodes don't last long - around a few minutes to half an hour - and Mercury would feel guilty for being so angry.

When saddened, he'll look extremely crestfallen and have an expression of deject on his face. Usually, when something makes Mercury doleful, it'll be something he feels strongly in. He'll try to ignore his sorrowful emotions, but if it's overwhelming, he'll start crying. Sometimes, he'd want to be left alone since he doesn't want to come off as a crybaby, but he'll seek affection for people to make him feel better - mostly from his best friends.

Mercury is extremely loyal about his friends, going out of his way to protect them and make them happy. With high hopes, if his friends ever need comic relief, he'll be there. Although, Mercury sometimes has a bad way with words or doesn’t know how to make someone feel better and would end up saying something that'll hurt someone by complete accident, but he wouldn't know it until someone points it out. He only has a couple of friends because they are able to deal with him and his innocence, but he's opt to make more.


Edison Lloyd is a 25 year old Korean-American archaeologist, travelling the world for information about the world. Recently, he was notified of a few dig sites in California and decided to take the job. Once arriving, he was going to go straight to the dig sites, but sadly, night soon fell and Edison had to retreat into the hotel he booked. Arriving at the Best Western hotel, he saw a lovely, dark haired woman having some complications at the front desk. They were planning to throw her out due to shortage of money, which was odd because the woman proclaimed there was more that enough money to cover her nights there, when Edison, being the kind hearted man he was, said he was more than willing to help the lovely woman. The woman was taken aback, but at the same time, touched. Edison introduced himself to the woman and so did the woman - he now knew as Natasha Hwa. Edison asked if he wanted to go for breakfast in the morning and Natasha agreed, since she wanted to know this mysterious man. The two retired into their respective hotel rooms and woke early for breakfast. Edison spotted Natasha and walked to the cafe together. At the cafe, the two talked about themselves, Natasha is a 27 year old Korean woman from South Korea, immigrated to California when she was 10 and recently graduated medical school to become a surgeon. The more the two talked, the more they became interested in each other. Natasha was quick to scribble her phone number down and told Edison to “call her”.

A month later, after a few jobs in California, Edison worked up the nerve to call Natasha and asked her on a date. Natasha was more than compliant and found some time with her hectic work schedule to go with Edison. The two had a stereotypical dinner date, but it went better than well and the two agreed to do it again. Give or take a few years of dating, Edison travelling here and there - all while saving up his money for something special - before settling in with Natasha, he proposed to her. Emotional, Natasha agreed and the two got married.

A few years later, Natasha gave birth to twin girls, one named Daisy and the other named Beckett. The two girls were spoiled because their mother made a lot of money, enrolled a private school with a high education and when the girls were 15, Natasha was expecting to have another child, a baby boy she decided to name August. Soon enough, 9 months later, August was born.

August followed in his father’s footsteps, having a great love for artifacts and archaeology, Edison even taking him to a museum when he was 5. When August was 6, once again, Natasha was expected to have another baby boy, her and Edison deciding to name him Major. Unfortunately, Natasha noticed signs that something was wrong, unlike her other pregnancies. Sensing something wrong, she asked Edison to drive her to the hospital.

After one hospital visit and an ultrasound later, it was confirmed Natasha had a stillborn child in her. Heartbroken, she wept for days, but around 2 weeks after her ultrasound, she gave birth to her stillborn child. She mourned over her baby but that’s when Edison had a call about a job in South Korea. As much as he wanted to spend time with his wife, he was offered a lot of money. He accepted the job and traveled to South Korea.

Out of anger and despair, Edison - going by his Korean name, Choi Jung-min - began drinking his despair away. At the bar, a young woman with long, honey blonde hair, light hazel eyes, olive skin tone and a slender frame walked up to Edison, saying she was from America and she wanted a drink, but didn’t understand a word of Korean. Luckily, Edison spoke in both languages fluently and ordered the woman a drink. The woman said her hotel was right across the street, but Edison was married. Sadly, in a drunken haze, he was too desperate and upset to care. So, the two stumbled into the woman’s hotel room and Edison ended up having an affair.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the memories came flooding back to Edison. He was absolutely disgusted with himself and felt like he betrayed Natasha. Dressing quickly, he hastily left the woman’s hotel, and back to his own hotel room, contemplating onto how this happened. Edison was absolutely disgusted with himself that he called Natasha, saying he’ll be in Korea for a few more months. But, not having enough money for his hotel, he drove to Ulsan to visit his sister, Alice, and stayed with her to straighten his act out.

Around 4 months later, there was a knock on Alice’s door and Edison answered it. At the doorstep, there was a baby boy in a swaddle and a note with him. Confused, Edison took the infant inside while Alice read the note. It read,

“To Edison,

I’m dearly sorry I had to take advantage of you, but it was for a good reason. Reasons that I can’t explain yet, but you’ll soon find out in the near future. I am the goddess Aglaea and the child is a demigod. Please see to it that he is taken to camp at age 13.

Sincerely, Aglaea.”

Already hindered with 3 children and a wife at home, Edison asked Alice if she would take care of his son - who he named Myles (his Korean name being Jae-kyu) - until his wife came to her senses. Alice agreed and Edison traveled back home to California. When Natasha asked about why Edison was in South Korea for such a long time, he said he needed to see his sister for a while. Natasha understood and dropped the issue right away.

A year later, Natasha noticed that Edison hadn’t been quite himself around her since his trip to Korea. When Edison received a call, it was Alice. She said she would be moving closer to Edison due to a large feud with some of the people she worked with and that she couldn’t take care of Myles any longer. Edison said he’ll take Myles out of her hair and it was time to come clean to Natasha.

Edison confronted his wife and told him about his affair. Natasha was enraged and a large vendetta broke out between the two. Edison said he only wanted to relieve some stress about his stillborn child but he never expected a kid, but he would take full responsibility for him. Natasha replied coldly that, due to the affair, she won’t count Myles as her son, and Edison understood.

When Myles was 5, he was a very spontaneous child, full of energy and always smiling. He wanted to hang out with his brother, August, a lot, but pushed him away because he found him annoying. Myles didn’t like his sister too much because they scared him, so he was always with his dad. Edison helped Myles speak English along with Korean so he could communicate with his aunt, Alice, easier. Myles loves his Aunt Alice like she was his mother. When his father was working a lot and Natasha was extremely busy, Myles and August would be dropped off with Alice.

Alice treated Myles like her son, baking cookies, watching cartoons, drawing, etc. Myles said that he wanted to play an instrument one day because he loves music and Alice took him to the large living room where a harp was placed. Alice began playing a bit of it and Myles immediately became fascinated in the instrument. When he was older, Alice would teach him how to play it since the instrument is too large for him to play now.

When Myles was first starting preschool, the hyper child Edison grew familiar with suddenly grew very shy, even taking his favorite stuffed bear with him to make him feel better. Seeing all the kids made him nervous and would hide behind the teacher. Albeit, the teacher made Myles interact with the other kids, he still was painfully shy and held his toy close to him. A little girl with brown hair came to sit across from Myles with a kind smile. She introduced herself as Autumn, but stated that the name was too silly for her liking, so she requested to be called Jupiter.

Myles told her his name, but Jupiter said he looked like a “Mercury,” so she would call him Mercury. Oddly enough, Myles seemed to love the name, better than Major - which is what his step-mom calls him. When lunch time rolled around, all the children made a mad dash for their lunch boxes and when Myles went back to his original spot, his teddy bear was gone. Panicked, he began crying because his aunt gave him that.

Jupiter saw another boy that had a teddy bear and it looked strangely similar to Myles’ teddy bear and walked over to him, lunch box in hand, ordering that he would give it back to her friend. The student stuck his tongue out at her and ended up hitting the boy on the head for doing so, and gave Myles back the bear. He stopped crying after that and thanked Jupiter.

As time progressed, Jupiter’s and Myles’ relationship grew stronger, but the more his step-mother, Natasha, expected more from Myles and calling him “Major” wasn’t helping. When Myles was 12, he was suppose to present his report card to Natasha, but withheld it from her because of the bad grades he had on it. After a threat of taking away his favorite stuffed bear Alice gave him - naming her Luna - Myles showed her. Seeing the bad grades, Natasha broke into a fit of scolding about how Myles was suppose to get good grades like his siblings and he’ll get nowhere in life.

The absolute thought of being alone made Myles cry because he didn’t want to be alone or forgotten. It scares him. Natasha scolded if Myles didn’t stop crying, she will take Luna from him. Immediately, Myles wiped the tears from his eyes. Packing his study books, he walked to his room and tried to study, to improve his work, but so overwhelmed with worry, he couldn’t get any work done. Instead, he slept it off, hoping the negative emotion would pass soon.

When Myles was 14, as he was walking home from his aunt’s house, a strange, snake-like woman come up to him. She spoke in a weird voice and it scared Myles. He was planning to run, but the beast used her trickery to make Myles approach her. Under the Scythian Dracanae’s trick, Myles was unable to run. Just when Myles was close enough for the Dracanae to attack him, an older demigod who was visiting California for family saw Myles in distress and sprang into action, pulling out his weapon. Being snapped out of his daze, Myles rubbed his eyes and the older male told Myles to run as he’ll take care of the Dracanae. Myles nodded and bolted home. The demigod was too focused on killing the the Scythian Dracanae that he didn't see the direction where Myles went, so he never saw him again.

Once arriving, he told Natasha that a snake lady was trying to kill him, but she simply said it was all part of his active imagination. He really wanted someone to believe him, so he told his father, but he was too engrossed in his work to pay attention. Frustrated, he went to his room to read. A knock on his bedroom door snapped him out of his thoughts. His half-sister, Daisy, held a small box for Myles, saying it was from his mom. Taking it from his half-sister and closing the door, he opened the small package.

Inside were 2 fake black gauges. Myles thought it was from his aunt Alice since she helped him pierce his ears when he was 13, so he thought it was from her, but the earrings turned into twin Celestial Bronze Ninjato swords and Myles dropped them in fright. The swords turned into earrings once they hit the floor. Myles scooped them up and looked inside the box. A small letter read,

“For your protection. -Mother”

Confused, Myles simply waved it off and put them on.

The more Myles got older, the more he was attacked by monsters, causing him to run in fear and hide, hoping the monsters would leave him alone, but, out of sheer luck, Myles would use his weapons to fight and managed to kill the beasts - the beasts were mainly hellhounds, so they were easy to kill. And, the older he became, the more he was put to the test. Myles wanted to make Natasha proud, but at age 16, he questioned why she always called him, “Major” and not by his real name. A pregnant silence lingered in the air before Natasha said simply, “it’s a nickname” and walked away. But, he knew something was wrong. Myles had harp lessons from his aunt Alice, causing him to become quite the virtuoso in the harp. He tried to show his mother that he, indeed, was good at something, but failed since his mother scolded that he should be focusing more on his schoolwork than the harp.

During his time in the private high school he went to, Myles stuck close to his best friend, Jupiter, who was tougher than she looked. Badass, constantly sharing her knowledge about space and that Myles was her “big nerd” which Myles took pride in. His first rebellious act was asking Jupiter to dye his hair an unnatural color. Jupiter smirked and bleached his hair a platinum blonde which got him into trouble, but he didn’t care, he loved it and that’s all that mattered.

Natasha scolded him about the blonde hair, requesting that he would change it at once. But, Myles said that he loved it and he didn’t care what she thought. It earned the innocent boy a slap across the face, causing him to whimper in pain and shock. Natasha said he was suppose to be a perfect child like his half siblings, that Myles wasn’t suppose to be born and he was a product of an affair. He ran to his father’s study, tears in his eyes.

Confronting his father, he asked him if what Natasha said was true - was he really a product of an affair? He and his father were never close as they used to be, but Edison was a man who was true to his word and confirmed it. It hurt Myles so much. He felt a stabbing pain in his chest and fled to his room, locking the door. He grew to hate the name Myles and decided to permanently go by Mercury, whether his parents liked it or not. He decided he was going to be the person he wants to be, not what people expect him to be.

When Myles - or should we say, Mercury - was 17, a month after he was almost attacked by a monster once more, he was over at his aunt Alice’s house, watching their favorite TV show when Mercury asked if Alice loved him despite him being a product of an affair. Alice told him that he didn’t care if he was a product of an affair or her own child, she loved him because he was so bright and happy. It made Mercury smile as glee bubbled up inside him. Mercury said that he wanted to be someone that he wanted to be and asked if Alice could help him. Alice agreed and helped Mercury. Mercury told her he went by Mercury because his friend Jupiter picked it out for him when they were little and that he doesn’t want to be remembered as “Myles.” Alice understood and went by Mercury’s wishes.

Throughout a year, Mercury wasn’t the skinny, scared little boy most people knew him as. He was a cheerful, bright, innocent boy with an athletic build and a love for the harp. Lots of people noticed this change, but the one person who still gets to push Mercury around was Jupiter because he loved her platonically. He saw her as a sister and appreciated her - even admired her bravery.

One afternoon, a couple days after Mercury’s 18th birthday, he was ambushed by a few Fire Breathing Horses. Mercury was terrified because this is one monster he has never seen before. But fortunately, a saytr sniffed him out and with a group of demigods. The demigods sprang into action as the saytr told Mercury to come with her as she can take him to a safe place. Concerned, Mercury asked what will happen to the his friends, but his question was answered when two trained demigods stabbed the horses with spear weapons. He and the saytr fled, the saytr telling him that he was a demigod and he needed to go to camp in New York or he’ll be in grave danger - that they needed to leave now.

Mercury countered that he couldn’t leave without his belongings and saying goodbye to his aunt. He packed everything that he needed to bring, and the things that he wanted to bring, in a large suitcase and said that his aunt’s place wasn’t too far. Luckily, she was home and Mercury explained his situation. Alice was very confused, but as long as Mercury was going to be safe, then so be it. Giving the teen one last goodbye, Mercury and the saytr hauled a taxi to take them to the airport.

The two were quick to get to New York, and almost a full day of transportation, Mercury was claimed by a son of Aglaea once stepping into camp. Mercury was terrified because of all the new faces, but because of his optimism, it didn’t bother him too much because, as long as he was safe, then what can go wrong?


Face Claim

Moon Jong-up

Eye Colour


Hair Colour





130 lbs.

Voice Type


Blood Type


Distinguishing Marks

Birthmark on nose bridge

Body Style





Six earlobe piercings (3 on each lobe)


Smoked vanilla and sandalwood




Edison Lloyd


Natasha Lloyd (Step-mother)



Full Siblings


Half Siblings

Daisy & Beckett Lloyd (Half-Sisters)
August Lloyd (Half-Brother)







Other Relatives

Alice Choi (Aunt)

Significant Other


Best Friend(s)











Maia / Quotev

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