Basic Info

Owner: Minka Collias

Name: Nefaria Bastet

Species: Spartus kitten

Age: Unknown


  • Flesh Form: A black kitten with a tuft of white fur just below her chin. Her eyes are a deep, mesmerizing purple that startle people on occasion.
  • Skeleton Form: A skeletal cat with hollow eyesockets. Its tail is a string of bones that clack together when moved.
Black Cat With Purple Eyes by OnlyAngel55

Nefaria in flesh form


At one point during Minka's little journey through the Underworld, she was haunted by the vision of a skeletal cat darting between the white poplars. She gave it very little thought, though the vision persistently invaded her dreams, becoming more frequent after she became partially blind. A day after reaching Camp Half-blood, Minka discovered a basket woven from reeds at the foot of her bed in Cabin 13. She decided to open it at night, "seeing" as she was blind during day. Upon opening, she found a sleeping black kitten wearing a skull-themed collar curled up inside. On the collar, a tag read, "I heard about your blindness. This kitten might help you with it - Dad."


Nefaria is overall a very mischievous kitten, with a tendency to scare random passerby by jumping in front of them, fading into skeleton form, and mewing loudly. She's acquired a moderate amount of complaints from people, but since the worse she's done is nearly give people heart attacks, she's been allowed to stay at CHB. The little kitten is very loyal to her owner, even having an empathy link with Minka. Sometimes, Nefaria even guides Minka during day, and accompanies her during night.


Nefaria was not made for combat. She is able to fade in and out of skeletal form, scaring most. The little kitten is also able to shadow travel, however it is draining. Nefaria eventually gains an empathy link with her owner, being able to sense when Minka is in danger.


"Nefaria" is a variation of "nefarious," a word synonym to "wicked," which Minka found fitting. Very misleading, as the worst the kitten has done is scare the living wits out of someone. "Bastet" is taken from the Egyptian goddess of cats, which Minka thought ironic as she lived in a world full of gods and monsters.


Nefaria resides in Cabin 13 (Hades) with her owner. She often tags along with Minka around camp, helping guide her blind owner during day, and simply accompanying her during night. Sometimes the mischievous kitten heads out on her own to scare random passerby. During the rare occasion Nefaria is not at camp, she is most likely frolicking in the Underworld.

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