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Mirabel Shields
The Story Teller
Owned by: Meloney
Abella Marie

"In every story there's always a happily ever after even in the sad ones cause in them we learn to move on..."
Alive... and a way...
she doesn’t have a definite character as she’s one to go with the flow. So much so that she doesn’t know who she is exactly. She was made to help hero’s find their voice heroine to find their prince that she doesn’t know how to be in the spotlight. She doesn’t know how to make her story and how to be herself as she’s so use to being told who she’s supposed to be and how she’s supposed to act..WIP
The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.
Alfred Adler

How did my parents meet? Oh well, let me just give you a simple overview. My father was a smart man that got Mnesmoyme attention? They fell in love in the short time they have and tadaaaaaaaa they got me. My dad was a good help yadda yadda yadda I got attack for the first time and yadda yadda yadda... and then a satyr got me to camp yadda yadda and another yadda here. As you can tell I'm your "average" by the book demigod nothing special about me so moving on~ that happens to be a Priest so yeah moving on~

Normal is an illusion.
What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly
Charles Addams

Oh dear me why don't you just leave me? Seems like my little lie made you wonder. Well ok, I'll confess I'm not really normal cause I'm not really real...Nor am I a child of mnesmoyme...or I think I'm let me tell you this story.. my real story.

If you look into the mirror what do you see?

Do you get to see the you that you are?
Or the you that you could be?
Either way your lucky to see you…and not someone else..


My dad or I think it was my dad.. is aristeus and my mother was a sickly old woman that always was in the hospital. She was a child of mnesmoyme and enjoyed writing happy stories despite her condition. Maybe that was what lead her to my father? As she was well known in the literature world for writing happy stories. Personally, I think that was her way of just giving the world her bit of happiness cause in her story its where everyone lived happily ever after. My mother was already dying so all she asked was to be given her last few months. Obviously, her father refused, so she planned an escaped. She ran away from home as she wanted to live beyond the walls of the hospital. It was hard but she was a demigod so she managed to escape. She had fun for a day or two until she met monsters on her way and that was when she met him… her father aristeus. Aristeus being a gentleman saved her from the hellhound and started to spend some time with her. With his powers, he showed him the world something she could only dream about. During that time, their love blossom and both hoped it was forever. That was until she got sick again, Aristeus couldn’t save her so he did all he could do brought her back where she was kept until her death.

Hearing the words of her death depress the god but he soon got over it unaware the true reason for her departure. Arabella’s mother was actually able to survive if she hadn’t refused treatment, but the reason behind her refusal was logical as she was pregnant with aristeus child. She refused to put the child’s life in danger and begged to let it survive to be her replacement for her father. An idea he thinks was crazy. Yet however it was her body and as her body grew weak the child grew.

Let me die…

If it means she can live..
My life is short but hers.. shes innocent and free
Please save her and let her live

~her mother

Soon her death came but the baby in her womb was gone, the reason for that was because mnesmoyme took her. She was angry that her favorite child chooses death over a child and wanted revenge and cause she can't go against a god she chooses an innocent child to satisfy her anger. So she raised the child as her own telling her that she was her servant and that she is forever bound to her. As you can guess from this story the child she took was me. and she obviously took my memories of this.She sends me to places far and wide telling me to give them happy endings like the ones in my mother stories. She promised me that when I finished my 100th happy ending I’ll be free…

Anyhow, I was close to getting there like a few more happy endings and I would be set free. Mnesmoyme told me I was her slave and that after I finished my tasks she would tell me who I am. Thus, with that I helped kings get the throne, emperors found their wives, Romeo's all over the world find their Juliet's all with new names and bodies send by mnesmoyme. With all of that said now, I’m here. After my last task failed. My last task was so simple to make a girl and boy fall in love.... wait how about rather than explain I tell you?

In my last task, I was Arabella Obrien the second child in the family, As you know I was sent by mnesmoyme to help Annabel Obrien a child of one of the gods. How I got there? Well, that's simple, I was an aid for her cause she got a ton of medical issues. How she got those medical issues? Let me start telling you her story then. I don't really know all my mom ever told me is that she came one day in the dark. She said it was just a one-time thing cause both were lonely adults. Exclusive as she said it. I expected some more of a romantic story but he refuse to tell as months later came my sister.. yes my sister.. not me.

The maids told me my mother changed when my sister came.. as she was abandon like her thus she told herself he won’t let my sister have her luck. She said she knew how bad social service was and how they would treat her so she changed for my sister.

“they always told me to wait for a hero.

To look for the man in a cape to save my soul
Yet growing up, I realize .
You can be your own hero..”

~her “mother”

I remember the maids telling me how my mother bulked up for my sister. She was hell bent on making sure my sister got it all. Everything she lacked as a childhood she wanted to give it to my sister. To a point, she reached out to her family that she threw out from a fit of rage about a concert they refused to let her go to. I remember giggling at this but the maids silenced me reminding me how my “rich” foster grandparents loved my mother and wanted her back. However, she was 18 thinking she got the world on her palms and considering her ego it was no surprise she only came back now. Even so the gesture was received even open arms as to my grandparents my mother was the world to them although it was 5 years late. With that.. for a moment at least… they were happy, my mother with her family everyone was waiting for my sister. The maids told me that sometimes they would hear my mother sing lullabies for my sister some even mentioned they saw my grandparents fighting on what to name my sister. With all of that, you can understand how everyone was happy as they await the arrival of my sister. Yet you know one of those times… when life just LOVE to give you bad stuff at the end of every story? Well, in this case it happened with a bang.

Oh, life so kind and so long..

We plan we think we hope and we pray
But life could never be lead our way
As none would know when our end comes.

~Aunt Isabella

The family was out one day. My grandparents insisted on it as they wanted my mother to meet their newest addition. That was their “hobby” to save children from foster care and show them.. they matter. Once or twice my grandparents get demigods. Sometimes two yet considering both are demigod themselves they manage. However so how long can they escape the impossible? Anyhow, I’m getting way ahead of myself so let's go back to the story hmm where was I? Oh yeah the four of them were driving home from a wonderful night at the movies. Mom was bonding with her “sister” when they were attacked by a Lycanthropes. My grandfather did what he could think of as he speeds through the monster hoping the car could kill it. In a way it did but what they didn’t notice was the car next to them. Thus that ended with a “bang” as only one survived, my aunt and that was apparent because of my mother “foresaw” the event (being a child of Asteria and all), she knew she wouldn’t be able to survive (and even if she survived this her future won’t be as bright as her sister doing a ton of stupid things) so she made sure my aunt did so that my sister had someone.. Someone better than her that is.

When one says goodbye

Another comes through the door
When god close that door
Open that window and fly…

~her “mother”

My mother planned everything ahead well all but my sister’s condition. My sister was born prematurely as the doctors struggled to keep her alive. This was partly because the ambulance came late yet seeing her when she was born was a miracle, as the doctors predicted she would die in a matter of hours after she was born cause of the many complications she would have. Yet the hours turn to days then to weeks and my sister, Annabelle continued to breathe something my aunt was thankful for. She promised herself she would become a good parent for my sister as she planned so many activities for her. She was hopeful despite the doctors continuously reminding her, my sister could die any moment, but can you blame her? Annabelle was all she had left of the happy family. I don’t know why but when I saw my sister I didn’t see a cute baby but a featherless chicken!

Hmmm? What do you mean I “saw” my sister? Well, you know why right? Anyhow as you can tell Annabelle grew up the sickly child cause of what happened and she needed a lot of things so my aunt prayed to the gods to help her. Luckily for her mnesmoyme made her prayers come true by giving me. She told my aunt I was my Annabelle’s “clone” and attendant. Happily my aunt accepted my existence and named me “Arabella” (I know right she’s very “creative” ). Either way, that’s how I’m here attending to a family I barely know giving Anna everything (and by everything I mean every part of my body she needs). They treated me like a second child, not like a clone. For a while, Anna was nice to me (Even if she would have her tendency of bullying me as she did think of me as if her replacement even if I was simply a "helper" so to say.)

The family made me go to school which is rare, as I was never given an equal chance. In the school, I met a few friends and a boy I assume would be the one that I assume was Anna's destined one. How do I know? well, that's another story wait you want to listen? ok, let's start on a warm sunny day, At my school where the most horrid teacher partnered me up with him. Every day I saw him Eren with bruise and cuts. Of course, many asked but each time he would say some sort of reason. Being my age, I'm used to my fair share of abuse so when the teacher paired us up for a project, I was thankful cause maybe in a way I can help, as we worked on our project he came to my house and I went to his maybe that's our first mistake? As I went to his house, we did a good job, then his dad came in Eren told me to hide, but I wasn't fast enough he started saying some stuff. Before I knew it he was knocked out and giving me the look. He tried to rape me, I scream, I yelled, I kicked but what power I had against a mortal man? Thankfully, before he could do anything Eren saved me, He took my hand and send me home not saying a word. The mark I received from his father was still there. I was trembling soon enough he stopped he must've sensed my fear as he gave me a held me close.

A few days after that day Eren stops coming to school. The teachers told me he moved away, I don't know why I didn't believe them. I begged my "mother" to believed me and soon enough she did. She went with me to his house where his father told me the truth, He sold him off to pay his debts. My mother called my step dad and soon enough we were on a worldwide search to find him. Took us days almost weeks actually before we found him. A huge fight happened before we saved him and took him into our family. I helped him out and so did Anna, and I could see it in her eyes she's fallen for him. That's basically our life. The three of us together soon enough I found out my task (or the new one at least). My task here is to make Anabella fall in love with Eren and Eren to do the same with her. So they can be happy together.. mnesmoyme send me here under cover as a healing nymph or maybe clone for the child when I’m just her doll.

“when you gave Anabella your heart then your task shall be finished”


So I gave Anabella half my body parts now all I have to give her is my heart. Either way, that’s my life trying to just get those two together so I can leave. However so years have passed but they’re not falling in love. I feel like giving up.. but that didn’t stop me from fixing everyone else’s problems. I helped the cook found love, Made a maid into a billionaire and even made Eren smile! However so that didn’t stop Annabelle from being mean, I swear she think of me as her replacement, and if she wasn’t my aim I would totally kill her my now. Either way, I need my freedom so I just went with it for the years I was with them protected them from harm, making sure monster didn’t kill them (although some did escape me hope that didn’t hurt anyone). As you can tell I’m counting down to the day I leave this family, the day I give my heart to Anna and when it finally came it was funny cause Me.. clone made to be an exact replica of Anna wasn’t a match. Not all stories go according to plan.
Funny thing was even mnesmoyme was shocked, she knew I couldn’t save her so she gave me another task go to camp and be her priest. Thus,that’s how I’m here! She told me I can only leave after camp and have my life after I helped out a few demigods (either that or when she gets bored of me).

To Help and to prosper~
Basic Info
Full Name: Mirabel Shields
Titles: The slave~
Current Location: Camp
Affiliation(s): Mnesmoyme
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: I dont really know
Current Age: like I said I dont know...
Species: For now demigod
Nationality: ...For now British
Sexuality: ...Straight or bi depends on how hot you are...but then again I'm a priest..
Accent: None
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: Meloney
Inspiration Behind Creation: The storyteller
Love Interests Char/Owner: None...well...for now..
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Plans: *Help out some couples
  • wip
3/6/9 Month Powers: none
  • Make a feels trip
  • go to a quest~
Word Bubble


  1. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to write/read weapons out of pure energy which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also write/read other objects that are for non-combative purposes
  2. Children of Mnemosyne can launch orbs of ink which burst upon striking the target, temporarily obscuring their vision. They can only launch three orbs of ink at a time.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to write/read a shield of pure energy, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which will blunt most attacks but slow the movement of the conjurer.
  2. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to revert time around them for a short duration in order to dodge an attack that was unforeseen. After doing so, this ability cannot be used for a while.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne gain memory of the contents of any written text - such as a book or a webpage - as soon as they lay eyes on it. They would still have to learn what it all means, however.
  2. Children of Mnemosyne have an eidetic memory and can remember every detail of a previous fight with an opponent.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne are able to force everyone around them within a 10-meter radius to remember and dwell on an event from their past that emulates a certain emotion from the affected. The child of Mnemosyne can choose which emotion they would like their targets to feel, be it anger, sadness, happiness, ecstasy or anything in or ecstasy. The user cannot hold the targets under their control for more than a few minutes, and the effects of the power can cause those around them to become positive and motivated from their happy memory
  2. Children of Mnemosyne can use descriptive insults used both against themselves and their opponents to gain a temporary boost in speed and strength. The longer they maintain this boost, the more energy is drained.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can read/write wings into existence. This enables them to fly; the longer they maintain this state, the more energy it drains. They must rest between flights and cannot make long distance traveling without resting often. However the wings are vulnerable to injuries and magic; they can also be customized to the user’s preference.
  4. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to travel back and forth in time, but they are unable to interact with or change past events they are only able to see the events play out. When they go forward in time they only see “possible” futures, that does not mean those future events will come to pass.
  5. Children of Mnemosyne can view the memories of another person that they can see, in real time. They may struggle to zero in on specific memories, however, and the target can notice and resist them if they are too forceful.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can temporarily rewrite details about the battlefield they are fighting on in order to alter it and gain an advantage over their opponent. This could include things like temporarily eliminating the shadows on a battlefield if they are fighting a child of Nyx or temporarily drying up the water if they are fighting a child of Poseidon. The change takes effect gradually and only lasts for a moderate time. The more complicated the wording of the change, and the less clear their description of it is, the more the user is drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can manifest a person or creature from any book in order to temporarily fight alongside them. The manifestation cannot be larger than 2-3 the size of the user and will dissipate after a short time. The person cannot be overly powerful and the user will have a hard time moving while the manifestation is in place.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can morph into a state of pure imagination. This grants them flight, receive enhancement in some of their abilities (Offensive 1, Defensive 1, 3 Month and 6 Month) and invulnerability to attacks. This effect only lasts for a short time, leaving the user extremely drained and temporarily unable to move afterward.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne typically have excellent memories, unable to forget details from their past and are therefore immune to the effects of amnesia and other memory-related illnesses.
  2. Though most demigods struggle with dyslexia, children of Mnemosyne usually do so to a lesser extent because their mother is the goddess of the written word.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can normally learn and decipher other languages incredibly easy. Ex: Hearing a woman speak Chinese would mean the user could somewhat understand even if they never heard the language before. If they then have a lengthy conversation with the woman in Chinese, they’d be considered fluent in the language afterward.
  4. Children of Mnemosyne often grow up to become great authors, English teachers, and historians.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: adaptable, quick, and smart
Preferred Weapon: a pen that can be a sword classic I know but its given by ...someone...
Strengths: Her stories
Weaknesses: Her stories
Quests/Missions Led: none
Quests/Missions Been On: nada

Even mirrors have true feelings... only you dont know of them..
4149 20110924145700
Possessions & Favourite Things
Pets: none

Not much

Likes: Anything that doesn't kill me
Dislikes: everything that DOES kill me
Colour: white...cause it can be any colour
Music: anything
Food: the ones that are delicious
Animal: the cute ones~
Book: life is a storybook so life?
Quote: Life is like a storybook each part is a chapter of our life...
Drink: Non poisonous they suck..
Song: the ones I write
Movie: none
Sport: the one where my probability to die is less than 30%
Other Favs: wip
Appearance & More Images
Model: Sara Mills
Gender: female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blond
Height: wip
Weight: wip
Ethnicity: European
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Shoe Size: Depends cause I'm a doll
Blood Type: ..depends as well
Voice: Sweet and cheerful
Distinguishing Marks: none on this body ..
Body Style: Slim and petite
One Word to Describe: Charming
Best Physical Trait: Getting my first kiss by someone..
Worst Physical Trait: none?
Mental/Emotional State: sane
Things to Change: Quick as I've seen so much change..
Mental/Emotional disorders: none
Medical Problems/Ailments: none

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Mnesmoyme (Real mom is Genevia Fulton)
Father: I dont have one (Aristeus)
Creator: Mnesmoyme
Half-Siblings: none
Full-Siblings: none
Other Relatives: none
Home: Olympus I guess
Earliest Memory: Being a slave to Mnesmoyme
Best Memory: Getting my first kiss by someone..
Schooling: a ton..
First Kiss: I forgot his name as it was a long time ago..but his face I'll never forget
First Love: ....None I couldnt cause its not my aim..
First Sex: ....none...
Other Firsts: WIP

General Info
Nicknames: Ara, Mira, Bella
Native Language: None
Character Flaw: She cant let people in..
Fears/Phobias: The freedom she's working for.. isnt worth it...
Hobbies: Writing..
Personal Motto: "everyone deserve a happy ending"
Things He Won't Do: betray mnesmoyme
Most Admires: ....None...
Most Influenced By: Mnesmoyme
Moral Compass: anywhere mnesmoyme wants me to go...
Most Important Person Before: mnesmoyme
Most Important Person Now: mnesmoyme
Reacts to Crises: Quick
Faces Their Problems: Smart and quick
Reacts to Change: Quick as I've seen so much change..
Alignment: anywhere mnesmoyme wants to go...
Dream Job: Being free...
Current Job: Making happy memories
Lily by emilysoto-d4nx8wy
Every Character in a story deserve a say... even the background characters per say..
Vices: being able to let go...
Bad Habits: trying to help till she forgets herself
Sleeping Habits: light
Quirks: Whenever she's with people she would think on how she can help them even if she doesn't want to admit it
Attitude: Very easy going
Special Talents: Photographic memory, adaptable and quick to learn
Social Skills: Very outgoing
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: Being in the tress
Main Priorities: Mnesmoyme
Past Failures: Mnesmoyme
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting 87 happy endings..
Darkest Secret?: Who she is...
Secret Known by Anyone?: Mnesmoyme
Personal Tragedy: ...not being able to save Anna
One Wish: Be free and find out who she is
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Cheerful
Perceived by Strangers: A pretty priest whom would often say the right stuff
Perceived by Lover: None
Perceived by Friends: Someone who would help regardless of the time and place
Perceived by Family: Someone that can always solve people's problem
First Impression: A smart girl full of charms
Family/Friends Like Most? I guess I'm suppose to say mnesmoyme here?
Family/Friends Like Least? None

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