Monroe Winchester
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Full Name: Monroe Winchester
Titles: "Roe"
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Current Age: 19
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Current Location: CHB
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Species: Demi-God
Nationality: American
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Accent: American
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Mother: Nyx
Father: Allen Winchester
Half-Siblings: Nyx' Cabin
Full-Siblings: Tobias Winchester
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Monroe is a very righteous woman with a hero's complex, which she inherited from her father. She will go to the end of the world and even risk her life, for those she consider family. Honesty is something she values highly. On the other hand, if she deems it necessary, she may be the most dishonest at times. When it comes to her brother, she has a habit of of belittling him and ignoring his feelings, due to his past mistakes. This isn't a persona she expresses exclusively towards him, but anyone she deems to have made too many mistakes due to their own selfishness. Monroe enjoys the simple things in life and is quite the foodie. She follows her guts and has a lot of heart. While she may come off as abrasive, she is actually quite sensitive.

It was four am at Mayfield Hospital - ER was calm. This was a reprieve to the usual rush of chaos, which typically filled the facility. The atmosphere was a bit unsettling causing Doctor Allen Winchester, to jokingly wonder if he was going to be out of a job. The idea came too soon, considering soon after a young girl was rushed in by the ambulance.

She was in her late teens and had an avulsed wound on her abdomen, causing heavy bleeding. Quite frankly, she was lucky to be alive, considering it looked as though she’d been gored or lanced by a bull. A part of that speculation was confirmed by the gibberish she spewed in her sedated state.

Her name, she later revealed, was Roe. She refused to give her last name and only provided the initial, “T.” Curious about the outlandish story she spewed about a bull attack in the middle of (insert location here), Dr. Winchester asked about it. The story pushed him to believe that the drugs given to Roe, were at too high of a dosage. She reported the following:

“Look doc, I was attacked by a bull. Not that you’re gonna believe me, but a minotaur. Honestly, I blame the morphine for even telling you this. But I’m a demigod and by tonight, I’ll be gone… ‘cause my mom is Nyx, which means I thrive in the night and darkness. So I’ll be out of your hair soon enough. Gotta dippity doo op out of here, before that thing, comes back to finish the job. Seriously barely missed Thanos… thank the Gods the dumb thing was scared by the sirens… you know, apple juice sounds really good right now, cause these drugs leave a gross taste in my mouth. Oh, and did anyone find a dagger with my dying body? Wait, it wouldn’t be a dagger it’d be a barrett… oh, it’s in my hair, cool.”

Of course, all of the greek mythology came across as just that, mythology. Perhaps, Dr. Winchester rationed, she was on other drugs. It could’ve been a drug deal gone wrong, but he wasn’t gonna let her harm herself, by trying to, “dippity doo op” anywhere. This is why he monitored her room and this is how he witnessed his first monster on demigod attack. It’s also how he discovered that he could see through the mist.

A janitor he didn’t recognize approached Roe’s room. When he tried to focus too hard on the unfamiliar face, a migraine threatened to arise, however, he pushed through and what he saw was disturbing. Indeed, instead of a burly man, there was a bull faced being marching their way to his patient’s room. Initially, Dr. Winchester couldn’t believe it, that is until he heard the commotion that came about after the janitor entered the room.

It was very out of character for the doctor to act before thinking however, at that moment he couldn’t stop himself from intervening. His sudden display of courage didn’t just startle himself, but also the beast that was trying to harm, Roe. The shock of his appearance gave the daughter of Nyx, just enough time to use her ability to disable the Minotaur, before stabbing him with her sword. A sword that had manifested from a hair barrette. From the monster to the shadowy tendrils that grew from the walls, Allen Winchester was inclined to believe that Roe was not speaking gibberish when explaining her injury.

A stunned, “uh,” fell from his lips as the monster exploded into a mass of gold glitter. His eyes wandered from the pile of dust that was once the minotaur, to the girl who had defeated it. He watched as the adrenaline left her body and she stumbled back into bed, her cries of pain snapping him out of his shocked stupor. While tending to her wounds, he questioned her on the event, needing answers to what he just witnessed. All of his training in bedside manner, forgotten.

“Look doc, everyone sees something different through the mist, I don’t know what to tell you,” Roe responded, only half-listening to his rambling. Dr. Winchester was adamant in explaining exactly what he saw, but this time he waited to make sure she was settled into bed, before going into detail. Roe was surprised, to say the least, that her doctor managed to see through the mist. His ability could be of use to her, with all things considered, she wasn’t really capable of finishing her quest without more injury befalling her. So, being the resourceful demigod child she was, she bargained with the doctor: Information in exchange for assistance.

Allen Winchester learned about the Greek gods and their children. Roe touched on her quest and mentioned how the item she was transporting for her mom, lured more monsters in than usual. Of course, “usual”, was a relative term; so Dr. Winchester didn’t completely comprehend the danger of being away from, “Camp Half-Blood.” Many of the things he was told caused information overload, but he tried to keep up as he drove Roe to the safehouse she needed to get to.

At the secure location, were other demigods who, Roe assured would take good care of her. Dr. Winchester was reluctant to leave children to care for one another, under such stressful circumstances however, he was able to recognize that he was in over his head. The experience had opened his eyes, quite literally, to a whole new world. This piqued his curiosity and took him down the road that would ultimately lead to his death.

It would be at least three months after the “Roe Incident” before Dr. Winchester’s life became noticeably more...strange. During this small grace period, Allen began to immerse himself in Ancient Greek myth and history, whenever he had a moment’s break. Ever since his encounter with the daughter of Nyx and the “bully” of a pursuer, Allen couldn’t shake off his ever-growing curiosity, and the feeling it might come in handy sometime, someway. From gods and goddesses to monsters and the heroes that slew them. It was from there that Dr. Winchester found another passion: Ancient Greek Weaponry.

Allen was always a geek when it came to swordplay; he got himself into college to pursue his medical degree through various scholarships in Kendo and Fencing. Ever since he was a young lad, he and his sister, Alicia, would always play pretend and have “battles to the death” with wooden sticks. Even if it was to pretend, Allen somehow had an advantage over her. His sister would joke, till they were adults even, that he was a Spartan warrior in another life.

At first, Allen simply researched various weapons of legend, to the number of weapons used in the military. It didn’t stop at Ancient Greek, but all weapons of olden days. Before long, Dr. Winchester began to acquire his own weapons, purely out of “curiosity”. Allen was by no means a poor man; not the wealthiest, but he possessed a healthy sum from his earnings in the medical field. Which in turn made acquiring his desired treasures fairly simple; his most exclusive find was a well-crafted Greek xiphos, bought for a reasonable price at an auction he attended. The most intriguing detail about the blade was the metal; instead of the usual steel one would imagine, it was a glossy, yet shiny bronze. It was through this sword that would bring him one step closer to his fate, and the love of his life.

It was one special night for Dr. Winchester. He was invited by a good colleague of his to a costume party thrown at their house. Many other colleagues and their plus ones were already invited and Allen, courtesy of his sister’s coercing, was made to attend. Something about “jumping into the deep end”, she said. She even helped pick out a costume to go with his most recent sword purchase. And thus, we find Allen Winchester in a typical Spartan Warrior costume; shirtless with a cape, skirt, and greaves, complete with his newly acquired bronze sword, sheathed in a leather strap. He received many compliments, for his costume and just his good looks.

He didn’t really care too much, he was honestly just there for the booze. As he stood against the designated bar table making himself a drink, another person approached him from his side to do the same thing; a young woman, from his peripheral. However, as soon as he got a closer look at her, he noticed two things; that she was eyeing him very intently, and that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Her eyes were what captured him the most, or more like pulled him in as they were darker than the void of outer space. His eyes didn’t stop there, as they gazed upon her luxuriously pale skin, her luscious jet-black hair, flowing past her shoulders like a waterfall of shadow, the playful smirk etched across her plump lips. She had a slim, yet voluptuous figure, standing just a little below his chin. Her outfit did her the same amount of justice, as she was dressed as a beautiful Greek oracle, only that her color choice ranged from black to dark indigo.

As she approached and leaned against the tabletop, a few inches apart from Allen, her first words uttered were an elixir. “Tell me Spartan, does the horse match the warrior?” She questioned with a playful smirk.

Caught off guard he replied with, “Perhaps.”

The woman provided a full-blown grin as she winked, “then consider me Troy. Or you can just call me, Nina.”

Allen and the newly introduced “Nina” hit it off quite naturally. Her recognition of his sword caught him off guard, and from there they just began to talk the night away. Strangely enough, when Allen introduced himself, Nina revealed she already knew who he was; he had saved someone very important to her in the past, she claimed. According to Nina, she’s been away traveling all over the world on her own personal business. It kept her busy nearly every day, with a “ridiculously long night shift”, leaving her little time for herself or to spend with loved ones. When she heard that one of her family had been attacked, she couldn’t do anything but worry; however, when she learned of a famed doctor responsible for keeping her alive, she surely had to meet and thank him.

Allen suspected there to be more to his companion than that, but he didn’t press. He’d be lying if he said she didn’t make for pleasant company. Nina wanted to know everything about him, and he obliged. In return, he would ask about her travels and her type of business, of which she gave vague answers. They drank and exchanged stories, with a sprinkle of jokes and flirting, until the end of the party. At that point, however, neither Allen nor Nina felt like leaving each other’s company just yet. Out in the night air, the pair went for a small stroll to find Allen’s car, which had been parked further from the party than he wanted. As they walked comfortably silent, Allen would admire Nina from his side as she gazed at the star-speckled sky above, a distant smile on her face. As the light of a full moon shone down on them, illuminating Nina in an eerie, yet serene glow, Allen felt his heart clench.

The car finally came into sight, a well-kept, black 1967 Chevrolet Impala; Allen asked Nina if she needed a ride home, but her response almost made him choke. “I’m rather curious to see yours, Doctor. Just one more drink between us?”, Nina enticed, a playful smirk on her lips. Needless to say, Allen had a hard time saying no to her request, alcohol or not. It’d all work out in the end, as they shared more than just a simple drink together that Halloween night.

“Nina” had left him soon enough the day after; Allen couldn’t find a single trace of her, not even a note with her number. Almost as if she vanished. Allen, of course, felt a little cheated, but it was to be expected. He’d just have to move on and keep himself busy with work until he forgot about her. No sooner had the thought left him, Allen heard a rapid pounding on his back door. Oddly enough, he wasn’t expecting any visits that day. He made for the door and opened it to find quite a sight. It was a boy, no older than sixteen, pale skin, dark hair, he almost looked familiar in a way. However, that wasn’t the problem; the boy looked cut and bruised like he had fought some sort of animal. His orange t-shirt was shredded at the bottom, where he was holding his hand against a wound to his side. What really caught the good doctor’s eye was the two swords strapped to the boys' back, made of a type of bronze metal. Allen felt himself make several connections but pushed them aside to help the injured boy in front of him.</p. <p>Even away from the hospital, Allen thought it always best to be prepared for the worst. Which is how he tended to the young boy, who had gritted out his name as Issac. He knew exactly who Allen was because he heard it from a friend of his that Allen had treated: Roe.

“So you heard of me through… Roe?” The doctor clarified.

“Yeah Doc, news travels fast in this small world. Especially with something like a Doctor who can see through the mist.” Isaac replied, in an exhausted voice.

Allen recognized the word, but he still had no clue what it meant, “The Mist?”

As Allen finished patching Issac, he rewarded him with information from his side of the world. For starters, Allen had an ability to see through something called the Mist, a type of magical barrier concealing all of the weird Greek shit apparently still going on, like the Minotaur he still thought he was crazy about. This also tied into the second bit; the gods and goddesses of old times are actually real, and they brought all of their shit with them. He didn’t really understand the workings of it, but what he did understand was that in no way should young boys be getting themselves almost killed.

As Allen finished, he asked if he should take Issac to an actual hospital, but Isaac refused. He just had to get back to “Camp”, he said. Allen didn’t understand what that meant, but before he began to question the boy further, Issac offered up one of his swords to him.

“Thank you for saving my life, Doc. Take my sword for the bill. If you can see through the Mist, then you can see the monsters, and that means they’ll see you too. You’ve got to defend yourself if you can. Besides, I’ve heard you’re quite the collector of blades anyway.”

He placed the blade in his hands and made his way to leave. Before he left, Allen spoke:

“If any of your friends get injured or in trouble, and you’re in my neighborhood, you can come to me for help.” With that, Issac smiled and made his way.

s once or twice a month, he’d get surprise visits from young demigods passing through on what they called, “quests”. Their injurie

From then on, Allen became something like a demigod aid; randomlyGreek world that underlined his own, not to mention a nice collection of weapons and maybe a couple of magic items. However, none of that could have possibly prepared him for a certain day, Halloween, no less.

It was about midnight when Allen received a knock on his door. He, sometimes would vary, some minor like cuts, others major like bites or burns, to really strange ones like having your fingernails grow explosively, or burping out slugs. As payment for his medical expertise, each demigod gave him a weapon or a trinket from their travels. A month passed and Allen was known by most demigods as The Doc or the Half-Blood Helper. He had a good understanding of the Ancient half expected a late trick-or-treater, or worse, a demigod in need. What he wasn’t expecting was a large dark cradle dotted with small shiny crystals, and a large silver moon engraved in the handle. He looked this way and that, but found no one in his view, everyone possibly already asleep. As he knelt down and peered, sure enough, the cradle was occupied by two light-caramel babies, almost identical. With said babies was a dark purple letter tucked into the side, and a note. Both babies were, thankfully, soundly asleep. Allen quickly brought the cradle inside, closed the door, and sat them down next to him on the couch. As he read the note, he almost felt like dropping it.

Allen, These beautiful children have yet to be named, so I wanted to leave it up to their father. Give them good names and a good home, because this is our son and daughter. When the time is right, please open the letter. Yours, N.

A girl and a boy who Allen named, Monroe and Tobias. Monroe, in respect to the demigod who introduced him to a new world and Tobias, after his father. Had Allen not learned about the gods and their ways of child-rearing, he may have considered giving the twins up for adoption. However, he was able to piece together his experience with Nina and the letter, thanks to the stories shared with him from his demi-god patients. Allen had no clue that Nyx had paid him a visit, to meet the doctor that had saved her child, he did, however, realize that Nina was a goddess that was curious about him. Curiosity killed the cat, unfortunately, this time he was the cat.

Panicked and overwhelmed, Allen called his sister, Alicia. She, of course, was confused and enraged. “First off, how could you be so irresponsible?” She questioned, “ Secondly, what mother just abandons her babies.”

He couldn’t explain that the mother was a goddess and they weren’t really capable of raising their children. From as far as he could tell, Alicia didn’t have the ability to see through the mist. After a long phone conversation and a trip to the grocery store for some formula, Alicia and Allen decided to move in together. That meant out with the bachelor pad and in with a family home. With his sister’s help, he was able to keep working full time at the hospital, without having to worry about his children.

The house that was bought had quite a bit of acreage. Two stories with four bedrooms, it resembled a farmhouse. The home was old and located in the California countryside, about an hour's drive from the small town of Mayfield. The best part was that far from the house was a barn, which Allen used to treat his… otherworldly patients. He noticed that in the summer, their visits seemed to increase, however it was never enough to draw too much attention. Neither Alicia or the growing twins realized Allen had a practice behind the house. Of course, the twins were a calm pair of babies, most active at night. He and Alicia assumed it was because this was when Allen was home most, but the habit persisted throughout their infancy into their toddler years.

Monroe and Tobias grew very close to their Auntie Alicia, who was very much the glue of the family. As they grew older, their father took on more shifts (half of the time the shifts were carried out in the barn), so their adolescence became full of memories with their Aunt. Which is why the day the Chimera attacked, still remains a trauma to them.

You see, as the years went by, Doctor Winchester became infamous in the demi-god community. From twice a month to four times a month, he’d get visits from children and teens in need of help. It honestly made him grow a distaste for this, “Camp Half-Blood.” However, he could never turn a wounded person away. Unfortunately, this meant the property was littered with the scent of demi-gods, and one day a Chimera came-a-sniffing.

Being a monster with two apex predator brains, it was very clever in getting the children out of their stronghold. It could hear them and knew that the children of Nyx were small, easy prey. With it’s dragon breath, it lit their home ablaze. ADT security allowed for the firefighters to be notified unfortunately, the help would not come soon enough. From inside the burning building, Alicia gathered frightened children. At age seven, they were able to follow directions well, but through the window, they could see the cause of the flames. They insisted that there was a monster causing such destruction, but their aunt chalked it up to fearful hallucinations.

Alicia led them out to the beast, coughing from the smoke inhalation and lack of oxygen. That’s what she told herself as she watched a teenage boy run from the barn, towards them, whilst carrying a sword. He seemed to be yelling the words run, to which the twins had listened as they pulled their aunt along. Regrettably, Alicia looked back and pulled away from the fearful children, confused as to why they were running. This left her open to being engulfed by the chimera’s flame. Right before their eyes, the twins watched their mother-figure get burnt to a crisp. Shocked they froze in their spot, luckily the teenager was able to grab them before they perished just as their Aunt had.

He didn’t try to fight the monster, his only goal was to get the twins away. It was a miracle, but he was a child of Hephaestus, which meant resistance to fire. He did everything in his power to hold off the Chimera until he came up with some type of solution. That solution happened to be: Doctor Winchester. He, of course, got there before the firefighters, having also been alerted by ADT security. From the security camera feed on his phone, he was able to see all that had occurred: from his sister’s death to the demigod named Joshua saving his children, and was in shock; nevertheless, adrenaline had his blood pumping as he sped to his home ready to fight. Allen had always kept the magical trinkets and most dangerous weapons in the trunk of his impala, ever since Isaac’s warning, so when he arrived at the house he grabbed a celestial bronze tipped spear.

Without a moment of hesitation, he chucked the weapon at the Chimera, hitting its goat head from the back. It wasn’t enough to kill the monster, but it gave the son of Hephaestus the opening he needed to defeat it. They came up with a story after planting Alicia’s body inside of the wrecked building. The firefighters and police came soon after that. The police report read:

Joshua had been there to tutor Monroe and Tobias, who had dyslexia when the fire started. The teen said Alicia had been asleep in her second-floor bedroom when the fire began. Joshua was the hero, in getting the twins out, but didn’t make it to Alicia in time.

Of course, the twins were too devastated to be able to give a report, but police encouraged Allen to bring the kids in, “once things had settled.” Firefighters had declared the cause of the fire to be a freak natural gas explosion, claiming their home was built on highly combustible grounds due to the cow farming in the past. Allen was, of course, distraught once all of the officials had left. Joshua blamed himself, sharing with the doctor that his scent would’ve drawn the monster to the property. However, Allen couldn’t bring himself to blame a child. It did make him decide that he needed to be more careful in caring for his children and take action to make the world a safer place once they got older.

If it wasn’t for Camp-Half Blood taking “advantage of innocent children who are literally monster magnets,” then Joshua would have never been in his barn. No child would have to pay Allen a visit for monster inflicted injuries. The doctor swore his children would never go to such a dangerous place, but he’d also never let them be helpless again. This declaration and a new mission, lead to a major change in the kids’ life.

From the Chimera Incident at age seven into the rest of their formative years, Monroe and Tobias grew up in their dad’s Impala. Allen used the insurance money from Alicia’s death and the house, to invest in a “nomadic” lifestyle. The rest of the property was sold and put into savings, so they were never low on money, but they also didn’t spend time anywhere long enough to spend it. Doctor Winchester spent four years after Alicia’s death teaching Monroe and Tobias all he knew about fighting, tapping into his Kendo, and Fencing knowledge. They would stay in motels, while their father treated other demigods he met in search of monsters to kill. After every victory, he’d document his experience and encounters in an old journal, which became their monster encyclopedia. With every treatment of a demigod, the payment had only changed slightly: drachma, weapons, magical trinkets, or information on any monster that may be lurking.

By the time Monroe and Tobias turned thirteen, they began to participate in low tier monster hunts. Their dad swore to be better than camp, never leaving them unaccompanied and always making sure to do research on their hunt, before going in for the kill. The Winchester family never stayed in any place longer than three days and never hit a place twice within a three-year span. Once Monroe and Tobias reached age 16, they’d be through 48 states in the USA and three small border towns in Mexico. This was also around the time the twins became more vocal about their opinions, aspirations, and goals.

While Monroe found peace in the nomadic and gritty lifestyle, her brother Tobias, did not. He wanted a normal life, one that Monroe always teasingly called, “A hallmark life.” In reality, he simply wanted to graduate from high school and go to college. He felt he knew enough to live a mundane life. This obviously seemed outlandish to Monroe, who hung off of every word that Allen had lectured them with, and was adamant that “normality” was a piper’s dream. These opposing beliefs were often the cause of any argument between the twins, which Allen would often shut down by telling Tobias that there was no way in hell he’d let his son be in danger, cause Tobias wanted to, “graduate high school like a normal human.”

The biggest family fight arose when Tobias ran off with some campers, who were on a quest to find the Charm of Aphrodite. His goal was to at least go to camp with them, where he’d be able to possibly make friends and get to know people other than his nuclear family. Of course, when Allen found him, all he got was car sitting duty, for the next ten monster hunts. To say this caused a bitter tension between the father and son, would be an understatement. Despite their small disagreements and bouts of bickering, Monroe and Tobias remained as close as ever. Monroe was a die-hard for her family. She was dauntless and brash, always running into the mouth of danger, sometimes literally. The faith she had in her family allowed Monroe to play bait or self-sacrifice herself when facing difficult monsters. This wasn’t something Allen liked, but it wasn’t something he could break her out of either.

As the Winchester Twins matured in age and physical ability, so too did their godly powers. It became apparent that whoever their Mom was, she had something to do with the night and shadows. Even at a young age, they felt more lively and energetic the later it got, even more so at the dead of night. As they grew, they began to feel stronger, faster, with more energy to spare than they would during the day; a helpful little passive for late-night hunts. They also came to realize they could see clearly in the dark of night and shadow as if it were the light of day. If they couldn’t use their eyes, they could use certain “Shadow Sense” to feel for distinguished movements through the darkness of their immediate vicinity.

As the Twins grew with experience and strength, more abilities presented themselves. They learned they had the ability to generate and control the shadows. They could fire them from their fingertips as bullet-like projectiles, a pretty good offense. They could shape them into constructs, like weapons, or they could form them into a shield or defensive dome for protection. Tobias was the one to find out they could use shadows to conceal themselves when he made to hide from his sister one time. Allen was albeit a bit took aback by their abilities, but it wouldn’t be the craziest thing they’ve been through, so he took it in stride. Even going so far as to tie them into his training regime for them. When you’ve lived a life like theirs, the only thing you can do is improve yourself.

Life settled into a somewhat normalcy for the Winchester Family. By the time Tobias and Monroe were 18, they’d already accumulated a hefty monster kill count for each of themselves. Neither of them more so than their father, Allen. Either twin could handle themselves in a fight and have proven so on more than one occasion. They’ve been all across America, careful not to buckhorns with a certain “summer camp”, and doing their best to live and make a living. It almost became like a chore for them; killing monsters of all types, hunting things that like to go bump in the night. A sort of family business. However, like all good things, and good business, it all must come to an end.

A little bit after the twins' 19th birthday, their world took a hard left for the worse. The Winchester family found themselves on a drive to Pennsylvania for a Hunt. Supposedly a small, but vicious group of Laestrygonians had migrated east, probably drawn to fresh hunting grounds. It should’ve been simple enough to track their movement and take them out one by one. Especially since they seemed to be on a consistent path heading north, towards New York. Anticipating the Laestrygonians’ next moves, the Winchesters planned an ambush. Unfortunately, they ran into some unforeseen obstacles: other demigods.

In the middle of Allegheny National Forest, were a group of demigod children and a nature spirit, named Killian. He was taking the kids to camp, which of course stirred up a few unpleasant emotions in Allen. These emotions grew especially worse when he realized the spirit hadn’t realized they were being followed by a group of man-eating giants. This of course fed into Allen’s savior complex, who decided that he and his children would dispose of these monsters on their own. He did not take into account that there were three demigod children with this spirit, which probably caused quite the hoard of beasts to be following. On top of those three demigods, were his own children.

It was a rookie mistake, planning to ambush these monsters as the soon to be Campers rested in the woods. Allen’s ego led him to make an irresponsible plan, using the teenagers as bait. Especially since he did not share his plot with anyone else. His own children, Monroe and Tobias, were camping with the group when the monsters attacked. Doctor Winchester had in his arsenal a weapon made by a child of Hephaestus, one that he had been saving for a big catch such as this. It worked like an anti-personnel landmine but shot out shards of celestial bronze at an incredible speed.

Doctor Winchester strategically planted these land mines, so they were just far enough from the demigod’s camp, but just close enough that Monroe and Tobias could help in defeating the beasts. Hours into the dead of night, the mines went off, but there weren’t enough. While it crippled quite a few of the giant menaces, there were still a few standing: two out of five, to be exact. Before the last two revealed themselves, Allen and his children were already mid-battle with the three that had been injured by the mines. Two were blinded and the other was missing a few toes, but were still quite the adversary, even with the twins of Nyx at full power.

Things grew complicated when the two other giants joined in on the chaos. Despite having been quiet when sneaking away from the group, the battle grew noisy. The other demigods were awakened by the noise, but it was Kora who was the first to investigate. They say curiosity killed the cat…

Allen’s curiosity caught up with him. His life didn’t flash before his eyes when he tried to push the young Kora out of harm’s way, but if it had, it would’ve begun moving downhill when he saved Roe. Unfortunately, the good Doc was unsuccessful in saving the demigod. He was struck by a large boulder, thrown by one of the two giants who ambushed the group. The girl was hit in the temple by a stray rock. It was Monroe who witnessed her father get smashed by the large stone. At that moment, she blacked out and the shadows grew to overwhelming heights. Only one Laestrygonian was killed, but the event was scary enough that the remaining giants retreated.

With the help of the two other demigods, Frankie and Blair, Tobias were able to calm his sister. It was then revealed by Killian, that as a nature spirit transporting demigods, he was in possession of ambrosia. However, the use of it came with a decision: use it on Kora or Allen. Of course, it was a no brainer to save the demigod child. For Monroe, she knew her father would want to save the girl before himself. Tobias, despite being outnumbered, wanted to save his father.

“These are demigods with little to no experience… we could easily get the ambrosia from them and use it on dad.” Tobias proposed to Monroe in a hushed voice. Monroe was adamantly against the idea, angered that her brother would even offer it. Perhaps that’s why Monroe took it as her personal duty to watch over the recovering Kora. Despite their newly estranged relationship, the twins buried their father together. Killian offered some kind (albeit awkward) words, sharing a single story he’d heard about the Demigod Doctor, which Monroe appreciated.

The newly formed group spent a few days recuperating as Kora healed, Monroe and the spirit monitoring her recovery. Tobias bonded with Frankie and Blair, learning what they knew about the infamous Camp Half-Blood. Once Killian determined it was safe enough to move Kora, Monroe and Tobias offered their father’s Impala to transport the group the rest of the way. Once they arrived at the final accessible road, Monroe was prepared to move along and bury her emotions in hunting, but Tobias had other plans.

“Dad just died and you want to split up? To go where, the camp he despised?” Monroe questioned in an accusatory tone.

“Or you could come, too. I’m just sayin’ don’t you think we deserve a taste of normal?” Tobias countered. Monroe was reluctant but could see that her brother was persistent.

“Fine, but if they start singin’ Kumbaya, I’m out.”

Luckily, they stumbled across New Athens first and agreed that it was a fair compromise, giving Monroe the freedom to leave whenever she had the urge and offering Tobias the normality he craved.


  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to conjure weapon out of pure shadows which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. This can also be used for other non-combative objects, but within reason, something might be shaped like an iPod, but as shadows do not have any working parts and source of electricity, such as batteries, they would not actually play music.
  2. Children of Nyx can create solid bullets out of shadows and fire them from their fingertips. The bullets fly fast enough to possibly tear into an opponent’s skin.


  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to conjure a dome of solid shadows around them which will defend against attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Nyx have the ability to conjure a cloak of darkness which will blunt physical attacks, but slows the movement of the conjurer.


  1. Children of Nyx are innately stronger and are slightly less drained by their powers during the night.
  2. Children of Nyx can see perfectly in the night as if it were day and darkness in general.
  3. Children of Nyx can communicate with and command nocturnal animals.
  4. Children of Nyx, during the night, sense any motions in their vicinity (up to roughly a city block away). Large, rapid movements are easy to distinguish, while smaller, slower movements blend together like background noise, requiring focus to single out.


  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to Shadow Travel,to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more is energy drained.
  2. Children of Nyx can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.
  3. Children of Nyx are able to create complete darkness in a small area for a short time, extinguishing all light sources. They can also perform this power to a lighter extent, by putting out a single light bulb or candle with a thought.
  4. Children of Nyx can telekinetically move and transform their shadow constructs. The more constructs moved and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained.
  5. Children of Nyx have the ability to create intangible stars, which will light an area for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nyx can cause true night in an area for a short time, blocking sunlight over a battlefield. Their passive boosts and the abilities of other demigods are affected accordingly. This effect lasts for at most a minute before fading back, and can only be used once a day. They can also create a pair of shadow wings to fly with (which drains less energy than shadow travel).

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nyx are able to create up to seven nocturnal animals, no larger than their normal sizes, to serve them for a short time. While the animals are summoned the user is slower, and they are drained whenever one of the animals is harmed or when the animals are released.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a state of pure night. While in this state, the user is granted flight and their existing abilities become stronger. They are intangible in this state and anyone they touch has their vision stripped away for the rest of the transformation; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained and immobile for a long time. They would possibly pass out.


  1. Children of Nyx tend to prefer the dark.
  2. Children of Nyx are often nocturnal; preferring to operate at night and sleep during the day.
  3. Children of Nyx tend to have a darker outlook on life and events of the world.
  4. Children of Nyx often pursue jobs that take place at night or in darkness such as being a security guard, nightclub bouncing, and mining.
  5. Children of Nyx are typically favored and get along with nocturnal animals, such as bats, raccoons, ocelots, etc.

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