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Have you ever needed the perfect model for a character but could never find one that fit your needs? Have you ever found it impossible to make that one character you've been dying to make purely because you cannot find a model with the right looks? Well look no further, if you ever find it difficult to find your own models all you have to do is ask one of the users which are listed below to help find a model to fit your character.


  1. Wonder
  2. Brocky
  3. Oli
  4. Katty
  5. Mel
  6. Natalia
  7. Wolfie
  8. If you want to help just ask
Users to Help Find Models For

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  1. User talk:ShadowOfOblivion7119 Male, looks like a 12-14 year old. Jet Black hair, preference is Blue Eyes but not super important and American.
  2. User talk:Jackerwocky male, looks like a twelve/fourteen year old. dark black hair (optional: with red locks), black (or red) eyes, and has leather clothing.
  3. User talk:Ajacopia1 male, looks like a 16-18 year old, blonde or dark blonde hair (optional: muscular), American, and has light blue or black eyes
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Random Models Which Are Free For Use

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These models have been "searched" on the wiki and no mention of their name came up in the models category, or on any user page as reserved, however the system for searching isn't fool proof, so if you see a model here already in use please ask Wonder, Brock or Royal to remove it. If you see one you want to use, you may just remove it yourself, or you may ask Wonder, Brock or Royal, but please do not start using one without either commenting on this page, removing it yourself or telling Wonder, Bach, Brock or Royal so it can be removed.

Also, most of us are grabbing many of these as ones either we don't personally recognise, or don't believe are popular enough for the majority of the wiki to recognise, there is no guarantee however, if you think there is a possibility one of the actors here could be known to too much of the wiki, feel free to put it up for vote to be sure...

Also, per our image policies, a user may only permanently reserve 3 models at a time, anything beyond 3 may only be temporarily reserved for up to two weeks. After two weeks, you may still use them of course, but there is no longer any guarantee that someone else could use them as well. This is to avoid anyone model hoarding, not that it would happen often, but it did happen in the past (Once upon a time, a user tried to perm reserve something like 30+ models), so it is a precaution to keep things fair for all users, especially with good models in such high demand.

Name Hair Born Ethnicity Eyes Profession Image
Alondra Nahid Dark Brown 1997 Hispanic Brown Model
Alondra Nahid
Amy Lee Black 1981 Caucasian ???? Singer
Amy Lee
Andrea Bowen Varies 1990 Caucasian ???? Actress
Andrea Bowen
Angee Huntley Dark Brown ???? Caucasian Brown Model
Angee Killian Huntley
Angelika Edyta Light Brown ???? Caucasian Blue Model
Aryana Engineer Dark Blonde 2001 Caucasian ???? Actress
Aryana Engineer
Aviva Baumann Red 1984 Caucasian ???? Actress
Aviva Baumann
Charlotte Arnold Blonde 1989 Caucasian ???? Actress
Charlotte Arnold
Ciara Blonde 1995 Caucasian Green Model
Ciara Model Pic
Chloe Rose Varies 1994 Caucasian ???? Actress
Chloe Rose
Cloe Mackie Blonde 1997 Caucasian ???? Actress
Cloe Mackie
Cory Lee Dark Brown ???? ???? ???? Actress
Cory Lee
Deanna Casaluce Dark Brown 1986 Caucasian ???? Actress
Deanna Casaluce
Elizabeth Olsen Various Colours (Dark Brown/Dirty Blonde/Blonde) 1989 Caucasian Green Actress
Tumblr mwbtt2DQUe1rcrc2qo1 500
Elle Yamada Black ???? Japanese ???? Model
Emily Everhard Blonde 1996 Caucasian ???? Actress
Emily Rose Everhard
Emi Suzuki Black ??? Asian (Japanese) ???? Actress
14516 emi-suzuki
Emma Elliott Blonde 1999 Caucasian Blue Actress
Emma Elliott
Esti Ginzburg Blonde 1990 Caucasian Green Actress
Esti Ginzburg
Eva Lazzaro Dark Brown 1995 Caucasian ???? Actress
Eva Lazzaro
Gabrielle Brennan Blonde 1996 Caucasian Blue Actress
Gabrielle Brennan
Greta Blonde 1999 Caucasian Blue Model
Haidyn Harvey Blonde 1997 Caucasian ???? Actress
Haidyn Harvey
Hallirb Blonde 1995 Caucasian Blue Model
Jajube Mandiela Black ???? African American Brown Actress
Jajube Mandiela
Jasmine Anthony Brown 1996 Caucasian Brown Actress
Jasmine Jessica Anthony 96
Jessica Szohr Black 1985 ???? ???? Actress
Jessica Szohr
Jessica Tyler Blonde 1993 Caucasian Greenish Hazel Actress
Jessica Tyler
Judy Jiao Dark Brown 1992 ???? ???? Actress
Judy Jiao
Julie Elizabeth Black ???? Caucasian ???? Model
Julie Elizabeth
Kat Graham Black 1989 ???? ???? Actress
Kat Graham
Kaylee DeFer Varies 1986 Caucasian ???? Actress
Kaylee DeFer
Kelsey Hogan Mixed ???? ???? Brown Model
Kelsey Hogan
Kendall Applegate Blonde 1999 Caucasian Blue Actress
Kendall Applegate
Kerry Ingram Blonde 1999 Caucasian ???? Actress
Kerry Ingram
Kittykat curse Black 1992 ???? ???? Model
Kittykat curse
Lauren Collins Blonde 1986 Caucasian Blue Actress
Lauren Collins
Lindsey Leino Blonde 1997 Caucasian ???? Actress
Lindsey Leino
Lorian Gish Blonde 1997 Caucasian ???? Actress
Lorian Gish
Mackenzie Scott Dark Brown 1996 Hispanic Brown Model
Mackenzie Scott
Megan Helin Blonde 1999 Caucasian ???? Actress
Megan Helin
Melinda Shankar Dark Brown 1992 ???? ???? Actress
Melinda Shankar
Melissa McIntyre Brown 1986 Caucasian ???? Actress
Melissa McIntyre
Mia Stallard Blonde 1996 Caucasian Blue Actress
Mia Stallard
Michelle Bergh Blonde 1999 Caucasian ???? Actress
Michelle Bergh
Miriam McDonald Blonde 1987 Caucasian ???? Actress
Miriam McDonald
Molly Jackson Brown 2001 Caucasian Brown Actress
Molly Jackson
Natalya Rudakova Red/Ginger 1984 Caucasian ???? Actress
Natalya Rudakova
Nyxx Mixed 1993 Caucasian ???? Model
Olivia Scriven Blonde ???? Caucasian ???? Actress
Olivia Scriven
Paula Brancati Brown 1989 Caucasian Brown Actress
Paula Brancati
Presley Blonde 1998 Caucasian Blue Model
Quinn Hunchar Blonde 1999 Caucasian Blue Actress
Quinn Hunchar
Rachael Dobbins Dark Brown/Black ???? Caucasian ???? Model
Rachael Dobbins
Samantha Bailey Blonde 2001 Caucasian Blue Actress
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Munro Brown 1990 Caucasian ???? Actress
Samantha Munro
Sara Canning Blonde 1987 Caucasian ???? Actress
Sara Canning
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Brown 1988 African American ???? Actress
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer
Savannah Stehlin Brown 1996 Caucasian Blue Actress
Savannah Stehlin 96
Shanice Banton Black ???? African American ???? Actress
Shanice Banton
Shenae Grimes Brown 1989 Caucasian Brown Actress
Shenae Grimes
Sophie Ellis Brown 1995 Caucasian Brown Actress
Sophie Ellis
Taylor Geare Light Brown 2001 Caucasian ???? Actress
Taylor Geare
Teilor Grubbs Brown 2001 ???? ???? Actress
Teilor Grubbs
Tiana M Black 1993 ???? Brown Model
Tiana M

Name Hair Born Ethnicity Eyes Profession Image
Adamo Ruggiero Dark Brown 1986 ???? ???? Actor
Adamo Ruggiero
Aidan Walter Brown 2001 Caucasian Brown Actor
Aidan Walter
A.J. Saudin Black 1992 AfricanAmerican Brown Actor
A.J. Saudin
Alex Berindei Dark Blonde 1997 Caucasian Green Model
Alex Berindei
Antonio Imedio Blonde 1995 Caucasian Blue & Grey Model
Antonio Imedio
Argiris Karras Blonde 1989 Caucasian ???? Actor
Argiris Karras
Aubrey Graham Black 1986 ???? ???? Actor
Aubrey Graham
Austin Macdonald Brown 1995 Caucasian Blue Actor
Austin Macdonald
Benjamin Petry Brown 1995 Caucasian ???? Actor
Benjamin Petry
Björn Müller Brown 1992 Caucasian Blue Model
Björn Müller
Boas Bamberger Brown 1992 Caucasian ???? Model
Bret Loehr Brown 1993 ???? ???? Actor
Bret Loehr
Chandler Canterbury Brown 1998 Caucasian Blue Actor
Chandler Canterbury
Chase Edmunds Auburn 2001 Caucasian Blue Actor
Chase Edmunds
Cody Linley Blonde 1989 Caucasian ???? Actor
Cody Linley
Connor Levins Blonde 1999 Caucasian ???? Actor
Connor Christopher Levins
Craig Arnold Blonde ???? Caucasian Blue Actor
Craig Arnold
Dalmar Abuzeid Black 1990 African American Brown Actor
Dalmar Abuzeid
Daniel Clark Blonde 1985 Caucasian ???? Actor
Daniel Clark
Daniel Huttlestone Blonde 1999 Caucasian ???? Actor
Daniel Huttlestone
Demetrius Joyette Black 1993 Caucasian Brown Actor
Demetrius Joyette
Ed Westwick Brown 1987 Caucasian Brown Actor
Ed Westwick
Garrett Ryan Blonde 1999 Caucasian Blue Actor
Garrett Ryan
George Sampson Brown 1993 Caucasian ???? Actor
George Sampson
Jacob Melton Blonde 2001 Caucasian Blue Actor
Jacob Melton
Jahmil French Black ???? African American Brown Actor
Jahmil French
Jake Epstein Dark Brown 1987 Caucasian ???? Actor
Jake Epstein
Jake Goldsbie Dark Brown 1988 Caucasian ???? Actor
Jake Goldsbie
Jamie Johnston Dark Blonde 1989 Caucasian Blue Actor
Jamie Johnston
Jay Blonde 1991 Caucasian Blue Model
Jay 5
Jett Good Brown 1999 Caucasian Blue Actor
Jett Good
John Mel Brown 1999 Caucasian Blue Actor
John Mel
Jordan Hudyma Blonde ???? Caucasian Blue Actor
Jordan Hudyma
Josh Clay Brown 1988 Caucasian Blue Model
Josh Clay
Joshua Bowman Dark Brown 1988 Caucasian Brown Actor
Joshua Bowman
Justin Kelly Brown 1992 Caucasian ???? Actor
Justin Kelly
Kesun Loder Brown 1993 Caucasian Blue Actor
Kesun Loder
Lorenzo Henrie Brown 1993 ???? ???? Actor
Lorenzo James Henrie
Lyle Lettau Blonde ???? Caucasian ???? Actor
Lyle Lettau
Marc Donato Brown 1989 Caucasian Blue Actor
Marc Donato
Matthew Davis Dark Blonde 1978 Caucasian ???? Actor
Matthew Davis
Maxim Knight Blonde 1999 Caucasian ???? Actor
Maxim Knight
Michael Algieri Black 2001 ???? ???? Actor
Michael Algieri
Michael May Brown 1999 Caucasian Brown Actor
Michael May
Michael Trevino Dark Brown 1985 Caucasian ???? Actor
Michael Trevino
Mike Lobel Dark Brown 1984 ???? ???? Actor
Mike Lobel
Niko Baur Brown 1999 Caucasian ???? Actor
Niko Baur
Patrick Kafka Brown ???? Caucasian ???? Model
Patrick Kafka
Penn Badgley Dark Brown 1986 Caucasian ???? Actor
Penn Badgley
Quinn Lord Brown 1999 Caucasian ???? Actor
Quinn Lord
Raymond Ablack Black 1989 ???? ???? Actor
Raymond Ablack
Ricardo Hoyos Brown 1995 Caucasian ???? Actor
Ricardo Hoyos
Robert Capron Brown 1998 Caucasian ???? Actor
Robert Capron
Ryan Cooley Brown 1988 Caucasian Brown Actor
Ryan Cooley
Ryan Sheckler Dark Blonde 1989 ???? ???? Skateboarder
Ryan Sheckler
Rusty Martin Brown 1995 ???? ???? Actor
Rusty Martin
Ryan Brown 1986 Caucasian Brown Model
Ryan 11 freshface model
Salvatore Santone Brown 1999 Caucasian Blue Actor
Salvatore Santone
Samuel Earle Brown 1993 Caucasian Brown Actor
Samuel Earle
Shane Kippel Dark Blonde 1986 Caucasian Brown Actor
Shane Kippel
Shannon Kook Black ???? ???? ???? Actor
Shannon Kook
Slade Pearce Brown 1995 Caucasian ???? Actor
Slade Pearce
Spencer Van Wyck Dark Brown ???? Caucasian ???? Actor
Spencer Van Wyck
Toke Bjarke Brown 1999 Caucasian Blue Actor
Toke Lars Bjarke
Tommy Dunn ???? ???? Caucasian ???? Model
Tommy Dunn
Tumo Blonde ???? Caucasian Blue Model
Will Shadley Brown 1999 Caucasian ???? Actor
Will Shadley
Wilmer Valderrama Black 1980 Hispanic ???? Actor
Wilmer Valderrama
Zach Roerig Dark Blonde 1985 Caucasian ???? Actor
Zach Roerig

  1. None

Popular websites a lot of us use to find models (just be careful if you search yourself that you search/double check the names on the wiki that they aren't already in use)

Both Guys & Girls

  1. Lookbook
  2. Deviantart (you can get both real, animated and artsy models)
  3. Actors/Actresses
  4. Model Mayhem
  5. Emo
  6. imdb models by birth year/lists
  7. Giant Model Management
  8. Model Management
  10. Pure
  11. Donna Baldwin Agency
  12. WIP

Guys Only

  1. Most Beautiful
  2. Fresh Face Male Models
  3. WIP

Girls Only

  1. Broken Doll Models (Mostly just girls, but some guys rarely)
  2. WIP

Unidentified Models

(Random cool/nice/images but not always identifiable)

  1. Female Models
  2. WIP

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